Our Ancestors II – Keeping their memories alive

This is the first post on Our Ancestors II. It is now a sticky post.

I had to migrate to Our Ancestors II because I had exceeded my 3 gigabyte upload limit. But you should already know this if you are following Our Ancestors since 2009.

I found a way to post more images here. I just copy the post html code and voilà the result!

However I would suggest following also Our Ancestors II.

Most of our ancestors were just ordinary people whose names will never be found in history books.

This is why I had created Our Ancestors back in September 2009 to eventually make contact with distant relatives in the United States and Canada.

Little did I know that in September 2020 I would be contacted by Michael Meteyer, a third cousin once removed who had a lot to share.

Having written more than 1500 posts on Our Ancestors, if I want to write more about Michael’s ancestors and share old photos, I will have to write about them here on Our Ancestors II.

Next Sunday, we will go back in time to Rochester, Monroe, New York, USA…

Always feel free to contact me… It’s free!