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Tell us about the grave marker you posted?
Eugene Albert Moreau.

Sometimes people are only remembered with a headstone or a plaque. I much prefer to remember people with old pictures.

Eugene Moreau

This is Eugene Moreau the adopted son of Eugene Moreau and Rose Lagasse.

Eugène Moreau et Rose Lagacé

Rose is a 2nd cousin twice removed. In 2010 I had no idea who these people would have been if not for Alyce who was searching for her father’s ancestors.

David LaGasse 1935

Dates are important on old pictures. Most of the time they are correct. Sometimes the dates are misleading depending on who wrote them and when the dates were written.
Unknown...Maybe Eugene Moreau taken June 1944  by Cherry & co. Inc. New Bedford

June 1944

That the only thing I knew in 2010 when Claudette Lagasse sent this picture or was it Alyce who had sent it?
Claudette is this little girl.

Claudette LaGasse

This is a cropped picture of the original.
Samuel LaGasse and Marie-Anne Lepage
Little Claudette is with her parents and her sister Dolores.
People are surprised when they learn how many posts I have written on this blog since September 2009. Some people are even afraid to contact me again after they have asked for my help.
They don’t know what they are missing.
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