1940 U.S. Census

Would you like to know more about Harry Lagasse and Anna Campbell? About Little Gerard on this picture taken around 1917?

This next picture was taken around 1916.

Harry and Harvey Lagasse, Mae Cox, Anna Campbell


Harry Lagasse becomes Harry Lagassey and is a carpenter by trade. His wife Anna Campbell is listed as Anna Lagassey.

Little Gerard is now 23 and he works as a Special Police at the New York World’s Fair.

Why am I telling you all this? Because someone once wrote a comment on this blog on October 19, 2010…

Hi Pierre

I am the first son of Gerard H Lagasse and would be glad to share info with you.



He never wrote back…

I probably scared him away with  my passion  for Our Ancestors…

As a footnote to all this, Harry and Anna had another son: Lawrence.

Click here to learn more about him.

Mae Cox… Final answer

I got final confirmation and a new second cousin twice removed to go along with it…

I just hope I don’t scare her away with my passion for my ancestors.

Marianne’s maternal great-grandparents were Harvey Lagasse Sr and Mae K. Cox.

She had no pictures of them.

Now she has.

I am sure she will enjoy seeing them.

Now I am also sure that Harvey Sr is the little boy in this picture…

It has to be.

Grandpa Lagassy with Mary Lagassy and a little boy.

Mary would be Marie Rose Elmira Lagasse. She was older than Harvey but younger than Harry.

So it has to be Little Harvey with Stanislas Lagacé who went to the U.S. around 1889 with his family. He became known as Dennis Lagasse.

Little Harvey became Big Harvey.

That’s what Marianne told me.

Finally the pictures Lionel Lagasse sent to his son Dennis last month make sense…

This one in particular. This is a picture of Mae Cox with her husband Harvey Lagassey.

Harry Lagasse, his older brother, would be with his wife Anna Campbell.

Harry Lagasse, Harvey Lagassey, Mae Cox and Anna Campbell

Dennis Lagasse IV sent these as well.

Just pictures, no captions.

All part of the big jigsaw puzzle of Our Ancestors, yours and mine…

All the efforts were worthed and still are.

The more we learn, the more we want to know.

As a footnote to this, Harvey Lagassey Jr served his country in WWII.

I am sure you would like to learn more don’t you.