When Harry Meets Freida

Nothing much on Freida’s surname in the many pictures Robin has scanned for me.

Robin is part of our A-Team on the West Coast.

The only name the A-Team found is her first name, Freida.

Freida Bleau Harry’s wife

With all the pictures Robin has scanned and all the time she took to do it, I just had to find out her surname.

It is the least I can do.  Right?


We are certain Freida married Harry Bleau who was baptised as Henri Alphonse Bleau on April 13, 1896.

Henri, or Harry, was the son of David Nathanael Bleau and Agnes Alexandre. Harry is my second cousin once removed.

Now, with his birth certificate, we are quite sure that Henri Alphonse Bleau is the Harry Bleau in all the pictures.

This one picture posted yesterday was probably taken in the 1930s.

We also know that Harry met Freida most probably around 1917-1918, two of their children being born around 1919 and 1920.

Aunt Freida and Uncle Harry Bleau Sylvia E. Combe’s Brother

Freida and Harry probably got married before or after the end of World War I in November 11, 1918.


Private Harry Bleau is on the right, but I don’t have to tell you that… Right?


I also don’t have to tell you that when you start searching for ancestors, or distant relatives for that matter, you can’t stop… Right?


This is Freida and Harry again on their wedding day.

Beautiful wedding!

I did a little touching up.

This is Freida again later on in her life.

Beautiful children!

We still don’t know her surname yet, but I know her parents were from German descent. She had a brother whose first name was Peter.

Peter married Isabel.

Aunt Freida Bleau, her brother Peter, wife Isabel, their baby Pauline, Isabel’s sister

Nice picture!

Probably taken in the mid 1930s

Still no surnames in the pictures though.

Peter and Isabel had at least two children, Pauline on the left and little Peter in front of Freida.

I have found at least two children of Harry Bleau and Freida on Family Search. Frederica and Marion. I thought one of them might be the little girl on the right. Right?


Frederica was born in 1918, but died in 1919. Marion Bleau died in 1920.

I wonder what is the little girl’s name on the right.

This is what was written on the back.

Freida’s Brother John’s daughter on the right

Freida had another brother!


John Who?

I would really wish for someone to help me with Freida’s surname…

As a footnote to all this…

Harry and Freida probably left no descendants.

No children are in the 1930 U.S. Census so no descendants are looking for them in 2012.

In the census, Harry’s Birth Year is wrong which proves that censuses are not 100% reliable when it comes to some information.

Name:     Harry A Bleau
Event Place:     Bristol, Hartford, Connecticut
Gender:     Male
Age:     38
Marital Status:     Married
Race:     White
Birthplace:     Massachusetts
Estimated Birth Year:     1892
Relationship to Head of Household:     Head
Father’s Birthplace:     Vermont
Mother’s Birthplace:     Canada

Harry A Bleau     M     38
Spouse     Fredrica M Bleau     F     30
Florence Foley     F     27 (boarder)

As a footnote to this footnote…

It is clear Harry was born on April 13, 1896.

Final footnote!

After writing this article, I found Freida’s surname, so it’s no use going on a wild goose chase for her surname…

It’s Kaminski and her father Frank Kaminski was a barber of German descent.

Standard Tire Company and Combe Brothers, Inc.

Maybe there is a link with what I found yesterday about Joseph Arthur Combe and these pictures that were scanned by Robin…

The obituary said something about Standard Tire Company and Combe Brothers, Inc.

He was a local businessman for more than thirty years as a partner in the Standard Tire Company and Combe Brothers, Inc., both located in Middletown. 

Harry Bleau is on the left and Louis Joseph Combe is on the right.

Look at this picture.

Look closer…

I think we are getting somewhere…

I believe the man on the far right is Joseph Arthur Combe… Or is he the one on the far left?

You might be also interested in learning more about Harry Bleau.

Harry Bleau is on the left, but I think his real name is Henry Alphonse Bleau.

Freida Bleau, Harry’s wife

Joseph Arthur Combe 1921-2011

While looking for links to Rita, I also found Joe.

I went on the Internet to look for him and I found this obituary.

Joseph Arthur Combe, 90, of Middletown, beloved husband of Madlyn (Simmons) Combe for sixty-three years, passed away peacefully on Friday, June 3rd. Born in Bristol on September 20, 1920, he was the son of the late Leo and Eva “Ida” (Ashley) Combe. 

wedding picture of Leo Combe and Ida Ashley

Joe was a veteran of World War II serving as a Sergeant in the Army of the United States Air Corps in the 343d Fighter Squadron 55th Fighter Group as a radio mechanic. He was a local businessman for more than thirty years as a partner in the Standard Tire Company and Combe Brothers, Inc., both located in Middletown. He retired on February 1, 1986 from Pratt & Whitney Aircraft, a division of United Technologies Corporation. After retirement, he worked part-time as a handyman at the South Congregational Church in Middletown. Joe had lived in Middletown since 1921 and was the last living Charter Member of the Middletown Rifle and Pistol Club.

Besides his wife, he is survived by a son, Joseph Combe and his spouse, Linda of Rocky Hill; two daughters: Gail Muraca and her spouse, Frank of East Hampton, and Linda Malavasi and her spouse, Tom of East Hampton; three grandchildren, Daniel Smith of Mystic, Shelley Combe of Somerville, MA and Allyson Smith of Glastonbury; a sister, Rita Hazel of Portland; a brother, Henry Combe and his spouse, Polly of Old Saybrook; three sister-in laws, Jean Combe of Middletown, Margaret Combe of Middletown and Elizabeth Arrigoni and her spouse, Charles of Middlefield; a brother-in-law, Robert Simmons and his spouse Muffalda of Middletown; and many nieces and nephews.

Joe was also predeceased by two brothers, Anthony Combe, formerly of Cromwell, and Edward Combe, formerly of Middletown.

There were these pictures with the obituary.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Besides the wedding picture, Robin had sent me these.

Touching Lives Again and Again and Again: Lovely Rita

Carl wrote me again about his ancestors and their relatives.

He had this information about someone named Rita.

He also mentioned the Combe and the Ashley families in his e-mail.

I had to look it up in the more than 100 photos Robin has scanned in 2011 where most of the pictures were of the Bleau and the Combe family.

I found little Rita.

Lovely Rita… circa 1924

Rita is there with her cousins and her two brothers… Joe, with his mouth opened, and Henry on the far right.

This will put a smile on Robin’ s face I am sure.

I usually don’t post…

I usually don’t post something on my blog about genealogy without asking permission first.

I think  I can go ahead and post this photograph though. 

Arthur Métayer 1854-1943

This man is Arthur Métayer. This is his daughter Azella. 

Azella or Isabel?

This is where this picture came from…

It was sent to me two years ago. Isabel or Azella was Arthur Métayer’s daughter.

Isabel had a sister named Alberta. This is Alberta.

I am sure the woman who sent these pictures won’t mind if I post them here on my blog.

Her e-mail address got lost in a computer crash last year so I can’t ask for permission. I am sure she won’t mind because someone who is searching for someone’s ancestors wrote me about Azella. He was not sure about her identity in my family tree on Ancestry.

He had Isabel instead of Azella.

We connected.

We both had the right information. Azella was Isabel and everything else fitted in.

I won’t go much further with this, but I know I put a smile on someone’s face once again. Pictures are such an interesting way to connect with people.


Am I related to these people?

Just distant relatives. Arthur Métayer is the brother of Édouard-Elzéar Métayer. Édouard-Elzéar Métayer is my great-great-grandfather seen in the middle of the front row.

His son Édouard is in the back on the right smiling. His wife Angélina Renaud has her arm resting on his shoulder. Édouard Métayer was a fireman.

Édouard later became a fire captain. He died in 1928 after an accident while responding to a fire alarm. He is the one who is responsible for this blog.

I  only had a faint memory of him… A  picture at my grandmother’s place when I was 6 years-old. In 2007, strangely enough, I wanted to know more about him.

So in a sense, you owe this man a lot…

March 26, 1900

This has been a long but interesting journey into the past since I started searching for my roots in July 2007.

Many people have found theirs since with the help of this blog about genealogy.

This is post No. 258.

March 26, 1900

My great-great-grandfather Stanislas Lagacé was born on February 16, 1816 in St-Louis-de-Kamouraska.

On March 26, 1900 Stanislas went for his last journey and got reunited with his ancestors.

Stanislas was 84. The death certificate says mitral insufisency (mitral insufficiency).

He was living at 22 Conlon Street in Bristol, Connecticut. He was probably a boarder in that house.

I don’t have a picture of my great-great-grandfather Stanislas Lagacé, but I know some pictures would have been taken since I had a lot of pictures sent to me by Lagasses living in the United States.

Maybe someday someone will find some more pictures and send them to me.

I took this next picture last September when I visited my third cousin Joe who lives near Bristol, Connecticut.

22 Conlon Street, Bristol, Connecticut

Joe took me on a tour of St. Thomas cemetery. Stanislas is most probably buried at  St. Thomas cemetery where his two grandchildren Anthony and Dennis III are buried.

 Anthony Lagasse

Dennis Lagassey III

We never found Stanislas Lagacé’s headstone.

Stanislas Lagassé was a French-Canadian, the son of Antoine Mignier dit Lagacé another French-Canadian.

The story about Antoine Mignier dit Lagacé is interesting and sad at the same time. All of Antoine’s brothers and sisters died at a very early age except one:  his sister Angèle.

Antoine Mignier dit Lagacé was born on September 22, 1797 and baptized under condition meaning he could have died anytime soon after his birth. 

He is the one who has perpetuated this branch of Lagacés that have descendants all over the United States with his two sons Stanislas, born in 1816, and Pierre who was born in 1825.

Stanislas Lagacé would married Onésime Cadieux in 1840.

Together they had 11 children.

Pierre would marry Marcelline David in 1850.

Together they had 12 children.

What happened to Angèle, Antoine’s sister ?

Angèle Mignier dit Lagacé married Joseph Chouinard in 1818. I found 11 of the couple’s children.

Strangely enough I have not looked that much on that side of my family. Probably because no one has contacted me to talk about it.

It is always an interesting journey when you write to me.

To learn how this blog about genealogy all started, click here to read Post No. 1.

Genealogy runs in my veins… Take 3

Post No. 257!

As promised…

Here is the translation in French of the two messages left on the forum…

Paul’s message left in 2000.

Mon nom est Paul Chandler. Ma mère s’appelle Sarah Glory Chandler. Mon grand-père est Henry Glory. Mon arrière-grand-mère était Annie Mary Lagasse Glory (1894-1970). Mon arrière-arrière-grand-père était Joseph Lagasse (1873?-1957). Mon arrière-arrière-arrière-grand-père était Henry Lagasse (1831-1909). CE Henry était marié à Mathilda Dazet, et selon leur monument à  Lafayette #2 (PAS L#1 de l’autre côté de la rue Commander’s Palace) ils étaient tous deux originaires de France. Henry et Mathilda eurent deux fils et trois filles. Les fils étaient Paul (1862-1935) et Joseph (mon ancêtre). Joseph eut au moins 11 enfants. Paul eut au moins 13 enfants. Chaque fils eurent beaucoup de fils à un tel point que je suis parent à tous les Lagasse dans la ville sauf le célèbre  Emeril qui vient du Nord des États-Unis. Paul eut un fils Henry qui eut un fils nommé Henry. Joseph eut deux Henry (un décédé lorsqu’il était nourrisson).

Quel Henry est ton grand-père? Je pense que le premier Henry vint à la Nouvelle-Orléans avant la guerre de Sécession.

Grace’s reply

Eh bien, ça parle au diable, Paul tu es parent avec moi!

Mon grand-père était Joseph Robert Lagasse (18 mars 1899 – 17 avril  1954). Il a marié ma grand-mère, Mary Gerdes Cook le 6 août 1919 en la paroisse Our Lady of Good Counsel Catholic à la Nouvelle-Orléans.

Il était le fils de Joseph Lucien Lagasse, mon arrière-grand-père, ton  arrière-arrière-grand-père. J’ai vu un point d’interrogation à côté de sa date de naissance. Il est né le 17 janvier 1872. Il a marié Josephine Schneeburger (pas certaine de la date) à la Nouvelle-Orléans et il est décédé le 14 août 1957 à la Nouvelle-Orléans.

Mon arrière-arrière-grand-père était Henri Jean Lagasse, qui était ton arrière-arrière-arière grand-père. Il était né en  France (pas certaine où) le 9 mai 1831 et est décédé à la Nouvelle-Orléans le 4 décembre 1909. Il a marié Matilde Dazet quelque part en France parce que premier enfant, Marie ou Mary, est née en 1857 en France selon le recensement de 1880.

J’ai trouvé Matilda Dazet, à l’âge vénérable de 70 ans et Henri Jean Lagasse, âgé de 69 ans, dans le recensement américain de 1900. Cela confirme leur mariage en 1859 en France…. sans toutefois indiqué l’endroit. Intéressant car il aurait eu Mary avant leur mariage. Le recensement de 1900 indique que ses parents sont nés également en France. En 1900, on lit que Matilde a encore 5 enfants vivants des 7 enfants qu’elle a eus. De plus, j’ai trouvé deux manifestes de navires avec le nom d’Henri Jean Lagasse.


New York Passenger Lists, 1820-1957 à propos d’Henri Lagasse
Nom: Henri Lagasse
Date d’arrivée: 28 août 1898
Année de naissance: vers 1831
Âge: 67 ans
Sexe: mâle
Ethnie/Race-/Nationalité: américain
Originaire de: États-Unis
Port du départ: Havre
Port d’arrivée: New York, New York
Nom du navire: La Touraine

LE DEUXIÈME MANIFESTE indique, parce que je ne l’ai pas sous mes yeux actuellement, que..

Henri Jean Lagasse était sur la liste des passagers en 1897. Il avait 66 ans et revenait de France. Il était parti de Boulogne-sur-Mer en France. Je me demande pourquoi un homme âgé de 66 ans irait en France – à moins du décès de quelqu’un. Sa mère ou son père. qu’en penses-tu? Boulogne-sur-Mer est une ville dans le nord de la France. Je vois mal Henri, âgée de 66 ans, voyagé si loin de ce port à son âge en 1897. Je fais des recherches dans cette région et dans les régions avoisinantes pour voir si des Lagasse y vivraient. Aussi près du port du Havre en France. Ma dernière tante toujours vivante, Glory Lagasse Cronin, dit qu’elle pense que les Lagasse viendraient d’Alsace-Lorraine.. Je ne suis pas certaine.

Si tu peux, réponds s.v.p à ce message..

Merci, Grace

P.S. Ma mère, Grace, avait l’habitude de parler tout le temps de son oncle Henry Glory. Elle demeurait sur la rue Annunciation dans les quartiers résidentiels de la Nouvelle-Orléans. Je pense qu’ils ne demeuraient pas tellement loin de là.

Maybe someone in France will find this blog and write a comment below.

Who knows? We just have to give it a try.

Genealogy runs in my veins… Take 2

Post No. 256!

Now we are getting somewhere.

I just got this comment from Grace who has helped someone in her search for her ancestors. Now it’s her turn to get some help.

So here is what she wrote as a comment… as a reference to a message on Ancestry posted back in 2000!

I am Paul Chandler. My mother is Sarah Glory Chandler. My grandfather is Henry Glory. My great-grandmother was Annie Mary Lagasse Glory (1894-1970). My great-great-grandfather was Joseph Lagasse (1873?-1957). My great-great-great-grandfather was Henry Lagasse (1831-1909). THIS Henry was married to Mathilda Dazet and according to their tomb in Lafayette #2 (NOT L#1 across the street from Commander’s Palace) they were both native of France. Henry and Mathilda had two sons and three daughters. The sons were Paul (1862-1935)and Joseph (my ancester). Joseph had at least 11 kids. Paul had at least 13 kids. Each of the sons had lots of boys to the point of where I am related to every Lagasse in town except for the famous Emeril who is from up north. Paul had a Henry who had a Henry. Joseph had two Henry’s (one died as an infant). Which Henry is your grandfather? I am guessing that the original Henry came to New Orleans before the Civil War

Now her reply to Paul…

This is a reply to Henri Jean Lagasse by Paul. Well, what do you know, Paul , you are a relative of mine! My grandfather was Joseph Robert Lagasse (18 Mar 1899 – 17 Apr 1954). He married my grandmother, Mary Gerdes Cook on 6 Aug 1919 at Our Lady of Good Counsel Catholic Church in New Orleans. He was the son of Joseph Lucien Lagasse, my great-grandfather, your great-great grandfather. I saw you had a question mark by his birth. He was born on 17 Jan 1872. He married Josephine Schneeburger (not sure of the date) in New Orleans and he died on 14 Aug 1957 in New Orleans. My great-great-grandfather was Henri Jean Lagasse, who was your 3rd great grandfather. He was born in France (not sure where) on 09 May 1831 and died in New Orleans on 04 Dec 1909. He married  Matilde Dazet somewhere in France because his first child Marie or Mary was born in 1857 in France according to the 1880 census.

I found Matilda Dazet, at the nice age of 70 and Henri Jean Lagasse, at 69, on the 1900 Census which confirms their marriage year of 1859 in France…. where again it does not state. Interesting because it appears that they had Mary before they were married. The 1900 Census states that his parents were born in France as well. At this time, they list Matilde as having 5 living children but gave birth to 7. In addition, I recently found two ship manifests for Henri Jean Lagasse.


New York Passenger Lists, 1820-1957 about Henri Lagasse
Name: Henri Lagasse
Arrival Date: 28 Aug 1898
Birth Year: abt 1831
Age: 67
Gender: Male
Ethnicity/Race-/Nationality: American
Place of Origin: United States of America
Port of Departure: Havre
Port of Arrival: New York, New York
Ship Name: La Touraine
Search Ship Database: Search the La Touraine in the ‘Passenger Ships and Images’ database

THE SECOND MANIFEST states, because I can’t place my finger on it at the moment that

Henri Jean Lagasse was on the Passenger list of 1897 at 66 years old coming back from France. His port of departure was Boulogne-sur-Mer, France. I asked myself why would a 66 year old man be going back to France- unless someone died. It would have been either his mom or dad, don’t you think? Boulogne-sur-Mer is a city in northern France. I can’t see Henri at 66 traveling too far away from this port at his age back in 1897. I am researching this area and surrounding areas to see if any Lagasses lived there. Also the port in Havre, France. My last living aunt, Glory Lagasse Cronin, says she thinks that they may have come from Alsace Lorraine. Not sure.

If you can, please respond to my post.

Thanks, Grace

P.S. My mother, Grace , use to talk about her Uncle Henry Glory all the time. She lived on Annunciation street uptown New Orleans and I think they did not live far away.

Thanks to Pierre Lagacé for this blog.

Now the ball is rolling…

Not only rolling but I will translate this in French, my mother tongue since I also have a French version of this blog, and I have many readers from France and abroad.

So who knows?

Maybe someone knows something about Henri Jean Lagasse who emigrated to America in the 1800s.

We’ll just have to sit and wait this one out.

Next time, I will have the translation in French.

Genealogy runs in my veins…

Post No. 255!

Hard to stop looking for ancestors?

You can bet on it.

Hard to stop looking also for other people’s ancestors?

You can bet on it also.

Henri Jean Lagasse emigrated to America and he left descendants searching for their roots back in France.

That’s what the 1900 U.S. Census says,

This search has been going on the Internet since 2000.

I am Paul Chandler. My mother is Sarah Glory Chandler. My grandfather is Henry Glory. My great-grandmother was Annie Mary Lagasse Glory (1894-1970). My great-great-grandfather was Joseph Lagasse (1873?-1957). My great-great-great-grandfather was Henry Lagasse (1831-1909). THIS Henry was married to Mathilda Dazet and according to their tomb in Lafayette #2 (NOT L#1 across the street from Commander’s Palace) they were both native of France. Henry and Mathilda had two sons and three daughters. The sons were Paul (1862-1935) and Joseph (my ancestor). Joseph had at least 11 kids. Paul had at least 13 kids. Each of the sons had lots of boys to the point of where I am related to every Lagasse in town except for the famous Emeril who is from up north. Paul had a Henry who had a Henry. Joseph had two Henrys (one died as an infant). Which Henry is your grandfather?

I am guessing that the original Henry came to New Orleans before the Civil War.

With the message I got on Ancestry’s Message Board yesterday I think Henri Jean Lagasse is still looking for his ancestors.

I know people who had been searching for the elusive Dennis Lagasse for 25 years.

I was here all the time… with my brother Peter.

Pierre Lagacé (Peter Lagasse) and Stanislas Lagacé (Dennis Lagasse II)

Thanks to this blog, Dennis has reunited three distant cousins together and he keeps reuniting people over and over again.

Make that four cousins and counting.

As for Henri Jean Lagasse, I am also certain he is not really related to me. But is that really important?

Genealogy runs in my veins…

Thank You for Getting Back to Me… Take Two

This was part of Sandy’s  message on my Ancestry Message Boards back in 2010.

Hi Pierre,

Thank you for getting back to me.

With your information online. They match up to my family tree.

Last year a cousin gave me quite a few photos of the Lagasse line. And I have been researching them with where they were taken. They are from Bristol, Connecticut and Rhode Island. And I have just cleared up a mystery on the Dennis Lagasse  person as he changed his name from Stanislas Lagasse who married Henriette Alexandre.

I have been going round and round with the name Dennis Lagasse. I think the photos I have are from this family. Not sure of the names, but they are taken in Bristol, Connecticut. I have gotten all the way back on our line. Lots of information. I have researched the whole line that was in Fall River, Massachusetts and New Bedford, Massachusetts, and Bristol, Connecticut on the Lagasse line.

My line from Stanislas Lagasse and Onésime Cadieux. Their child  Pierre Lagasse married Mathilde Leblanc.

Click on the image

Sandy had pictures that made it possible to reach out to distant relatives like Carl yesterday and many more.

If you have been reading my blog, then you know I won’t sell you any coats of arms or coffee mugs.

In fact I don’t sell nothing. However I am quick to react when someone ask for my help… I just can’t help this addiction of mine.

Hello Pierre

My grandfather Charles Henry Lagasse is from Falls River MA and I believe his father is from RI. Henry C. Lagasse RI/1892 M. Edith Mullane. Perhaps you can help me in my search for family history?

Thank you

Click on the image

I just found a new fourth cousin once removed.

She, in turn, found a whole lot more than a fourth cousin.