Alfred Benoit: 1912 New Bedford, Massachusetts

Alyce LaGasse’s family came from New Bedford, Massachusetts. I found this on the Internet about a picture taken in 1912.

Alfred Benoit was a sweeper in a mill in New Bedford. He lived at 191 North Street in the city. He was a prime example of the abuse of children as laborers. He was 11 years old. Many children did not get an education because they were forced to work at too early an age.

Alfred Beniot, 191 North St. Sweeper in Bennett Mill, in spinning room #2 has been there two months; seemed to be 11 yrs. old. Alfred recorded as 12 years old. Location: New Bedford, Massachusetts, January 1912, Lewis Hine.

I found Alfred’s picture on this site…

Alfred and I are not related, but he is somewhat related to Alyce. David Lagasse, Alyce’s father, was living in New Bedford. In 1912, he was 6. His brothers Samuel and Anthony were working in a cotton mill in 1920. Anthony was a pressman and Samuel was a folder.

I know Anthony had a missing…

Click to zoom in…

Anthony had a missing little finger.

A finger on his left hand was amputated…

You know I could not resist not talking about Alfred’s picture. I also found this…

Meet the Moreaus revisited

I had forgotten to put this picture of Eugène Moreau and his lovely wife Rose Lagasse in this week’s article on the Moreaus.

Click here to visit the Moreaus.

I also had this one…

I believe this picture was taken when Idala passed away, but I could be wrong. Mary Alice Moreau and Beatrice Moreau are in this picture as well as Victor Hebert and Florence Lagasse.

If I post these pictures it’s because Anne told me most of her family pictures were destroyed in a fire.

Who do you think you are…?

I know some people get all excited when they discover their Lagacé lineage.

They immediately connect to Emeril Lagasse.

I don’t mind that at all.

When the excitement is over, then they start digging deeper and then they find there is so much more to learn about their roots.

I did not know who Emeril Lagasse was before I started searching for my ancestor André Mignier.

So let’s say I discovered Emeril Lagasse after I discovered everything about the Lagacés and the Lagasses and the LeGasse and the LeGacy and… so on and so on…

Emeril is my 8th cousin meaning our common ancestors were brothers 8 generation back.



Who do you think you are…?

In a way, just someone extraordinary like celebrities are.

Like Idala Lagasse who is a celebrity to his descendants, and yourself when you will become your descendants’ ancestor.

That what I think you are…

This is what makes genealogy so addictive

Looking at old pictures.

I had another dopamine rush caused by Anne’s e-mails…

You can read this article if you want to fully understand this one.

I wrote it in May 2010.

Alyce had this picture. She wanted to throw it away with all the others she had. They belonged to her father and she knew nothing about who these people were.

It’s with Alyce’s other pictures that I manage to figure out who were some people on this picture taken in 1921.

Her father David, her grandfather Idala of course, Olivine Idala’s second wife sitting on the chair, Anthony the eldest of the boys, Rose the eldest of the daughters and three other boys I believe are Samuel, Rudy and George.

I am not sure about these three but it would make sense when you look at their birthdates.

We recognize Eugene Moreau and his two daughters Beatrice and Alice.

No clues about the dog’s name. I will have to dig some more…

What is so rewarding is that this picture which means little to most people, now means a lot to Anne, my new found reader who has found part of her family.

She has now access to Alyce’s pictures and also to Claudette’s pictures who is Alyce’s cousin. Claudette is Samuel’s little girl.

Want to know more? Click here.

So this is what makes genealogy so addictive.

If I may give you a strong piece of advice, keep those precious pictures in a safe place like a safe.

One another safe piece of advice is to scan these pictures.

You never know when someone will send you an e-mail.

Meet Florence Lagasse’s husband

This story began last year in fact… 

Some parts of this article were drafted in 2010 when Alyce and I met on the Net.

Click here to be reunited with us…

Florence Lagasse is Idala Lagasse’s daughter and we see her in some pictures Alyce had sent me in 2010.

Alyce LaGasse was searching for her roots in 2000 and found them in 2010.

She had a lot of pictures but had no idea who most of the people were. She knew nothing about Florence who was her father’s sister.

Little did she know back in 2010 that these old pictures she had would make other people find their own roots… and be able to see members of their family again.

If I only post this short article this week, it is because I am waiting for more information on Victor Robert Herbert, Florence Lagasse’s husband.


New Bedford, February 2, 1947

This article was supposed to be published on May 31th 2010. I thought that the story was over…

Read the article because there is more to it later on.

This is the closing chapter of Idala LaGasse’s story…

Sometimes you find something precious…

Alyce has something that is very precious.

Her grandfather wrote to his son David, Alyce’s father.

That was 63 years ago. Idala was 77 years-old and David was 31.

The letter is in French.

Alyce is learning French as well as the rudiments of genealogy.

She hit the jackpot twice since her third cousin is a retired teacher and now a freelance translator as well as an amateur genealogist seriously addicted to genealogy.

Alyce translated her grandfather’s letter. Pierre gave her an A- and helped her a little bit.

This is now the finish product.

You will learn a lot about Idala by reading it…

New Bedford, Mass

February 2, 1947

David LaGasse

Dear son

We have received your nice letter of 28 January. We are happy to know that  your health is very good and that everything is running smoothly.

May God be blessed because happiness is a blessing  that comes from heaven and deserves great appreciation.

You told me in your last letter that you prefer a private letter [instead of a postcard]. What a coincidence because I also prefer that but when  I receive a postcard, I use the same method to answer back.  It is not that I don’t have any paper because I have a lot.

I am happy to know of your good disposition and the suggestions  that  you  make at the moment. You have all we need right now. The pension we receive right now is 82 dollars each month which is enough for us. Despite the raise in the cost of living, we are very well and our health is good for our age. We thank God for this.

I am pleased to know the good thoughts that you have for your mother who, in turn, loves each one of you equally as if you were her own children.

This was my most profound desire when I got married: a good spouse,  a good mother, a good husband and good children make for a good household and peace everywhere.

We must then thank God for all these blessings.

Rose is not working anymore. She is resting for awhile. Eugene is still working and he behaves well.

Samuel still has his new business and he is well

Bob and Florence are both working. They are well.


Your father

Meet the Moreaus

I wrote this article in May 2010.

I never got around to post it.


These are the daughters of Eugene Moreau and Rose Lagasse.

Alyce LaGasse had also this picture taken in 1921.

See anything…

Déjà vu…?

Meet Alice and Beatrice Moreau, they are Alyce’s cousins.

Their mother, Rose Lagasse, is David LaGasse’s sister.

Rose was the eldest child of Idala Lagasse.

Next time, we will meet Eugène Moreau and his wife Rose… in 1947.

Before I leave, I will leave you with this picture…

Anchors aweigh…

Click on the picture.

Remember Dopamine?

Click here…

Well I had a sudden rush of dopamine.

This will make Ron Depatie chuckle a little.

Someone wrote me about someone whose name was Albertine and she told me that I had this Albertine in my family tree.

She was inquiring if it was the same person…

In fact she was.

This Albertine was not even directly related to me.

In fact Albertine was the sister of someone who was married to Louis Robitaille who was the son of Jerry Robetoye (Jerry Robitaille). So in fact, her father in-law was Jerry who was in the cavalry during the Civil War. 

Jerry Robetoye

Louis Robitaille was married to Blanche Lagasse…

Louis Robitaille with daughter Dolly

Blanche Lagasse was the daugther of Frobe Lagasse and Valeda Forand.

Frobe Lagasse was the son of Pierre Adoph Lagasse.

Frobe Lagasse’s little family

Pierre Adolph Lagasse

I told you genealogy was addictive.

This is what I told that lady who inquired about Albertine…

I also told her to search for old pictures.

It’s always nice to put a smiling face on an ancestor or his descendants.

Of course I did lend her a helping hand.

It’s always nice to lend a helping hand to put a smile on someone’s face.

Don’t believe all that you see…

On genealogy websites…

I am sure Ron would agree with me on this. We have to double even triple check everything just to be dead sure…

Bill, my new found 7th cousin, will be digging now for more of his roots here in Quebec.

But he must beware.

He has started his family tree on Ancestry a few weeks ago and got a little mixed-up.

That’s normal.

You will find the God, the Bad and the Ugly not only on Ancestry but on all similar sites.

This is what I just found on Ancestry. It’s a hint they gave me… on  François Sauvé, Pierre Sauvé’s father.


François Sauvé did not die in 1737 at the age of 115.

His son Pierre Sauvé did…

God rests his soul. 

François Sauvé, and his wife Marie Malleret for that matter, never set foot in New France.

So when you start looking for your roots…

Beware not to stumble on a tree stump or run into a tree.

Also don’t buy any coat of arms for the Sauvé family tree either. 

It does not exist.

Some bears out there in the woods are only for your money…