I Got Carried Away – Redux

Written more than 5 years ago when I first met a lot of 8th cousins….

I know I did, but someone asked for our help on Facebook.

Bob Barrette created a Facebook page about the Lagasse Family. Bob and I met virtually on the Internet a few years ago. We are distant cousins but we share the same passion for our ancestors.

To make a long story short, someone posted a message and he added this old picture…

Joseph LaGasa

That was enough to trigger my obsession for old pictures and other people’s ancestors.

Little did I know that Bob Barrette had all the answers to this request.

I wanted to see if anyone knew how my family connects to Andre or Michel Mignier. I know that my 4 Great Grandfather is Mitchel Lagasse and his father was John Lagasse. There were many names changes coming into the US. I know that my GG Grandfather changed our name when he moved to Seattle. Joseph LaGasa and James LaGasa. Our family did a lot here is Seattle. Can tell more later.

Let’s say I got carried away a little.

To be continued…


Sometimes a comment goes a long way.

And LaGasa and Lagasa. Part of the challenge . . .


To be continued…



Revisiting Thomas James Malloy’s and Ada Pendlebury’s children

This is  a post written in 2014 if I don’t have one of those senior’s moments…

This is what I found to help Patricia.

Francis Joseph Malloy 1909 – 1975
Joseph Roy Malloy 1910 –
Phoebe Malloy 1911 –
No Name Malloy 1915 –
Mildred Ruth Malloy 1915 – 1928

All births are documented.

If this is what I believe is her father Francis…

picture of a young child - Adams, Massachusetts

Why did his parents place him an orphanage in 1914?

If this is really Francis Joseph Malloy, are these people his relatives?

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I know Luanne is asking herself the same question…

Famous people on Our Ancestors

There are thousands of famous people on Our Ancestors.

This is the latest one. His name is Royal Bourelle a steam roller operator. Royal Bourelle is famous because, like all the famous people on Our Ancestors, he worked hard all his life and left many descendants some of which will eventually stumble upon Our Ancestors.

This obituary tells all we need to know about him.

Most of his descendants don’t have the faintess idea who Royal Bourelle was. This is why I am writing about him with Luanne’s permission. Luanne is my new found third cousin once removed. She sent me Royal Bourelle’s obituary. Luanne is the one who commented on her grandmother Agnes Molloy who I first thought was Bertha Molloy.

Honest mistake…

It’s easy to get confused when you work on your great-grandfather’s siblings like I did with Joseph Miller Lagasse’s descendants.

Joseph was Philomène Lagasse’s brother. Philomène was Luanne’s great-great-grandmother which makes us third cousins once removed. Philomène is seen here in the centre with her six daughters.

One is Luanne’s great-grandmother.

I think she is at 2 o’clock. In fact I pretty sure.

I have been looking for all of my great-grandfather’s siblings’ descendants because I know how exciting it is to see old photographs of our ancestors. If you don’t know how I am related to Robin who had shared so many old photographs with me, you should use the search button at the bottom and type her name.

The search feature is a great tool to find lost ancestors. Another tool is the comment section you can use to contact me. This is how Luanne found a third cousin who knows so much about her ancestors it’s well…


Addicted to genealogy since 2007, and blogging about it since 2009 in English*, I am still in perfect control of my obsession with your ancestors when I feel someone is interested.

I don’t monetise my blog. I could, but money is the root of all evil. Instead I have found something more precious…

Pépère Bourelle’s photo.

* I also have a French version…

Phoebe Alexandre


I wrote this post in 2013.

This has been a long intermission.

This is how Phoebe Alexandre looked like in 2010 when Sandy sent me a picture of an unknown young woman in the late 1890s in Bristol, Connecticut.


I am sure now this is Phoebe on this picture Joe had.

Phoebe Alexandre

I used to mixed up Phoebe and Philomène who I now know is not this young woman.

unknown young lady

Sandy wrote me two days ago. She thinks she might be Agnes Alexandre instead and this would be her wedding picture.

about late 1890's Wedding , Bristol, Conn.

So back to the drawing board… with this montage in Joe’s collection. It was made in the 1900s trying to figure out who is who on it.

Philomène Lagacé and her daughters

This is a montage I made in 2011 showing Phoebe Alexandre with her daughter Lucille Lestage.

Montage Lucille and Phoebe

I know Lucille was her daughter born on September 1st, 1909.

Lucille is seen here alone.

Lucille Lestage

Lucille Lestage back

These two images are from Robin who scanned more than 100 images. She sent them in 2011. These images validated all my research on Phoebe Alexandre and also on Marie Elmire.


I know a lot about Phoebe and I would like to share it with her descendants.

Phoebe was born on March 5th, 1874. Her real given name was Flavie.

1874 Flavie Alexandre

Flavie or Phoebe married Charles Lestage. She had these children that I know of:

Albert J Lestage     1901 – ?

Edgar H Lestage     1903 – 1951

Bertie V Lestage     1908 – ?

Lucille M Lestage     1909 –  ?

I know also about her husband Michel Charles Lestage through his 1918 registration card.

Charles Lestage Registration Card

People have been sharing a lot since 2009 and I am not letting anyone down when they contact me.

All these posts written since 2009 so people who are looking for their ancestors can find them someday like Steve Myers who must be dying to learn more about his roots if this long intermission is to ever end.

I know very little about Steve’s parents nor about his grandfather who was a midshipman in the U.S. Navy in 1940…

1940 Arthur Joseph Myers midshipman U.S. Naval Academy

Or his great-grandfather who was on DD-114 in 1920…


I hope Steve can find old pictures to share with us or stories about his ancestors.

The more the merrier.

Usually an old aunt has pictures in an old shoe box in a dusty attic. Maybe this old aunt also has pictures of my ancestors I have no pictures of.

Who knows?

Next time on Our Ancestors…

Bertie who?

Epilogue – Cleft chins

Cleft chins are the only proof we have for now since we can’t find a marriage license with the names of Wilfred Nevue’s parents. That is the only proof to link little Wilfred Nevue’s father to Malvina Neveu, and to another Wilfred born in 1902 whose name was Wilfred Joseph Nevin.

Wilfred J. Nevin  – Malvina Neveu – Wilfred Nevue 

Nevin, Neveu, Nevue…


In October 1886, a man named Wilfred Nevue abandoned his wife and his 6 months-old son also named Wilfred. Where Wilfred’s father went no one knew at the time. 

Wilfred Nevue’s name just reappeared in December 2018 on a marriage license, but that marriage license was not the one Michel and I were looking for.


On September 5th, 1899, Wilfred Neveu (sic), a widower, married Marilda Thibodeau who had divorced Gervais Thibodeau. Why Marilda Guay divorced her husband we will probably never know unless a descendant find this blog and write a comment.

We have yet to find the marriage certificate for a shotgun wedding which occurred either late 1885 or early 1886 in Champion, Marquette, Michigan where Celina Delongchamp lived with her parents Jean Louis Delongchamp and Celina Blair (Blais). 

When this photo was taken, Celina Delongchamp was already pregnant and a son would be born on April 22nd, 1886. Suffering from depressive manic psychosis, Celina would enter a hospital in 1892 and would die on July 2nd, 1896.

Little Wilfred was adopted by her grandmother Celina Blair (Blais) who raised him as her own son.

Life was not easy for little Wilfred…

Sometimes the only thing we have to link people with is a family resemblance.

Wilfred J. Nevin  – Malvina Neveu – Wilfred Nevue 

After two weeks, I had decided to stop searching for Wilfred and Celina’s marriage license. Michel Lauzon decided instead to soldier on, and the next day found that there was a Wilfrid Neveu who  had once lived in Chatham in Argenteuil country in the province of Quebec. I decided to look for more clues in censuses and in parish registers.

This is what we found: a baptism act in St-Philippe’s parish registers.

baptism Wilfrid Neveu

Wilfrid Neveu was born on June 17, 1866, but baptized on June 22. This meant that he could have been Wilfred Nevue who was about 19 or 20 years-old when he married Celina Delongchamp around 1886.

According to the baptism certificate Wilfrid’s parents were Louis Neveu and Marie-Louise Cholet dit Laviolette. With that information I was able to find all their children with Michel’s help. Louis Neveu and Marie-Louise Cholet dit Laviolette had these children: 

Domitilde Neveu 1845–1846
Louis Neveu 1847–1926
Mathilde Neveu 1851–1855
Louise Neveu 1853–1855
Jérémie Neveu 1855–1932
Léocadie Neveu 1857–1926
Malvina Neveu 1859–1909
Eldridge Nevin 1862–1943
Wilfred Nevue 1866–1905

Looking for more information on Malvina Neveu I found this image on Ancestry…

I compared it with Wilfred Nevue…

They looked like a brother and a sister to me, and to all the people who gave their opinion. 

But I wanted more proof.

So I started looking for Wilfred Nevue in Butte, Montana after his marriage with Marilda Guay in 1899. There, in Butte, Dora Nevin was born in 1900, but died on September 18, 1902 from pnemonia. A son was born on February 27, 1902. That son’s name, you have guessed it, was Wilfred!

Next Michel found a photo. Wilfred Joseph Nevin was seen with his step-daughter Betty (Elizabeth Reynolds) and his daughter Joan and his son Bruce in the back .

That was the proof I needed.

I was all smiles!


Wilfred Neveu (Nevue) 1866 – ?

Little Wilfred Nevue’s father Wilfred Neveu was born on June 17, 1866 in Chatham, Quebec.

baptism Wilfrid Neveu

His father was Louis Neveu and his mother was Marie-Louise Cholet dit Laviolette.

Yesterday Michel Lauzon finally found little Wilfred’s father who abandoned his wife Celina Delongchamp and his newborn son in October 1886. Michel spent the whole day yesterday searching for him even if I had closed the Neveu dossier.

Three of Wilfred Neveu’s siblings were living in Republic, Michigan in 1880. His brothers Louis and Jeremiah, and his sister Leocadie. Louis Neveu was married to Euchariste White (Leblanc), Jeremiah Neveu as married to Marie Élise Chenay, and Leocadie was married to Charles Labelle.

I can’t find Wilfred Neveu in any censuses either in 1880 in the US or 1881 in Canada, but he must have been in Michigan in and around 1885 when he met Celina and got her pregnant. A shotgun wedding would be held later…

In October 1886, Wilfred most probably left his wife and son for Butte, Montana, to join his other brother Aldridge Nevin. Aldridge was married to Emma Guay. In 1899 Wilfred Neveu would marry Marilda Guay who was Emma’s sister.

Daughter of Edward Guay and Caroline Fecteau, Marilda was divorced from Jarvis (Gervais) Thibodeau. She had two children with Wilfred Neveu: Dora who died in 1902 and Wilford who was born in 1902.
Wilfred Neveu seems to be still alive in 1910, but he is not listed in the 1910 US census.

Marilda is a widow in 1920 living with her daughter Mary Thibodeau White (from Marilda’s previous marriage) and two of Mary White’s children.

Marilda died on December 10, 1940. She is buried in the same cemetery as her daughter Dora (1900 – 1902).

Now the only information missing is when did Wilfred Neveu die?
Someone had this on Find A Grave.

To be continued…

The Hubou and the Neveu Dossiers – Part Three

Hard to let it go isn’t?

Remember how these two dossiers started. A wedding photo of Wilfred Nevue and Celina Delongchamp, and the search for lost ancestors.

Hercule Poirot

Still searching mes amis…

Could the groom be the son of Maxime Neveu seen here with his wife Scholastique Lauzon, and their daughter Léocadie Neveu and her husband Joseph Girard with their children?

I am not related to the Neveu family. Well just a little since I share a distant common ancestor with Scholastique Lauzon.

My polls did not amount to much since readers did not agree on the groom’s age.

Wilfred Nevue

I know all about Celina Delongchamp’s ancestors and where they were from… Mascouche, just a 22 minute-drive from Ste-Anne-des-Plaines where I have been since 1981.

Born in Montreal in the late 1940s, I had never heard about Ste-Anne-des-Plaines before. The first time was in 1980 when I was transferred here in an elementary school as an English as a second language teacher.

How I got interested in ancestors who once lived in Ste-Anne-des-Plaines is a very long story. 

Maxime Neveu and Scholastique Lauzon got married here on October 25th, 1841.


Maxime Neveu was born on July 26, 1816, in St-Cuthbert, Quebec. His father was Joseph Neveu and his mother was Marie-Anne Barrette. Scholastique Lauzon was born on February 26, 1823, in Ste-Anne-des-Plaines. She was the daughter of Justine Grenon or Guernon and André Lauzon.

Scholastique had at least 15 children. Maxime Neveu died on August 2, 1889 and Scholastique Lauzon died on July 1, 1901, in Bay City, Michigan. Amongst Scholastique’s fifteen children was Wilfrid Neveu born in 1856 who could be little Wilfred Nevue’s father.


Wilfrid Neveu or Wilfred Nevue are nowhere to be found in several censuses.

Censuses are sometimes so confusing since enumerators relied on what people told them. In the 1880 US census in Michigan there was a Joseph Nevue born in 1858 and another Joseph Neveau born in 1860. One was working in salt blocks in Zilwaukee, and the other was living in Bay City with his parents Maxime Neveau and Scholastique Lauzon.

For a few days I thought I had finally found Wilfred Nevue posing as Joseph Neveau in Zilwaukee, Michigan.

Last night I saw the light. Joseph Neveau was working in salt mines. The 1880 census lasted a whole year starting in June 1879. Joseph was in both censuses.

Hard to let it go wasn’t?

Tomorrow I am letting it go…