Melissa loves chocolates

I think I know why my 8th cousin loves chocolates…

But this is between me and her.

I told her I was going to write an article just for her again.

Well Melissa, click here… 

This is the little chocolate shop I visited yesterday.

As for her tin pictures she scanned for me, I will get on that case after I make a few corrections on her family tree.


Dreams are illustrations from the book your soul is writing about you.

— Marsha Norman

Happy Valentine

This one is for you Melissa…

Yesterday’s pictures were sent by her, an 8th cousin of mine just like Emeril Lagasse.

That really made my day! Not Emeril, Melissa.

She is related somehow to Leon Lagasse a 7th cousin of mine. I know Melissa is a sweet person.

Melissa has no idea who these people on the tintypes pictures were.

I posted them anyway because you never know. 

It’s like opening two boxes of chocolates and not knowing what you will find inside each one.

Like this man who has just found some of his roots.

It’s always pure pleasure when someone writes me about this blog.

He wrote yesterday morning. He had read my articles about Jerry. Carl is a direct descendant of Jerry Robetoye (Jerry Robitaille).

This is the comment he posted.


I am Carl Robitaille, Sr
This is all very interesting. I am almost certain that this refers to my family. My father was Edouard (Edward) Luis Robitaille, born in 1921 in New Bedford, Ma. He was the son of Marie Blanche Robitaille. He had a sister Delores (both deceased).

My father never spoke about his father and was raised by his mother, as far as I know, nearly from birth.

I am not sure of whom the Carl you refer to is.

Would he be from Texas?

I may have other information available, but I currently live in Arizona. Most of the surviving relatives live in New England.

Carl Robitaille, Sr

I know that what he will find out about his roots will make his day just like it did for Dennis Lagasse IV around Christmas time.

I know sharing what I find about Our Ancestors makes my day everyday!

It’s like a box of chocolates or two. It’s better when you share it with loved ones.

Happy Valentine.

Dolly Robitaille and Edward Louis Robitaille…

Pictures with no captions…

I am not an expert on old pictures…

Just nuts about them.



It’s Valentine’s Day.

Proofread carefully to see if you any words out.

— Author Unknown

You’ve seen this before…

This was the title of an article I had drafted in August 2010.

I never posted it on this blog.

I don’t remember why I did not.

Maybe I had reached a deadend or that the time was not right.

So here it is with an epilog at the end.

I know I have shown you this picture before…

Philomène Lagacé’s daughters

Joe said that this was his favorite picture.

If you look closely you will recognized someone.

Déjà vu?

Joe did not know all the names. Thirty years ago, someone had told him some of the names.

I asked Sandy about that picture and she had a theory…

Come back next time for “Pierre” Round the Clock.


Since August 2010, we found all about Libbie’s daughters thanks to the help of so many people from the East Coast and the West Coast.

This makes this blog all worthwhile.

I just wanted to let everyone know how I feel about sharing my passion for Our Ancestors.

Click here to be reunited with one of Myra’s descendant.

Be sure to read the comment left by Fran at the end of the article.

Fran never wrote back.

More pictures from the West Coast

These pictures come from a relative of the precious friend living on the West Coast that I was talking about yesterday.

She took the time to scan them all also so I could share them with everyone on this blog.

These pictures were sent to her from someone living on the East Coast.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I know sometimes…

I know sometimes there is more to life than our ancestors and life has to go on.

I understand that.

No problem here up North.

This morning I got a new picture from an old friend out on the West Coast. I never met her personally, but we share the same passion: genealogy and old pictures.

Such a precious friend and such a precious picture.

This photo is about Silvia Bleau with her mother Agnes Alexandre. Silvia Bleau Combe is in the forefront and Agnes is seen on the picture on the wall. 

This is my precious friend’s e-mail.

I had to share it also like I did with close to 100 pictures she took the time to scan.

Hello, it’s been a while. I have been busy researching for someone and I am almost done.

Here is the photo that I told you about, it comes from my husband’s cousin, the woman cooking is Silvia Bleau, the photo on the wall is her mother, Agnes Alexander. They really resemble each other. No one seems to know where that photo on the wall is now. It is not a very good copy but it’s the best they could do.

I have enjoyed the blogs, sorry I have not made any comments about it, I have been so busy.

Enjoy the photo.

About her 100 pictures…

Here are just a few of them.


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Mae Cox… Final answer

I got final confirmation and a new second cousin twice removed to go along with it…

I just hope I don’t scare her away with my passion for my ancestors.

Marianne’s maternal great-grandparents were Harvey Lagasse Sr and Mae K. Cox.

She had no pictures of them.

Now she has.

I am sure she will enjoy seeing them.

Now I am also sure that Harvey Sr is the little boy in this picture…

It has to be.

Grandpa Lagassy with Mary Lagassy and a little boy.

Mary would be Marie Rose Elmira Lagasse. She was older than Harvey but younger than Harry.

So it has to be Little Harvey with Stanislas Lagacé who went to the U.S. around 1889 with his family. He became known as Dennis Lagasse.

Little Harvey became Big Harvey.

That’s what Marianne told me.

Finally the pictures Lionel Lagasse sent to his son Dennis last month make sense…

This one in particular. This is a picture of Mae Cox with her husband Harvey Lagassey.

Harry Lagasse, his older brother, would be with his wife Anna Campbell.

Harry Lagasse, Harvey Lagassey, Mae Cox and Anna Campbell

Dennis Lagasse IV sent these as well.

Just pictures, no captions.

All part of the big jigsaw puzzle of Our Ancestors, yours and mine…

All the efforts were worthed and still are.

The more we learn, the more we want to know.

As a footnote to this, Harvey Lagassey Jr served his country in WWII.

I am sure you would like to learn more don’t you.

Speaking of pictures…

This picture was sent to me in  2010 by a very far distant cousin.

No caption.

At first, in 2010, I thought Dennis Lagasse III and Amanda Ménard with two of their children were in this picture.

My hunch now, in 2012, is that it’s not them.

The reason I post this article is just to show you how addictive genealogy can become unless you can control this addiction and wait…

It’s addictive because you want to know.

So I am waiting.

Waiting for someone to write again.

Down the road I know someone else will.

And I will get the answer.

You just have to wait and be patient.

Genealogy is a waiting game.

Sometimes waiting is part of the addiction.

Sometimes people will write to me and then for unknown reasons they stop.

Like someone whose grandfather was the little boy in this picture.

Hi Pierre
I am the first son of Gerard H Lagasse and would be glad to share info with you.



Never wrote back… and never kept in touch for that matter.

Maybe it was just a joke…

Very confusing to say the least.

Genealogy is a serious addiction.

Our ancestors are probably not that important after all…

Our ancestors are probably not that important after all…

Sometimes I reflect on this.

Then I am quick to answer myself.

Down the road, someone will understand how our ancestors are important after all…

Dennis Lagasse IV made my day (well he made my whole year for that matter) when he told me that what I had shared with him about his roots was the most precious gift he has ever had.

Well Dennis, someday down the road, someone will tell us who these people really were.

I have a hunch, but hunches aren’t enough when digging for your roots.

Then when this time comes, everything I have been researching since 2007 will be all worthwhile and meaningful.