Why I keep writing this blog?

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Why I keep writing this blog?

The reason is simple… I like old pictures and people keep sending them!

Teresa, Amanda Ménard’s great-great-granddaughter, sent me this picture along with the other family pictures you saw yesterday on Thanksgiving. 

Amanda Ménard

Amanda Ménard

This woman is not my ancestor, but I know a lot about her.

In 2010 I thought Amanda Ménard was no. 15 on that picture. I was sure her husband was no. 12. He was my granduncle, my grandfather’s brother.

That was the first time I had seen his face, and I got all excited.

Some of Amanda Ménard’s and Dennis Lagassey’s children were on this picture: Levi, no. 10 and Ida, no. 3.

Bertha with family in Bristol

The little girl was little Germaine, the daughter of no. 5 and no. 2.

I have a picture of little Germaine.


No. 1

This is the original picture sent in 2009 by someone’s mother I scared away.

original picture of the Lagasse family

No. 12 was Pepere.

I have sometimes scared away people with my passion for old pictures and putting names on faces instead of numbers like woman no. 2.

Alice Myers!

Sounds familiar?

I have been writing this blog with the hope that someone might be willing to share old pictures of his or her ancestors who could be distant relatives…

Robin did just that in 2011 even if she was not related to me. Her husband was.

She sent me this picture of these people seen here. She did not have to send it but she did. Philomène was a great-grandaunt I had never seen before, and I was able to identify who were the others after a few trials and errors.

Jean-Baptiste Alexandre I family

Jean-Baptiste Alexandre, his wife Philomène Lagacé,
their daughters Myra, Mary and Helen with her two boys

I did not scare Robin away and she scanned more than 150 photos so I could post them on this blog.

These next distant relatives seen here on a photocopy of a picture was sent by Dennis Lagasse IV in 2011.

picture from Dennis 1.1

These people are mostly the same people seen on this picture.

original picture of the Lagasse family

Dennis had shared what little knowledge he had at that time about his grandfather Levi Napoleon (Levi), the no. 8 guy, and his great-grandfather Dennis III (Pepere).

On the photocopy, Pepere is seen between his daughter Mary on the left and his wife Amanda Ménard on the right. All 11 children are on the picture.

I did not scare Dennis IV away with my passion for old pictures. On the contrary he sent me later an old man’s picture part of a collection of more than 100 pictures his father Lionel had kept.

Dennis Lagasse II

Stanislas Lagacé

Then he scanned all the rest of the pictures.

That old man was my great-grandfather Stanislas Lagacé II. He changed his name when he emigrated to the U.S. He was Dennis Lagassey III’s father and my grandfather’s father.

Stanislas Lagacé (Dennis II) was the son of Stanislas Lagassé I, who also had changed his name to Dennis Lagasse when he emigrated to the U.S.


I am not after having written 620 posts on this blog.

file Stanislas Lagacé

I keep writing this blog because I like to share what people have shared.

I would like to show you a picture of my great-grandmother Harriett Alexander who married Dennis Lagasse II in 1862. Her real name was Henriette Alexandre, but I only have Henriette’s file on Ancestry to show you.

Ancestry file of Henriette Alexandre

I know there are pictures of Henriette somewhere in the U.S., and I would be more than delighted to see them.

So, this is also why I keep writing this blog.

I keep writing to get lost ancestors reunited with their descendants who share my passion for genealogy and old pictures.

Like Donna who sent me the original of the photocopy, and have shared so much information and photos in 2013.

Dennis Lagassey family

So if this woman is your great-grandmother, your great-great-grandmother, or your great-great-great-grandmother, and you are now excited about all these pictures, and you have old pictures of people you don’t have the faintess idea who they are…

Amanda Ménard

Then feel free to contact me by writing a comment or using this form below.

I just hope I did not scare you away with all this. If I did, then at least you know where Dennis Lagasse IV got his given name…

Thanks for giving

This is my Thankgiving post to all my American friends and relatives.

Bertha and William

Bertha Lagasse and William Austin

Thanks Teresa for giving us such beautiful photos from the past.


William Austin and Bertha Lagasse


William Austin and Bertha Lagasse

Now I know who Bertha is on these pictures shared by Donna.

Alice and Bertha

Joseph Odna Alice Bertha Tony

Odna Alice Tony Bertha

Tony Alice and Bertha

Thanks Dennis for more than 100 pictures you sent me in 2012. This was one of them.

Move Over

Now I know who was sitting on the rear fender.

Well I hope I am right this time…

Bertha Lagasse

Steve’s family tree

So what about all this research I have done to find descendants of Médard Lemeyer who was born on November 2, 1813.

1813 Médard Lemayer 2 novembre

He became known later in life as Medard Myers, and he left a lot of descendants south of the border who don’t know a thing about him.

Steve Myers is one of Médard Myers’ descendants.

I won’t show you all of Steve’s family tree from Médard Myers on down.

It’s too big.

Médard Myers descendants

I would like to show you a baby picture of Médard, but this is the only picture I got.

1813 Médard Lemayer 2 novembre zoom

Steve can look at all the research I have done about his ancestor. He has access to it on my Ancestry site.

This is Médard’s file taken from a print screen.

file Medard MyersClick on the image for a larger view

I have found everything about Médard Lemeyer who became known as Médard Lemaire and then Medard Myers.

I could go on and on, and on with this story of Steve’s new found old family and tell you all about this picture.

Médard Myers

Or this one…


But I would probably bore you to death.

What I will show instead might be of interest to you…

USS Dane

USS Dane

USS Pensacola

USS Pensacola

USS Stoddard

USS Stoddard

You can click on the images to see more details.

Steve Myers has shared these three pictures with this information about his grandfather and his great-grandfather.

I think it’s great!

Hi Pierre,

Attached are photos of 3 ships. I thought that these were vessels my grandfather had served on, but after doing some quick research online, I’m not so sure.
Notes: USS Pensacola (CA 24): On the back of the photo it says: USN 422603 and SEPT 35. I believe this means the photo was taken in September 1935.
USS Stoddard (DD566): On the back it says USN 635232 and 25 FEB 54. Both photos are marked “OFFICIAL NAVY PHOTO. RELEASED”
Some other things I know about my grandfather: He retired as a Lt. Commander. He was qualified as an aviator, and flew blimps specifically.

Hope this is of interest to you,



Why was this picture in Lionel Lagasse’s old family album, part of more than 100 old pictures his grandson Dennis Lagasse IV scanned for me in 2011?


Most probably…

Could anyone of some of unidentified people in this collection of old pictures be related to the Myers?

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Everything is possible.

Jean-Baptiste Lemaire, the only son of Chrétien Lemaire

Finally the intermission is over!

During that intermission I was able to validate my information about Chrétien Bracmaer aka Chrétien Lemeyère aka Chrétien Lemaire, and arrive at the conclusion that he is Steve’s ancestor.


Chrétien, tell me more about your family roots…

His only son Jean-Baptiste Lemaire, born around 1784, married Marie-Anne Paquet dit Larivière on November 7, 1808 in Chambly, Quebec. Both his parents are listed as late Chrétien Lemeyère and late Josephte Lagarde.

marriage Jean-Baptiste Lemaire Marie Paquet full page

Josephte had died in 1785.

1785 burial Josephte Vincent 30 November 1785

I looked for Chrétien’s burial act in the parish registers but I could not find it.

We will now take a look at the marriages of the children of Jean-Baptiste Lemaire and Marie-Anne Paquet: three sons, Jean-Baptiste, Julien, Médard, and one daughter, Onésime.

Jean-Baptiste Lemaire married Clarisse Masson, Julien Lemaire married Léocadie David, Médard Lemaire married Émilie Therrien, and Onésime Lemaire married Napoléon Brault.

Remember that name.


Médard Lemeyer, born on November 2, 1813, became known later in life as Medard Myers and he is Steve’s ancestor.
1813 Médard Lemayer 2 novembre


1813 Médard Lemayer 2 novembre zoom

To be continued next Monday.

We are not there yet…

Chrétien Lemaire and his descendant Steve will have to wait a little more because I have some unfinished business with my great-grandfather’s older sister Philomene Lagasse whose little sister was this woman resting in peace since 1901.

Agnes Lagasse

This next picture was scanned in 2011 by Robin. Everyone on it was identified with a caption.

1913 Philomene Lagasse

Great-grandmother Alexander has to be Philomene Lagasse in 1913 or maybe a little later.

Philomène Lagacé and her daughters

Philomene’s two daughters are with her: Agnes and Marie Elmire. Agnes’ daughter Sylvia Bleau is also on this picture.

1913 Philomene Lagasse

I know who wrote the caption…

Sylvia Marie Combe.

scan0019She is the same little girl with her mother holding her on this picture.


And this is her mother Sylvia Elizabeth Bleau when she was a baby.


Someone sent these pictures to Robin so she could scan them and share with me. Robin is not related, her husband is although he is a very very distant cousin living in California.

Robin never told me if her husband reads my blog.

Getting back to my unfinished business…

My great-grand-aunt Philomene Lagasse died in 1920. This is her obituary.

Philomene LAGASSE

Death (12 March 1920)

BRISTOL PRESS 13 March 1920

Mrs. Libbie Alexander widow of the late John Alexander died at the home of her son David Alexander 149 Park St. last evening as a result of complications due to old age.

She had been an invalid for several years.

Mrs. Alexander was born in Quebec, Canada 79 years ago. She spent her early years there. She was married in 1869 to John Alexander. They moved to the state and lived for some time in North Adams, Mass. They came to Bristol twenty six years ago and made their home here. Mr. Alexander died in 1914.

Mrs. Alexander is survived by four daughters: Mrs. David Bleau, Mrs. William Archambeault and Miss Mary Alexander of Bristol and Mrs. Phoebe Lustrich of Brooklyn, NY. By Three sons: John, David, and Peter Alexander all of Bristol, and by many grand children and great grand children, she was one of the well known French residents and was a member of St. Ann’s Church. The funeral will be held at St. Ann’s Church at 9 o’clock Monday morning. Rev. Joseph P. Perreault will conduct the services.

Obituaries are a great source of information even if there are some errors sometimes.

Mrs. Phoebe Lustrich of Brooklyn, NY


Phoebe was married to a Charles Lestage and she was not a divorcée in 1920!

Phoebe Alexandre

Death certificates are also a great source of information.

1920 death certificate Philomene Lagasse

Peter Alexander, Philomene’s son, is the informant. I know all about Peter, but I won’t go into this.

This is Philomene on another picture Robin sent. We had a hard time figuring out who these people were at first.

We now know who these people are, even the little boy in front of Philomene.

Jean-Baptiste Alexandre I family

Robin also sent this one.

Picture 087

I figure all three are pictures of Philomene Lagasse who has thousands and thousands of descendants in the U.S just dying to have old pictures of her.

Robin has been a great help putting this whole jigsaw puzzle together, and the more we find, the more we know about our ancestors, yours and mine.

I know Steve will share what he knows.

He told me.

You haven’t lost me Pierre, I’m still here, and finding all of your research very interesting.

Both my grandfather and great-grandfather were career Navy men. I have some pictures of the destroyers and troop ships my grandfather commanded during WWII, if you’d like to see them. Sadly we don’t have many pictures of people. No old aunts left; the Myers’ family is very small.

Who is on the right?

Three more posts before I get to Steve’s ancestors.

The woman on the right must have been a funny lady.


You tell me.

She is not Aunt Mary Alexander as the caption says, but this beautiful young bride Amelia Alexandre, Sylvia E. Combe’s cousin.


Here is Amelia Alexandre again at her sister’s wedding…


Fran is the person who sent me this picture in 2012. Her grandmother is Alice Louise Alexandre sitting next to Albert Choinière.

Both Alice and Amelia are this man’s daughters.

Déjà vu?

Jean-Baptiste Alexandre II

John B Alexander II

JB Alexander II

This man was unknown in 2010.

He was on a picture sent by Sandy along with a few other unidentified people.

young man 1

The search was on until Ed contacted me. He had read my posts on this blog and sent me this…

Jean-Baptiste Alexandre II

And this…


Writing about all these people is a way to reach out for their descendants.

No one contacted me about Amelia Alexandre and her husband Ernest Sorel yet.


I can  wait.

Marie Elmire Alexandre

This all started because of this…


Steve will have to wait a little more because I have a lot of pictures to share with my readers.

Marie Elmire is Phoebe’s sister. She never married so no one is looking for her as his or her ancestor.

This is why I am posting these pictures of Marie Elmire sent to me by Robin in 2011.

It’s about time don’t you think?

Marie Elmire must have been a nice lady.



Beautiful old pictures with captions that are right on the button.

These two pictures are part of this lot…

That’s a lot of old pictures isn’t it?

Most people are identified though some captions are wrong like this one.


Aunt Mary Alexander is not on the right…

To be continued…


Adoption papers

One of my readers would like to know more about her roots.

Her father was a paratrooper in the Pacific campaign.


She has her own blog.

She has been writing about her dad and I have seen in her posts all the love and admiration she had for her dad.

She told me that her father’s father left his family so she can’t go back in time to search for her ancestors.

Here is a picture of her father and one of his mother Anna.

Everett A. Smith with mother

GP, that how she wants us to know her by, always read this blog about our ancestors and she adds comments.

This latest one is most interesting.

Outstanding work here, Pierre. It’s getting to be one huge family reunion – I’m jealous, I’m not related.

To which I replied…

I can adopt you if you want…

While I was searching for some images on adoption papers to make her adoption papers, I found this blog.

It’s about the adoption about two Korean children.

Phoebe Alexandre

This has been a long intermission.

I wonder if Steve is still with us on all this.

This is how Phoebe Alexandre looked like in 2010 when Sandy sent me a picture of an unknown young woman in the late 1890s in Bristol, Connecticut.


I am sure now this is Phoebe on this picture Joe had.

Phoebe Alexandre

I used to mixed up Phoebe and Philomène who I now know is not this young woman.

unknown young lady

Sandy wrote me two days ago.

She thinks she might be Agnes Alexandre instead and this would be her wedding picture.

about late 1890's Wedding , Bristol, Conn.

So back to the drawing board… with this montage in Joe’s collection. It was made in the 1900s trying to figure out who is who on it.

Philomène Lagacé and her daughters

This is a montage I made in 2011 showing Phoebe Alexandre with her daughter Lucille Lestage.

Montage Lucille and Phoebe

I know Lucille was her daughter born on September 1st, 1909.

Lucille is seen here alone.

Lucille Lestage

Lucille Lestage back

These two images are from Robin who scanned more than 100 images. She sent them in 2011. These images validated all my research on Phoebe Alexandre and also on Marie Elmire.


I know a lot about Phoebe and I would like to share it with her descendants.

Phoebe was born on March 5th, 1874. Her real given name was Flavie.

1874 Flavie Alexandre

Flavie or Phoebe married Charles Lestage. She had these children that I know of:

Albert J Lestage     1901 – ?

Edgar H Lestage     1903 – 1951

Bertie V Lestage     1908 – ?

Lucille M Lestage     1909 –  ?

I know also about her husband Michel Charles Lestage through his 1918 registration card.

Charles Lestage Registration Card

People have been sharing a lot since 2009 and I am not letting anyone down when they contact me.

All these posts written since 2009 so people who are looking for their ancestors can find them someday like Steve Myers who must be dying to learn more about his roots if this long intermission is to ever end.

I know very little about Steve’s parents nor about his grandfather who was a midshipman in the U.S. Navy in 1940…

1940 Arthur Joseph Myers midshipman U.S. Naval Academy

Or his great-grandfather who was on DD-114 in 1920…


I hope Steve can find old pictures to share with us or stories about his ancestors.

The more the merrier.

Usually an old aunt has pictures in an old shoe box in a dusty attic. Maybe this old aunt also has pictures of my ancestors I have no pictures of.

Who knows?

Sandy is right

I am glad I did not argue with my third cousin Sandy.

I had a good look last night at some of my collection of old photos sent by the A-Team.

The A-Team

This was the most mysterious one.

It still is.

Philomène Lagacé and her daughters

This montage was done in Bristol by the Gale Studio around 1900. These are all of Philomene Lagasse’s daughters around her.

Philomene Lagasse is my great-grandfather’s sister.

Dennis Lagasse II

Philomene Lagasse had these children:

Jean-Baptiste Alexandre     1862 – 1936

Joséphine Alexandre     1863 – 1868

Philomène Alexandre     1864 – 1906

Siffroid Alexandre     1866 – ?

Helene Alexandre     1867 – ?

David Alexandre     1869 – 1933

Agnes Alexandre     1871 – 1927

Phoebe Alexandre     1874 – ?

Peter Alexandre     1875 – ?

Myra Alexandre    1877 – 1958

Marie Elmire Alexandre     1881 – 1957

Anonyme Alexandre     1883 – 1883

I always thought this was Agnes Alexandre in the montage.

Agnes Alexandre

Look again!

Marie Elmire

This montage was made last night with pictures sent by three persons who never met in person: Joe, Robin, and Sandy. 

Joe sent me this one early in 2011…

Philomène Lagacé and her daughters

Robin sent me this one late in 2011…


Aunt Mary Alexander

Sandy sent me this one in the fall of 2010.

1890's Bristol, Conn.

In 2010, when Sandy and I met virtually for the first time on the Internet, we had not idea who this young woman was.

Sometimes it takes time to figure out who are people on old pictures.