Ida Lagasse Lamothe

Last year when Robin sent me this picture I thought it was a picture of Edna Lagasse that was part of little Marie’s collection.

Edna Lagasse?

There was no caption.

I wrote that I might be wrong about that picture.

Robin had scanned also the picture below where I believed Edna could be on the right in the third row. Her brother Levi Napoleon Lagasse seemed to have been on the left.

When I saw that picture, I did this montage.

There were many ressemblances between the people on the left and some people on the right.

Starting with this assumption I wrote several articles about two of Edna’s sons. Robert and William were both killed in WWII.

Now, thanks to Lionel, we have more pictures to work with and they clearly identify Ida Lagasse Lamothe.

So where’s Ida?

Click on the image…

See you on Monday.

A Little Help From My Friend

Joe knows Bristol well and helped me yesterday with some pictures.

He told me this parade did not take place in Bristol.

I would guess the parade was “Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show” coming to town, but the town is not Bristol.

After a little Internet research I believe we have the same Buffalo Bill as on this picture.

About these soldiers…

Joe said…

The soldiers on parade looks like it is in Bristol in front of the old train station.

Could this be their return?

The soldiers in the 2nd picture are coming down Main Street and turning on to North Main Street headed to the National Guard Armory.

The train station is gone. The stone wall is gone. But the railroad overpass remains.

Fascinating input from someone who is certainly not bored by Our Ancestors.

Tired of reading this blog about Our Ancestors?

Then try this for a change…

These pictures found in the old Lagasse album.

one of our lighter than air ships

Try finding information on Google about this airship… a U.S. Army OA-1 observation blimp and its sleeping quarters.

Good luck!

They were also called Pony blimps.

where our little blimp sleeps

Priceless pictures!

Try finding information on when and where this parade took place?

Most probably in Bristol, Connecticut.

And were these soldiers from Bristol going to war, coming back, or just parading?

So many questions we don’t have answers to…


I know Joe is going to help me on this…

I hope you are not bored to death about all these old pictures in the old Lagasse album…

Unknown soldier

Unknown soldier

Ida Lagasse on the left

As I said before, this is a never-ending blog…

I don’t know if Marie Rose Elmira Lagasse was driving the bus…

If this is not enough, try figuring out when and where this picture was taken…

This is certainly not taken in Bristol, Connecticut!

I Wonder If…

I wonder what would happen if someone type one of these days “Alice Rose Lagasse” on Google…

Just try it.

Probably that someone will stumble on my blog like my second cousin once removed Dennis Lagasse IV did in 2011 and get addicted to old pictures.

I don’t tell everything I have found on this never-ending blog about genealogy since I started writing it in 2009. You can read between the lines. 

I know this blog will never stop reuniting people like the Dubé family seen here on this picture.

At least two are Dubés, maybe four.

Marie-Louise Dubé is on the left holding the hat and her sister Olive is in the back on the right. Olive Dubé never married so no one is looking for her as an ancestor.

Marie-Louise Dubé married Levi Napoleon Lagasse. She has a lot of descendants out there who know nothing of their French-Canadian roots.

Dennis Lagasse and his father Lionel gave me some information about the Dubés. Marie-Louise and Olive  had another sister, Diane.

Guess what?

Diane is here with her three children and her sisters Marie-Louise and Olive. Lionel gave his son Dennis all the names on this picture.

Now let’s go back to this picture.

Not everyone on it has been identified especially the woman behind little Germaine. I would bet 2 dollars it’s Marie Rose Elmira Lagasse. She lost her straight face and she is smiling at us.

But then again I might be wrong and make a fool of myself.

Marie Rose Elmira Lagasse married Clair Perrin Roys. That is what I have in my files. Her children were…

Ann Roys
Gertrude Roys
Marie Roys 1923 –
Clair Perrin Roys 1924 – 1998
Harold Roys 1926 –
Richard Roys 1929 –

It would be nice to hear from them also one of these days so I will be able to share all the pictures people have shared with me since 2009.

How do I know Marie Rose Elmira was married to Clair Perrin Roys?


Amanda’s obituary,

About Clair Perrin Roys…

I wonder what would happen if someone type one of these days “Clair Perrin Roys” on Google…

I just wonder.

Just One Clue Is Often Enough

Down the road just one clue opens up new avenues.

Like this picture with the young woman sitting on the rear fender of a Model T Ford.

Dennis says it’s a 1914 Model T Ford. I think it’s a 1917 Model T.

You be the judge.

Dennis and I won’t start a family quarrel over this.

So what about this 1917 picture of a 1917 Model T?

We are in Connecticut, in 1917. No argument here.

The clue is the license plate…

I think the driver was Marie Rose Elmira Lagasse, the woman with the straight face on this picture Lionel sent last year.

But what about the girl on the left with the quiet smile?

Well I thought I had identified her as Antoinette Lagasse until I saw the license plate and looked more closely at this picture.

Antoinette was born around 1907, she would have been only 10 years old when that picture was taken. The young woman sitting on the rear fender of a Model T Ford is more than 10 years-old.

So who could she be? 

Alice Rose Lagasse who is seen also in this picture.

If she is not Alice Rose Lagasse, then I really wonder who she is.

Addicted to old pictures like Dennis IV is?

I know someone who will treasure this picture forever.

And we have got about 100 more pictures to go and I am not even finished with this one yet.

Move Over

I told you Dennis IV had more… This exclusive picture of Marie Rose Elmira Lagasse.

This is what Marie Lagasse seems to say… if she is really who I think she is and she is really driving the car.

We are in Connecticut, in 1917.

Look at the license plate…

I think the driver is Marie Rose Elmira Lagasse the woman with the straight face on this picture Lionel sent last year.

Another part of the big puzzle Dennis IV is getting addicted to. 

How do I know he has become addicted to old pictures…?

He told me.

Here on this picture Lionel also sent last year Marie Rose Elmira would be the little girl on the right with little Harvey and their Granpa Lagassy (Dennis II).

circa 1895

Boy I love this picture…

It reminds me of all the affection I have for my two grandchildren. Furthermore the little boy looks a lot like my 9 months-old grandson.

Every picture Dennis IV sent has its own story to tell like this one… where Granpa and little Harvey are once again reunited.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

By the way, who is the girl on the left?

I think I know…

Well I thought I knew until I saw the license plate and looked more closely at this picture.

I don’t mind sharing

I know I did not scare Fran away with my passion to reunite people with their ancestors.

She wrote this beautiful message.

How wonderful for Lionel to share his album. It’s a delight to follow your journey of discovery, which has been expanded so much by the people you have met and through the photos they have sent. How many have wished that they had been so enriched.

I have always been amazed by the generosity of genealogists; and your blog is a shining example. Looking forward to your next entry.


PS.  I can see more family resemblance of the newly identified Amanda to my Grandmother Alice Alexandre, her niece. Thank you for the glimpse of how my great grandmother would have looked.

About all those pictures Lionel shared with us…, please contact me if you use them.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I don’t mind sharing.

Enjoy our ancestors!



Come back for more… because Dennis IV has more in store for our ancestors’ descendants.

1940 U.S. Census

Would you like to know more about Harry Lagasse and Anna Campbell? About Little Gerard on this picture taken around 1917?

This next picture was taken around 1916.

Harry and Harvey Lagasse, Mae Cox, Anna Campbell


Harry Lagasse becomes Harry Lagassey and is a carpenter by trade. His wife Anna Campbell is listed as Anna Lagassey.

Little Gerard is now 23 and he works as a Special Police at the New York World’s Fair.

Why am I telling you all this? Because someone once wrote a comment on this blog on October 19, 2010…

Hi Pierre

I am the first son of Gerard H Lagasse and would be glad to share info with you.



He never wrote back…

I probably scared him away with  my passion  for Our Ancestors…

As a footnote to all this, Harry and Anna had another son: Lawrence.

Click here to learn more about him.

Dennis Lagasse II… A Family Man

I guess my great-grandfather was a family man.

Stanislas Lagacé was born on August 9, 1842, in Henryville in the province of Quebec. I knew back in 2007 that I had a great-grandfather of course like everybody else, but I knew nothing about him.

Everything I have found out about Stanislas Lagacé is because some people cared and were willing to share what little information they had about Stanislas Lagacé.

My 3rd cousin Sandy had been looking for him since 1985 when her uncle got her interested in genealogy. She always wonder who was that elusive Dennis Lagasse.

He is not elusive anymore and he’s even more famous than Emeril Lagasse, well on this blog that is…

Lionel Lagasse had these pictures of Dennis aka Stanislas who is his great-great-grandfather.

I never met Lionel in person but I know that Stanislas’ kindness runs in his veins as well as his son’s.

Amanda Ménard… Everything is falling into place

This is Amanda Ménard, Dennis Lagasse III’s wife, and the mother of 12 children.

It’s about time I get some recognition…

Lionel Lagasse has identified her.

He should know she’s his grandmother. Lionel was kind enough to bring the old Lagasse album with him, and his son Dennis IV was kind enough to share them with me and my readers.

Amanda Ménard, who by the way is Caroline Ménard’s sister, is also seen here in another picture sent in 2010 by someone else.

Amanda is not identified by a caption like Aunt Ida, Pépère, and Levi. Even the house is identified…

E. Bristol.

At first, I thought the woman standing behind little Germaine Lagasse was Amanda Ménard. That was making sense back then in 2010 since Amanda Ménard was Germaine’s grandmother.

Who else could she be?

Well I was wrong. She is not Amanda, because Amanda is smiling for the photographer right behind her son Victor Philip Lagasse, little Germaine’s father.


The woman behind little Germaine has to be related somehow to this family. I wonder who she is.

She’s not a neighbor that’s for sure.

I would take a wild guess and venture she is Marie Lagasse the eldest of Dennis III’s and Amanda’s children. I know Alice Myers, Germaine’s mother is on the right. She’s is pregnant.

I am almost 100% sure.

This is Alice Myers again with Victor Philip back in 1912.

Lovely picture…

Harry Lagasse is with his wife Anna Campbell.

This is Harry again with his son Gerard.

Déjà vu…?

How about this…?

Or this…


You should easily identify someone…