EM3 Robert Joseph Ritchie has been on Eternal Patrol since August 6th, 1945

Robert deserves his own blog…

On Eternal Patrol

EM3 Robert Joseph Ritchie is just a name on a list…?

List of casualties



Bullhead (SS 332)

Departing Fremantle for her third war patrol, Bullhead (Lieutenant Commander E.R. Holt, Jr.) on 31 July 1945, started for her area (from 110°-00’E to 115°-30’E, in the Java Sea). She was to leave her patrol area at dark on 5 September and head for Subic Bay, Philippine Islands. Capitaine and Puffer were also to patrol in the Java Sea area, as were the British submarines Taciturn and Thorough.

Bullhead arrived in area on 6 August, but Capitaine did not arrive until 13 August. On 12 August, Capitaine ordered Bullhead to take position the following day in a scouting line with Capitaine and Puffer. There was no reply and on 15 August, Capitaine reported, “Have been unable to contact Bullhead by any means since arriving in area.”

Since those submarines named above were in the…

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