Edited 23 December 2020

Who’s excited?

Cynthia was not the only one who was excited.

Robin was also excited…

I am anxious too for her, its been awhile since the Bleau family has been searched by someone, great job Pierre for keeping this blog going, we all appreciate all your hard work.

Hard work?

This is fun…

Going back in times is what I like the most and finding links between people and me. Bringing our ancestors to life again and interact with them with pictures if we can find them.

Someone else wrote me a message, this time on Ancestry. She is a descendant of Scholastique Lauzon and Maxime Neveu seen here in a family picture.

Family  of Joseph Girard and Léocadie Neveu

The message says a lot about excitement…

Hello Pierre, my name is [ ], Scholastique Lauzon Neveau is great great grandmother. Her husband Maxime, their son Leander, his son Roy, [], my mother and I are asking if we can look at the information you have Scholastique. I don’t have a lot of pictures or information on her. The only info I have is the cemetery that we go and put things on her grave. I’m fairly new at this so I would like any help you can give me.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.

This person does not know it but in fact we are very distant cousins… so I invited her to visit my family tree on Ancestry. She has not sent me anymore messages…


Getting back to Blanche Bleau, I have found her Bleau ancestors and they are  not the same as Harry Bleau’s ancestors who were Barthélémy Bleau and Barbe Aubry. 

Blanche’s ancestors were François Bleau (Blot) and Anne Sautin from the parish of La Trinité, in Falaise, Caen, Normandy.

So why people got all excited about the Bleaus?

Because looking for our ancestors is fun.