My French is rusty, so I wonder if you speak English. Georges Landry and Appoline Poissant are the grandparents of my grandmother. I’m just starting to research this side of her family, and if you were willing to share the information you have, I would be very grateful.



Never got around to write about this message I got in November 2012.

These people seen here are Michelle’s ancestors on her grandmother’s side.

Appolline Poissant et Georges Landry

If you read yesterday’s post and the links I sent you to read then you will understand how my blog reaches out descendants.

Michelle had nothing more to share than a few anecdotes about her grandmother.

With what she told me about her grandmother, I was able to find her birth certificate and jump start her research.


Little Did I Know Back in 2007

Little did I know back in 2007 that my grandfather had been rich and lost everything  to gambling twice!

That’s what I found during my search for my ancestors. I always thought my father’s parents were poor.

Not quite.

That man told me.

Antonio LandryI wrote about it on this post.

You can read it and read the next few posts.

I will see you next time.

There is a sequel to all this.