We are never completely 100% sure…

Remember Fabien Sauvé?

Ron told me in a comment on my blog that Fabien Sauvé was his great-grandfather’s friend.

That’s what he said…

Well I thought it was going to go like this on Fabien, IN THE NAME OF THE FATHER, THE SON, THEN POOF INTO THE HOLY GHOST he would go, but I see the good man of the cloth of genealogy on this blog has him in his book.

I will stay close and see what happens to my great-grandfather’s friend Fabien Sauve.

Ron Belisle Depatie

Here’s Leon with his wife Sophranie André.

Oups, sorry wrong picture file…
That’s Ron with his bulldozer…

Here’s Léon…

Léon’s family

I think I discovered a whole lot more about Léon’s friend, but I am not 100% sure.

You see I found some information about one Fabien Sauvé who was married to at least two more women… Marie-Eveline Lanthier and Victorine Houle.

What I also found is one Fabien Sauvé living in Lancaster, Ontario in 1901 and 1911.

1901 Canadian census

Sauve Fabien?     M           Head     M     Jan 26     1851     50
Sauve Lola     F           Wife     M     Mar       1864     37
Sauve Hanah     F           Daughter     S     Jul 1     1889     11
Sauve Rosanna?     F           Daughter     S     Jul       1892     8
Sauve Albert     M           Son     S     May 5     1893     7
Sauve Alfred     M           Son     S     Mar       1895     6
Sauve Lucia     F           Daughter     S     Jul 14     1897
Sauve Honora     F           Daughter     S     Apr 25     1900     10 mos.

Source Information:
1901 Census of Canada
Subdistrict:    Lancaster, GLENGARRY, ONTARIO
District Number:    62
Subdistrict Number:    d-6
Archives Microfilm:    T-6468

What’s that Lola doing there?

It should be Sophie André or something like that…

1911 Canadian census


Sauve Fabien             M      Chef      M      juin      1861      59
Sauve Sophia L.           F     Epouse     M     mars     1864     47
Sauve Lucian           F     Fille     C     juil.     1897     14
Sauve Henry           M     Fils     C     juin     1899     11
Sauve Jane           F     Fille     C     fév.     1901     10
Sauve Harry           M     Fils     C     sept.     1905     7
Sauve Alice           F     Fille     C     mai     1906     5
Sauve Mon B.           F     Fille     C     oct.     1908     4
Sauve Janet           F     Fille     C     mai     1909     2

That’s more like it…

Sophie’s back, but now Fabien is born in 1861!

Never trust a census 100%…

Anyway, come back later for more.

As I said to Ron…

When we start looking for something, then we find a lot of new things that lead us to new things that open a lot of doors… and it goes on and on and on and on…

It never stops…

Stay tuned…

Honoré my dear, you didn’t forget to program the VCR didn’t you…?

2 thoughts on “We are never completely 100% sure…

  1. Hi Pierre,

    I think your second find for Fabien is more fitting with the age group for the one’s involved and perhaps the right one.

    My past experience when messing around with these people from the mid 1800s who crossed back and fourth along the Quebec border to be very frustrating to find anything on them but your doing ok.

    That’s more than I could.


  2. Stay tuned Ron…

    You wanted to know all about your great-grandfather’s friend Fabien Sauvé, then come back for more tomorrow…

    Same time, same channel…

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