Ignace Martel or When to Stop Searching…and Writing about him? Update

Written a few years back…

I can’t believe I was doing this!

Remember these old framed pictures sent by a far far away distant cousin?



Do you remember how I ended my last post?

This is the fascinating search in the past of the history of descendants of Pierre Quesnel, one of the founding father of Montreal or descendants of Ignace Martel who I have not the faintest idea who he was when I started looking.

In my almost obsessive search last Friday for someone’s ancestors who is related to Anna Martel married to Archie Quesnel, I found an Ignace Martel who finally led me to Anna Martel’s parents?

Anna Martel and Archie Quesnel’s wedding picture

The Ignace Martel whom I found in my obsessive research was the son of Salomon Martel and Josephte Leveque. I was not sure if I had the same Ignace Martel that I had found on a 1900 census page listed as the father of Joseph Martell.

I just had to find out.

This Ignace Martel married Melina Janson dite Lapalme on July 12th, 1853 in St-Esprit, in Montcalm county, in the province of Quebec.

While I was looking at some Ancestry hints which appeared when I entered his file, I stumbled upon this image from someone’s Ancestry tree who might be one of my very distant relatives since Archie Quesnel’s sister was married to a DeLagasse.

Ignace Martel

The same person had also this picture of a woman named Mary Masta.

Mary Masta

And a man named Joseph Martell.

He also had a Mary Martell…

And a John Martell…

Déjà vu?

There has to be a connection somehow isn’t?

Mary Masta I now believe has to be Mary Martell in Joseph Martell’s household on June 11th, 1900, and Ignace Martel the father of Joseph.

Everything fits perfectly…

Joseph Martell 45, born in 1854 (according to the census), and Mary Masta 32, born in 1867 (according to the census), got married on January 1st, 1881 in Michigan according to this marriage document.

Joseph is said to be 24 and Mary… 14!

With this information I went looking for someone with the name Joseph Martel born around 1854 in the 1861 Canadian census.

Lo and behold!


The Martel family and the Masta familie were neighbours and there was a little Joseph Martel born in 1856 (according to the census)! 

Could this be a break in my investigation?

How about finding a four year-old Mary Masta in the 1871 Canadian census?

I thought you would never ask…

Now who could be the lady on that wedding picture with the best man John Martell?

So many unanswered questions isn’t?

Before I forget here is the marriage certificate of Mary Masta’s parents Toussaint Masta and Odile Martinet.

And Mary Masta’s birth certificate. We now know she was born on October 21st, 1867 in St-Esprit.



I believe this is Anna Martel

three unknown youg people (3)


The Quesnells and the Martells Revisited

Written a long time ago on Our Ancestors

A far and far away distant cousin sent me these old pictures and told me I could post them here on Our Ancestors with the hope of putting a name on these unknown people.


She and her distant cousins back in the United States have no idea who they are. For all they know they might be related to the Martell family or the Quesnell family who emigrated in the U.S. in the 1800s. Here is the wedding picture of Archie Quesnell and Anna Martell.

Fascinating search in the past of the history of descendants of Pierre Quesnel, one of the founding father of Montreal, or descendants of Ignace Martel who I have not the faintest idea who he was.

To be continued…

three unknown youg people (2)

three unknown youg people (4)

three unknown youg people (3)


Wednesday November 3rd, 1824 – A day in the life of Stanislas Lagassée

Thanks to Dennis whose research led me to uncharted waters, I just had to browse more through church records this week. I had been searching for so many years for my great-great-grandfather Stanislas Lagassée’s siblings beside his brother Pierre (1894-1892) and four others: Antoine (1814-1815), Geneviève (1817-1817), André (1818-1818) and Ursule (1827-1845).

My great-great-grandfather Stanislas was born on February 16, 1816 in St-Louis-de-Kamouraska parish, but not his younger brother Pierre and several of his other siblings.

siblings of Stanislas

Pierre Lagacé, born on November 3rd, 1824, was baptised on November 4th under the name of Pierre Minier, son of Antoine Minier, cultivateur (farmer) and Ursule Cordeau.

His godfather was Pierre Bourgeois and his godmother was Marguerite Paradis. Marguerite had signed the document Mtte Paradis Paradis. Why she wrote Paradis twice I do not know. Pierre Bourgeois had declared he did not know how to sign.

When Stanislas was 5 years-old his mother Ursule Cordeau gave birth to Émelie, a baby girl. On November 3rd, 1824 Stanislas was 8 years-old and Émelie 3 years-old.

Since Pierre was baptised at St-Antoine-de-Padou parish in St-Antoine-sur-Richelieu, the family had obviously moved from Kamouraska to St-Antoine-sur-Richelieu. The move took place most probably after harvest time in the fall of 1818 after André’s death in April 1818.

Justine was born on May 18, 1819 in St-Antoine-sur-Richelieu as well as Tharsile, Émilie, and Antoine-Cyriac. Tharsile and Antoine-Cyriac died as infants and Stanislas was old enough to witness the two infants who died one after the other.

So on Wednesday November 3rd, 1824 Stanislas must have been quite apprensive for an 8 year-old boy as well as at Christmas time when little Émelie died on December 18.

Five more children would be born after Pierre, but with only Ursule surviving.

NEW siblings of Stanislas

His sister Ursule would die in Henryville on March 31, 1845 just a few weeks after her husband’s death on February 26, 1845. Ursule was just 17. No information about how they died was found in the church records.

1845 décès Damase David

1845 déces Ursule Lagacé

As you can see deaths had always been a big part of my great-great-grandfather Stanislas Lagassée’s life. Stanislas Lagassée living on 22 Conlon Street in Bristol, Connecticut, died from mitral insufficiency on March 26, 1900.

He was 84 years-old.


Final note

In the marriage records Ursule Cordeau was said to be une fille mineure (a minor daughter) as well as Stanislas when she married him in 1813.

1813 marriage Ursule Cordeau Antoine Mignier

However the only possible Ursule Cordeau dit Deslauriers I could find with the same parents was born on June 8, 1789 in Kamouraska. In 1813 she would have been 24 years-old not a minor and be under 21.

Searching for another Ursule born after 1789 or one who had died young in the parish records proved fruitless. However as I was giving all hope of finding out when Ursude had died…

burial Ursule Cordeau

Le vingt-cinq février mil huit cent soixante et deux, nous prêtre soussigné avons inhumé dans le cimetière de cette paroisse le corps d’Ursule Desloriers épouse d’Antoine Lagassé de cette paroisse, décédée depuis deux jours, à l’âge de soixante et treize ans. Étaient présents à l’inhumatio Michel Morin et François Moreau qui n’ont pu signer.

Ursule 23 février 1862

On the twenty-fifth day of February, one thousand eight hundred and sixty-two, we, the undersigned priest, have buried in the cemetery of this parish the body of Ursule Desloriers, wife of Antoine Lagassé of this parish, who died two days ago, at the age of seventy-three. Present at the burial were Michel Morin and François Moreau who were unable to sign.

Genealogy is a never-ending search and correction of information found – Stanislas and Pierre’s siblings

What you see highlighted in green is who were Stanislas and Pierre’s siblings in 2009. There was very little on the Internet about the family of Antoine-Nicolas Mignier dit Lagassé and Ursule Cordeau dit Deslauriers.


siblings of Stanislas

Genealogy was just evolving as many people were becoming amateur genealogists.

Ancestry was in its infancy as well as My Heritage. Scant information could be found on census pages leading to infamous brick walls. Parish registers were becoming available but you had to have good eyesight and good knowledge of French.

This is the definite proof that Pierre Lagacé (Lagassé) was born on November 3rd, 1824.

Pierre Lagacé 3 November 1824

A closer look reveals he was baptised on the 4th of November, 1824 in Kamouraska. Pierre Bourgeois was his godfather and Marguerite Paradis was his godmother. 

1824 Pierre Lagacé

Pierre would marry Marcelline David on February 4th, 1850. His father was present and his brother Stanislas (my great-great-grandfather) was also present. Both Stanislas and Pierre were able to sign their names.

mariage Pierre Lagacé et Marcelline David

Pierre died on January 3rd, 1892 and buried on the 5th. The record says he was 70 years-old (1892-70 = 1822).


Which is proof that even parish records have errors…and even headstones.

headstone Pierre Lagacé 1825

If you are wondering about this…

siblings of Stanislas

It tells a lot about my great-great-grandfather Stanislas Lagacé’s early life.

Genealogy is a never-ending search and correction of information found – Pierre Lagacé 1824-1892

A few weeks ago Dennis sent me this photo of Joseph Lagacé and Salomé Pollender’s four daughters.

Lagace sisters

The little girls in front are Edwilda (we see several variations of her given name… Antonilda, Adwilda, Alwilda , Atuilda, Aterrilda) and Alice. In the back are Emma and Eugenie.

As usual I had entered all this information and proceeded to find more about them just in case someone might contact me on Ancestry.

image (3)image (1)

Dennis sent me this yesterday.

An obituary for Edgar Lagacé…


and an image of a headstone.


Edgar is the four daughters’ brother. As usual I had entered all this information and proceeded to find more about Edgar and Exilda just in case someone might contact me on Ancestry.

I also posted Emma’s photo on Find A Grave.

Lagace sisters


I also linked her to her husband Émile Pollender.


image (2)

Using Find a Grave and updating memorials is how Dennis made contact last month.

I noticed the picture you submitted in Findagrave about the seven Lagasse brothers. My grandmother was a Lagasse and I am descended from Joseph Lagasse, one of those brothers. Do you know the identities of all the brothers in that picture? I’d like to know.


Which leads me to Pierre Lagacé 1825-1892…

headstone Pierre Lagacé 1825

He was not born in 1825 and he had even more siblings that I thought back in 2009!