13 December 2019 – George Lagasse Undertaker… in Massachusetts in 1909

Written on December 13, 2009 and how a research can evolve 10 years later.

As I told you before, I found a lot of ancestors and descendants of the Lagacé family. Some Lagacés went to the United States and changed their name to Lagasse. Most were the descendants of Pierre Lagacé and Marcelline David.

Who was Pierre Lagacé?

He was the son of Antoine Mignier dit Lagacé and Ursule Cordeau dit Deslauriers. Pierre Lagacé and Marcelline David had a lot of children:




Marie-Anne Émilie








Maybe more because at that time women were expected by the Church to bear a child every year!

I will start with Adolphe whom I never met of course.

I know he was born on March 14, 1851 in Notre-Dame-de-Standbridge, Missiquoi, Québec, Canada. He was christened at Notre-Dame-des-Anges church. Adolphe married Mélanie Berthiaume on August 22, 1873 in Bedford, Missisquoi, Québec, Canada. They were married in St-Damien church.

I found at least four children :

Click for a larger view





I had already found Frobe and Alice.

Frobe married Valéda Forand and Alice married Olivier Caron. This information was found on the Internet quite a long time ago during my research on my ancestors.

But I found Eva and George only this morning on the Mormons’ site. Eva married Rodolphe Le Clair and George married Élizabeth Roy. George is listed as being an undertaker.

The Mormons’ site has images of Massachusetts marriages and we can find a lot of information. While I was adding these new files on my Heritage site, I found a match. Bob LaGasse has the same people. I wrote him several times but he never replied to my messages. Maybe someday he will read this blog and figure out who this Pierre Lagacé amateur genealogist is.

On the other hand, it would be great if you found your ancestors as you are reading this…

Next time I will talk about Frobe Lagasse.

So this is how it all started back in 2009 searching for my roots, and how I was able to share all my research with descendants of Pierre Adolphe and his son Frobe.

Blanche, Frobe, Laurent, Joseph Norman, Valéda Forand


Marcelline David is perhaps your ancestor… – Update

Got this comment from Denise on a post written in 2009!

Perhaps you can help? Trying to trace my paternal grandfather’s parents and grandparents. He was Aurelius Joseph Lagasse, born 1896 or so in Canada. Anything about the children of: Adolphe, Henri, Joseph, Idola, Damase, or Ambroise? Merci beaucoup!

The post I wrote:

Marcelline David was Pierre Lagacé’s wife. She was also Adolphe Lagasse’s mother.

She also had these children:



Marie-Anne Émilie








Click on the image for a larger view

She is certainly the ancestor of many Lagasses living in the U.S. One of them is Alyce LaGasse. I know that Ambroise Lagasse also went to the States and lived there.

I will post an article on him one day.

While searching for Lagasses, I found this…

This is Marcelline David’s death certificate on the Mormons’ site.

Click on the image it will appear in another window

It says Davies… but it is David.You can trust me on that. She died of a heart disease. Her son Adolph Lagasse was the undertaker. Her father was Hubert David and her mother was Josephte Séguin. Hubert David married Josephte Séguin in 1815. That’s quite a way back.

Tomorrow… Why is this crazy canuck doing all this…?

To be continued 9 years later…

Joseph Mignier dit Lagacé’s parents – Redux

Written exacty three years ago!

That was before I met virtually Dennis Lagasse the Fourth from Connecticut, and more than 100 precious old pictures his father Lionel had kept.

Boy was I excited!

Time flies doesn’t it?

Last day of July.

Is time spent looking for our ancestors a waste of time…?

Of course it’s not.

Brian LeGacy told me he could not get to sleeep after I gave him a helping hand and he started digging for himself.

Is it worth losing sleep over our ancestors…?

Of course it’s worth.

Some psychologists say that we can find strength when we discover our roots.

I am no psychologist but I think we might have something there.

Pierre Lagacé and his brother Stanislas Lagacé (Dennis Lagasse) on a park bench probably in Connecticut probably around 1905

You see back in 2007 when I started getting interested in genealogy I did not know Stanislas Lagacé had ever existed. Of course I knew I had a great-grandfather but I knew nothing of my grandfather’s parents. Four years later, I am helping people find their roots.

Joseph Mignier dit Lagacé was the son of Michel Mignier dit Lagacé. You will find some information on the Internet and some also on Ancestry.

But beware!

Some information that are suggested might be erronous down the road. I just found out on Ancestry that some people have “discovered” André Mignier dit L’Agacé grandparents!

Wow that is quite a big surprise…!


I don’t mind some little errors on dates, but this couple got married in 1802! André Mignier came in New France in 1665 with the Carignan Salières  regiment.


I won’t lose any sleep over this, but I find it a little annoying when some people put such wrong information about their ancestors or other people’s ancestors….

This reminds me of a distant 3rd cousin of mine who had my mother’s birthdate wrong on his family tree. I told him politely. He never changed it!

Go figure…

Finally, the final link to Brian’s roots…

Now Brian can get some sleep.

Now it’s Bonnie’s turn to get all excited.

Thank you for getting back to me… – Redux

Four years ago…

Sandy was one of the first cousin to write.

My new found distant cousin Sandy posted a message on my new Ancestry family tree page.

I had decided last month to migrate my family tree from My Heritage to Ancestry.

Sandy must have been all excited when she found out that another Lagacé had information on her ancestors and that he wrote back so quickly.

I’m quick on the trigger…

Hi Pierre,

Thank you for getting back to me.

With your information online. They match up to my family tree.

Last year a cousin gave me quite a few photos of the Lagasse line. And I have been researching them with where they were taken. They are from Bristol, Connecticut and Rhode Island.

And I have just cleared up a mystery on the Dennis Lagasse  person as he changed his name from Stanislas Lagasse who married Henriette Alexandre.

I have been going round and round with the name Dennis Lagasse.

I think the photos I have are from this family. Not sure of the names, but they are taken in Bristol, Connecticut.

I have gotten all the way back on our line. Lots of information.

I have researched the whole line that was in Fall River, Massachusetts and New Bedford, Massachusetts, and Bristol, Connecticut on the Lagasse line.

My line from Stanislas Lagasse and Onésime Cadieux.

Their child  Pierre Lagasse married Mathilde Leblanc.

Click on the image

Pierre Lagasse and Mathilde Leblanc’s child was Julian Wilfred Lagasse.   I am sending a photo of him with brothers and one I am not sure of.

Sitting: left is Julian Wilfred Lagasse and Joseph Lagasse is to the right.

I received them from his son Edmond and his wife.  When she passed away then their children gave them to me.

I also have a photo of Pierre Lagasse married to Mathilde Leblanc.

If you would like to see the photos I have then I will send them along to you.


If you have been reading my blog, then you know how crazy I am about photographs…

See you next Monday with more photos from Sandy’s collection and more about the mysterious Dennis Lagasse.

In Search Of Marie-Anne…

Why not go on a search for Marie-Anne’s descendants?

Sandy sent me a message yesterday about Marie-Anne Lagasse. She had entered some information on my Ancestry tree.

I have no picture of Marie-Anne nor of her father, my great-great-grandfather Stanislas Lagacé (1816) who bears the same given name as my great-grandfather Stanislas Lagacé who I call Stanislas 1842 since he also named one of his sons Stanislas who I call Stanislas 1864.

This is all I have of Stanislas 1816… his certificate of death and some census pages.

Stanislas Lagacé 1816-1900

If I write that much about my ancestors and also yours, it’s because there are probably some pictures of Stanislas 1816 hidden somewhere in an old dusty wooden chest behind a pile of old objects in a dark attic somewhere in the U.S. that some of Marie-Anne’s descendants have and can’t figure out who is who on those old pictures…

I can!


There Is not Much that Can Stop Me… Redux


Another Redux Post so you don’t have to read the whole blog with more than 500 posts…


When I was looking for my grandfather Leo’s ancestors, I found to my big surprise that he was living in Hartford, Connecticut with his father Stanislas, who called himself Dennis, and his mother Henriette Alexandre, who was Harriett.


Censuses are so precious to find clues about your ancestors if you know how to use them.

Léo was living with his older brother Adlore (Adélard) born in 1880. Léo was born in June 1888 and he was the last of the children.

In the 1900 U.S. census, I found out that Harriett (Henriette) had 13 children with 6 still living. That I did not know.

I had only found 12!

Click on the image it will appear in another window

Friday morning, while looking into the register of Notre-Dame-des-Anges parish in Notre-Dame de Stanbridge, I found the 13th child.

Her name was Marie-Angélique Lagacé born on November 10, 1871. She died on September 15, 1872.

This closes  the chapter about the children of Stanislas Lagacé and Henriette Alexandre.

You can ask me to visit my genealogy site and see the file of Stanislas Lagacé. From there you can access all of his children’s files.

Next time, I will tell you about Pierre Lagacé, Stanislas Lagacé’s granduncle.  Some of his descendants went to the United States.

See you…


Almost three years later I have climbed all the way up on some branches of my family tree.

The first child of Dennis and Harriett was Anthony Lagasse born in Vermont in 1863. He was named after his grandfather Antoine-Nicolas.

Anthony could be on this picture with his first wife Delia Bertrand.

Bristol, Conn. about 1908-1909

I say could be because I don’t know for sure. 

All I know is that the picture was taken around 1905 plus or minus a few years. At first I thought it was Dennis II with Harriett. Now I know this is not the fact.

The man looks very much like a Lagacé and he ressembles the man on this picture.


picture from Dennis 2

Dennis Lagasse II is seen here with Harvey and Marie, two of Dennis Lagasse III’s children.

Back in 2009 the only picture I had of these people was this…

Happy New Year Dear Descendants…

Back in  2010, Joe was only a virtual relative of mine.

He sent me this picture via e-mail he had of Marguerite Alexandre. She was Henriette Alexandre’s sister.

Marguerite Alexandre 1836-1897

Marguerite Alexandre is part of Joe’s very long list of ancestors.

That picture is as close as I can get to have a picture of Henriette Alexandre who is my great-grandmother married to Dennis Lagasse II, our superstar ancestor on this blog.

Dennis Lagasse II

Stanislas Lagacé 1842-1927

This is Henriette’s file on my Ancestry family tree.

I am very lucky photo wise because I have pictures of all my 8 great-grandparents. All except Henriette’s photograph.

Pierre Lagacé tree

I am still waiting…, but I am very patient. We have to be when we look for our ancestors.

I know all about Henriette Alexandre: she had 13 children.

Six were still living in 1900. That’s what the 1900 U.S. census said.

famille Lagacé 1900

Thank God for Censuses.

I knew when she was born thanks to the image of her baptisimal act found on Family Search.

6 April 1845 Henriette Alexandre

Thank God for Family Search.

I did not know when she died until I found out Joe had found out a way back then and thought I knew.

I didn’t…

Click here.

Henriette’s sister, Marguerite Alexandre, is Joe’s great-great-grandmother which makes us bonafide third cousins.

Joe told me back in 2010 he could use all the living cousins he could get.

I think I could also…

I have visited Joe twice since 2010.

Together we visited cemeteries to find the resting place of Dennis and Henriette. First in September 2011. I wrote about these little outings here and here.

In 2011, we visited again the same cemeteries bringing another cousin of ours who was also looking for his ancestors’ graves. We had our share of senior moments.

Just couldn’t find the headstones…

Last Sunday, while visiting Joe’s family tree on Ancestry, I found out he had put these images he had found on the Internet.

Emmanuel Therien, Joe’s great-great-great-grandfather…


Emmanuel Therien 1800-1886

Gilbert Therien, Joe’s great-great-grandfather… 

headstone Gilbert Therien

And Marguerite Alexandre Therien, Joe’s great-great-grandmother…

headstone Marguerite Alexandre

Thank God for finding our ancestors’ headstones even though sometimes the inscriptions are a bit off. Marguerite was born on August 11, 1836 and Gilbert was born on May 7, 1837.

May they rest in peace from now on. I know they will always be with us as long as we live.

Happy New Year Dear Descendants…

Aurilie Moquin

Aurélie Dubé has been resting in peace since 1920 in St. Thomas cemetery.

Take a closer look.



Né le 12 Juillette 1889
 Morte le 30 janvier 1920
Age le 30 ans

Judy sent me this picture a few weeks ago, but since she can’t read French, she asked me to translate.

The headstone should read…


Née le 12 Juillet 1889 
morte le 30 janvier 1920

à l’âge de 30 ans

Even though there are some typos, we are able to understand who is buried there.


Born July 12 1889
Died January 30 janvier 1920
at the age of 30


Moquin is her married name! Aurilie is in fact Aurélie Dubé, daughter of Napoléon Dubé and Mary Emmons (Émond?).

Napoleon fathered four  children: Aurelia, Arthur, Laura and Lillian. Mary died and Napoleon remarried in 1899 Pamela, maiden name unknown. They had a daughter Catherine.

Napoleon and Pamela are buried next to Aurelia, but not Mary.

Where is Mary Emmons buried?

Most probably in the same cemetery as my great-grandparents Dennis Lagasse and Harriet Alexander who are in fact Stanislas Lagacé 1842-1927 and Henriette Alexandre 1845-1907. Their headstones are yet to be found.

This might seems trivial to someone reading this unless you know I knew nothing about my grandfather’s parents back in 2007 and started to write about it in 2009 on this blog.

As a footnote to all this…

Do you remember…?

I have been working on my family tree since 2007. found your name in your mother’s obituary yesterday as I was searching for Dubé relatives. The Dubés are related to my Lagacé lineage. Your father George was the son of Lillie Lagasse who was my grandfather’s sister. I have all the Lagacé lineage as well as the Dubé lineage. You can contact me if you want. I also have pictures of Lillie’s siblings and her father Stanislas Lagacé (Dennis Lagasse) who emigrated to the U.S. in  1889.
You can pass this message along to relatives who might be interested.

Well I have a found myself a new first cousin interested in genealogy.

Unidentified Couple

This is going to be interesting.

This tintype picture was part of the lot Frank Archambeault sent me two weeks ago.

I started wondering who was this unidentified couple…

The young woman posing here seemed a bit familiar.

Sandy had sent me this picture of Sophie Archambeault in 2011.

She told me that Sophie Archambeault was married to Frank Lagasse (François-Xavier Lagacé) one of Dennis Lagasse II’s  brother. We already have a picture of Peter Lagasse and Dennis Lagasse on a park bench.

Now I am starting to wonder… if we have the same woman on both pictures since Frank told me that all the pictures he sent me were Archambeaults.

I am wondering…

I am still wondering…

Frobe Lagasse and his sister Alice

This is just to set up the stage… because I found a distant cousin.

Maybe he’s a 4th or a 5th cousin, I don’t know, but that’s not the point.

I have copied a post from December 2009… That’s quite a long time ago.

This is the file of Frobe Lagasse.

Frobe is a second cousin.

His grandfather was Pierre Lagacé who was my great-great-grandfather’s brother. Few people know Frobe’s ancestors  but I do.

Having found all my Lagacé’s ancestors, I am now looking for distant relatives. Frobe married Valéda Forand in 1897. They had at least two children: Joseph Norman Lagasse and Blanche Lagasse. There are two people who also have Frobe Lagasse in their data banks.

The problem is that they say that Frobe Lagasse died in 1964.

Frobe died in 1915 and this is his death certificate.

Click on the image it will appear in another window

Here are some information about Norman Lagasse.

He was born in January 1899 in New Bedford, Massachusetts. Blanche was born around 1905. In the 1920 U.S. Census, Valéda and Blanche are living together. I had found no traces of Norman.

There might not be any descendants of Frobe Lagasse who was the son of Adolphe Lagasse an undertaker in Massachusetts around 1909.

Okay, now light, camera, action…!

Only my very distant relative knows that this pun is intended.

He is related to this woman. She is Alice Lagasse, Frobe Lagasse’s sister. She’s a 2nd cousin.

I never got the time to post her picture on this blog because no descendants had ever wrote me about that branch.

Alice was first married to Olivier Caron.

My new found distant cousin knows little very about Olivier Caron.

So do I.


But at least I can try…

See you next time maybe, unless I scared away another distant cousin of mine…