Opening a New Chapter: Lillie Lagasse (1873- ?)

I wrote this post in 2012…

I always like to go back in time and see what I wrote and sometimes find out I was completely wrong with my hypothesis.

I wish I knew more about Lillie. Lillie Lagasse was my grandfather’s sister. Back in 2007, I knew nothing about my Lagacé lineage. I knew of course about André Mignier dit L’Agacé, but I could not link up with him.

Soldier of the Régiment Carignan-Salières

Illustrator Francis Back

Now five years later I am quite skillful at finding other people’s ancestors since I have been able to find almost all about my grandfather’s parents and his siblings.

This was quite a challenge because my paternal grandfather was never married to my grandmother since he was already married in 1912.

Lilie, Lillie or Lillian, is the also the sister of Anthony Lagasse and Stanislas Lagassey who are both buried in St. Joseph cemetery. I don’t know where Lillie is buried though. What I know is that she was married to Eugène Dubé.

Last week I knew not that much about her and her husband. Judy was a great help without ever realizing it when she posted this comment.

Not sure if I can help.
Jules Moquin was my great-grandfather. He was born in Canada, married Marie Dube.
I believe there are Lagaces somewhere in the family line, but I’m not sure where. Can you, or anyone else offer any insights on Jules and Marie?

Jules Moquin, her ancestor, was marrried to Marie Dubé.

While looking for Marie Dubé I found she was the sister of Eugène, Napoléon and Pierre.

Remember Birds of a feather stick together.

Well, I was stuck (pun intended) with Eugène’s and Napoléon’s parents. The only clue I had was the given name of their father: George.

Not much to go on hey…

Remember Birds of a feather stick together.

Ingraham factory in Bristol, CT

Come back next time I have a lot to show you thanks to Frank.

This is a photo of Lillie and Eugène.

They are seen with two children. I had a hard time identifying these two children. First I thought we had a girl and a boy, but it did not fit the time frame at all. Lillie looks to be in her mid-20s so I could not imagine a family picture leaving out children born after Lillian and Anna were born.

So I believe Lillian Dubé and Anna Dubé are with their parents which can be quite exciting because one of Lillian’s descendants just wrote me about Lillian Dubé Odlum. What is also exciting is that I can date this photo around 1900, and my grandaunt Lillie Lagasse is pregnant with little Henry Anthony Dubé.

To be continued…?

The Chaumonts revisited Redux

I just got notified that Seeburn is now following my blog.

You owe a lot to Seeburn. I will edit this post I wrote a long time ago using ( parentheses) along the way.

This was the first article written on this blog.

This was the second…

This is the 227th (651st).

I wrote articles about some others families…

the Alexandre family

the Archambeault family

the Belisle family

the Bleau family

the Brière family

(the Cayo family)

(the Cadieux family)

the Charbonneau family

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(the Dube family)

the Dubois family

the Hogue family

the Lagacé family

the Lagasse family

the LeGacy family

the Lesperance family

the Lestage family

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the Moreau family

(the Maynard family)

(the Myers family)

the Quesnel family

the Robitaille family

the Sauvé family

the Terrien family

Sometimes comments get lost on this blog because people don’t read them.

This is the comment I received yesterday from someone in Louisiana I believe.

ref: Prairie Soileau


GREAT ARTICLE : we can share HONOR my FAMILY and the MEMORY of my ANCESTORS, GREAT PEOPLE who SACRIFICED so and paved the way for me and my FAMILY

Seeburn Chaumont

This is exactly the reason why I started writing this blog in the first place…

So we can share HONOR our FAMILIES and the MEMORY of our ANCESTORS, GREAT PEOPLE who SACRIFICED so and paved the way for us and our FAMILIES

Have a nice day.

Dennis Lagasse III and his five sons around 1920

The whole family around 1915…

(At that time I could not identify all the young women, but thanks to comments I have received since I posted this 227th article, I have been able to do so…

If I am writing this, it’s just my way of saying hello to Seeburn who lived in Louisiana and whom I never met personally.)

Have a nice day.

Genealogy runs in my veins… Take 5

People who don’t know me well must be scratching their head.

Pierre 039

Who’s this guy writing this blog about my ancestors?

Stop scratching and start reading, but not all the posts I wrote since September 2009. There are more than 500!

Donna wrote a comment and she finally had the key to find more about Our Ancestors and her ancestors.

If Odna Lagasse is on this picture, and I am sure she is…

Odna Lagasse

then I think this is also Odna Lagasse, the daughter of Dennis Lagasse III and Amanda Ménard. She is seen here on this picture with her brother Levi Napoleon Lagasse, last row on the left and her sister Ida Lagasse, last row on the right…

Odna Lagasse with brother Levi Napoleon and Ida Lagasse

Ida always has a big smile. One day some of her descendants will find her on the Internet. It’s just a matter of time.

Who could be sitting beside Odna on the right of the picture?

I was really scratching my head before Donna’s comment because I first thought that Odna was Bertha…

Odna Lagasse with her husband

Odna’ husband was Frank Ritchie and he was the father of both William Ritchie and Robert Ritchie who both died in WWII?

William Ritchie and Robert RitchieWilliam and Robert Ritchie

What do you think?

Is Frank Ritchie beside Odna Lagasse?

Frank Ritchie

Looks like it doesn’t it?

Odna M. Ritchie was a Gold Star Mother, but you already know that.

Edna's obitWas Frank Ritchie a Gold Star Father?

I don’t think they gave medals for father losing two sons in WWII.


Obituaries are a great source for finding relatives even if there are errors sometimes. This is why you have to double and triple check every information.

As for Odna Lagasse born on October 18, 1893, we now have precious pictures of her and maybe pictures of her husband Frank Ritchie.

Footnote to the footnote

If you are asking yourself if I have found Frank Richie’s ancestors also…

What do you think?

Frank Ritchie

Genealogy runs in my veins… Take 4

Post No. 506!

Hard to stop looking for ancestors?

You can bet on it.

Hard to stop looking also for other people’s ancestors?

You can bet on it also.

I got this request this morning. Coffee had to wait.


I hope all is well.

I have found from another source that Mélodie Hogue’s husband is not named Joseph Orphire Levesseur, but Joseph Zephire Levasseur.  I have attached the marriage act.  Would please translate this for me?  I think I see the father as Hippolyte Moreau.  I see a former wife of Marie Beauregard.  The mother could possibly be Rita Desser…

Anyway, I am sure you are much better at this and I, and I appreciate your

Thank you.

I wanted to take a break during this summer and come back only in September to talk about that picture that has been haunting me since 2009.

famille Hogue vers 1910

Chocolates and Genealogy

More tomorrow on Alexander Bennett because today is Valentine’s Day.


This is last year’s post on Valentine’s Day.

What’s the connection between chocolate and genealogy?

It’s like something you miss a lot like your lost ancestors. 


Even more when you just have names to go around. This is why old pictures are so important.

Genealogy without pictures is like an empty box of chocolates.

With pictures it’s not the same anymore.

With names it’s pure delight.

All the people here are unknown to Melissa who sent them last year. She nevertheless took the time to scan and she sent them so I could post them here.

I know one day we will start finding who these people are like this couple and the same woman in the other picture. You know how patient I can be don’t you…

Meantime, Happy Valentine’s Day.

By the way there is no connection between this and Teresa’s ancestors.

Bertha Lagasse Austin


Since this was posted earlier this year, we have found the identify of the young woman on the picture. She’s Bertha’s sister Odna Lagasse.



Well the time has come…

Teresa had posted a comment this week after reading my post Out of Gas?

Good Evening,
My name is Teresa Brooks Pease.  
I am a descendant of Bertha Lagasse Austin.  My Grandmother is Elizabeth (Betty) Austin DeWick.  I dont have very much information about the Austin/Lagasse and as my grandmother just passed December of 2012. 
I’m not sure I will be able to provide you with any futher information other than what my grandfather may have.  
Please feel free to contact me.  
I would love to learn more about my family history.

“Please feel free to contact me.  I would love to learn more about my family history.”

I was all excited.

Now I should be able to get confirmation if Bertha Austin née Lagasse is really on this picture because Teresa wrote again.

And I thought that I had scared her away!

I also found out that Teresa and I are 2nd cousins twice removed which means we share this common ancestor

Soldier of the Régiment Carignan-Salières Illustrator Francis Back

and this one…

Dennis Lagasse II

Stanislas Lagacé 1842-1927

Stanislas Lagacé is her great-great-great-grandfather while he is my great-grandfather. That’s the twice removed thing. Her great-great-grandfather is Dennis Lagasse III, Bertha’s father.

He is this man under the hat with four of his five sons. Harry Lagasse is not on the picture.

Dennis Lagasse III and some of his sons

Napoleon Levi, Harvey, Victor Philip, ? (a cousin?) and Joseph

Priceless picture isn’t for someone who has no pictures of their ancestors…

Dennis Lagasse III is my grandfather’s brother Léo Lagacé Senior. Dennis (his real given name is Stanislas) was born in 1864 and Leo in 1888. 24 years apart. Dennis died in 1922 and my grandfather died in 1964.

acte de deces leo lagace senior

Priceless document…

That’s the clue that got me here writing this blog. I knew nothing about my grandfather’s ancestors back in 2007 when I got addicted to genealogy. 


Click here.

Getting back to Teresa who knows very little about her ancestors, she told me about her grandaunt Dorothy Austin and her granduncle William Austin who are still living. They are Bertha Lagasse’s children. They should be able to identify their mother on the picture, and they should have more pictures to share.

At least I hope so.

I just have a few notes on Bertha, and last month, while checking my family tree, I found her in the 1940 U.S. Census.

That’s a great place to start looking for clues when you know what you are looking for.

1940 William Austin family

William Austin was an electrician and he was living at 235 Union Avenue in West Haven, Connecticut.


We don’t have pictures of these people in the censuses. Luckily for us we had Lionel Lagasse’s family album. He brought it with him when he visited his son Dennis last fall. Back in 2011 Dennis Lagasse did not know much about his roots. He found my blog or I found him on a genealogy forum, can’t recall…

In a split second he became Dennis Lagasse IV and he found all about his French-Canadian roots right up to André Mignier.

Soldier of the Régiment Carignan-Salières Illustrator Francis Back

soldier of Carignan-Salière regiment

I think he was elated to find his virtual 2nd cousin once removed from Quebec.

This is a picture he first shared with me. I was all excited. I call it my Rosetta stone.

I knew who these people were. 

His great-grandfather Dennis Lagasse III is seen her with his wife Amanda Ménard and their family. 11 children, 5 boys and 6 girls.

Last September Dennis sent me lots of new pictures with lots of people photographed… but Bertha was nowhere to be seen.


Since I had found everything on Bertha’s roots, I had focused my search on William Austin.

Well lo and behold! His real name was not Austin after all.


Out of gas?

man with car

I know some people down South who are hoping I don’t run out.

Dennis Lagasse wedding picture

Bertha? Now We Will Find out

I wrote this post a few months ago.


Why am I writing so much about Our Ancestors?

It’s because of your ancestors like Bertha Lagasse seen here, first row on the left. Well I think she is Bertha Lagasse.

This picture was sent by Robin last year. It was part of more than 100 pictures she scanned even though she is not directly related to us.

She shares the same passion.

I had quickly identified Levi Napoleon, Ida, and perhaps Bertha Lagasse thanks to this other picture Dennis IV had sent me which is, in a way, a kind of Rosetta stone.

Dennis sent me last September a lot of new pictures with a lot of people photographed…

Levi Napoleon and Ida are seen on almost each one, but Bertha is not anywhere to be seen. Most of these people should be related to Dubés or Dubes as seen on U.S. censuses.

One day someone will write a comment like Judy did and the floogates will open wide.


Well the time has come…

Good Evening,
My name is Teresa Brooks Pease.  
I am a descendant of Bertha Lagasse Austin.  My Grandmother is Elizabeth (Betty) Austin DeWick.  I dont have very much information about the Austin/Lagasse and as my grandmother just passed December of 2012.
I’m not sure I will be able to provide you with any futher information other than what my grandfather may have.  
Please feel free to contact me.  
I would love to learn more about my family history.

My Brother Harry & Freida Bleau First Baby

I did not pay much attention to this picture scanned by Robin last year.


It’s a good thing Peter Kaminski wrote this comment yesterday.

Fredrica was my great aunt. As my cousins Linda & Liz mentioned, we all called her Nana. You also had photos of my grandfather Peter Sr, my grandma Isabel, Aunt Pat and my father Peter Jr.

Thank you so much for publishing these photos that we thought were lost forever!

Would it be possible to get electronic copies of these photos? I would like to blow them up and frame them for my father.

I was looking at all the pictures Robin scanned. Some of them belonged to Terri who sent them to Robin on the West Coast so she could scan them.

The baby picture was in the lot…

scan0041_Fredrica Bleau 1918

She is little Fredrica Bleau born in 1918.

Frederica Bleau

This picture of Aunt Nana is now much more revealing…


Deep in the Heart of Texas…

Sometimes comments are much more interesting than what I write.

This is a beautiful and touching comment from Susan… Deep from someone’s  heart in Texas…

Hi Pierre,
You are right, I am in Texas.
Yesterday, I stopped at an estate sale and they had a box of old family pictures for sale. Some in frames and some without. I just wanted to cry that all those precious pictures and no family member was interested in them enough to try and find out who they were and their connections to past relatives.

I only wish I had a box of old pictures!

Have a nice day,


The A-Team revisited

The A-Team has a lot of members.

The A-Team

Ed is from the South.

Susan is from Texas if I remember correctly.

Joe, Dennis and Judy from Connecticut,

Marianne and Fran somewhere in the U.S.

Sandy in New England,

Robin on the West Coast…

Robin is the one who scanned the pictures of Nana with her nieces Pauline and Joannie, and her nephew Peter Junior.


She did not have to scan more than 100 pictures and then share everything with a complete stranger.

But she did. And she is not even related to me. Her husband is through the Combe family.

Just a little part of the story is here to read or you can search for Combe on the Search function on this blog.

Now it’s Linda Marie’s and her sister Elizabeth’s  turn to enjoy seeing loved ones and go back memory lane with the invitation I sent to them to be members of my Ancestry family tree.

I just like to link people with their past and I ask I nothing in return even though I have had so much joy doing all this and a winter coat… (pun intended for Joet)

As a footnote…

This is something my 3rd cousin Joe T. sent me on Wednesday.

Joe likes to send me jokes sometimes.

WhalesNow you know how serious amateur genealogists can be from time to time… and how much you would have missed if you had not clicked on my hyperlinks on this post.