My Brother Harry & Freida Bleau First Baby

I did not pay much attention to this picture scanned by Robin last year.


It’s a good thing Peter Kaminski wrote this comment yesterday.

Fredrica was my great aunt. As my cousins Linda & Liz mentioned, we all called her Nana. You also had photos of my grandfather Peter Sr, my grandma Isabel, Aunt Pat and my father Peter Jr.

Thank you so much for publishing these photos that we thought were lost forever!

Would it be possible to get electronic copies of these photos? I would like to blow them up and frame them for my father.

I was looking at all the pictures Robin scanned. Some of them belonged to Terri who sent them to Robin on the West Coast so she could scan them.

The baby picture was in the lot…

scan0041_Fredrica Bleau 1918

She is little Fredrica Bleau born in 1918.

Frederica Bleau

This picture of Aunt Nana is now much more revealing…



More than a Wedding Picture

This is more than just a wedding picture.


It’s fond memories of a loving aunt who made the best apple pie in the world.

I have edited Freida’s wedding picture a bit.

Freida and Henry Bleau's wedding

I have more pictures that Robin scanned.

This one where Paul and Pauline are with Harry Bleau.


This is not Pauline Kaminski but another Pauline. She is with her twin brother Paul and their uncle Harry. Not sure about Harry being their uncle. The kids look like they are related to the Combe family. That’s the only clue I have.

Harry and Freida had two daughters Fredrica and Marion. Both died as infants.

 Frederica Bleau

So Freida and Harry left no descendants to remember them.

Until Linda Marie searched the Internet for one of her cousins. Then as Robin once said the floodgates opened.

I still wonder who is the best man and who is the bridesmaid.

Sometimes I find out.

wedding Myra Alexandre

Click on the image

Hi Robin…

I don’t know if Robin on the West Coast is still reading my blog. If she is, she must be feeling pretty good right now.

All the effort she put in scanning all those pictures last year.

I know this is not Thanksgiving but it really feels like it.


Linda Marie and Elisabeth can now share all we have found about their ancestors. Their grandfather Peter Kaminski is on that picture  with his wife Isabel Chagnon and their little daughter Pauline.

Pauline on the left with the big smile is Linda Marie’s and Elisabeth’s mother. 


Linda Marie and Elisabeth have fond memories of their aunt Nana. She made the most delicious apple pie in the world and she had a siamese cat called Sen Sen.

Aunt Nana is Frederica Martha Kaminski.


We know a lot about her and we are bringing her back to life. This is what this blog is all about. Bringing back ordinary people who are so extraordinary. No celebrities here.

This is Frederica once more with my 2nd cousin Harry Bleau.


I wonder who are the two other people, the bridesmaid and the best man. We know we will find out one day. So what about Frederica Kaminski not being a celebrity…

Click here.

How to Read This Blog?

I have posted more than 400 articles on this blog since 2009.

For one reason only. You will find out why at the end.

This idea of a blog about genealogy just started with the story of someone I met through my other blog about genealogy. Her name was Doris. 

Since that story was written in French, someone related to her down in Prairie Soileau, Louisiana, could not read it although Seeburn had French-Canadian roots. So I translated this post for him and put it on a new blog… this one.

Just for fun.

Then my blog got a life of its own with Our Ancestors. I got to know about Prairie Soileau and Amédée Ardouin.

One thing led to another. First finding Alyce a distant cousinthen Joet

The more I found, the more I was finding people related to me or who were related to people related to me like Robin living on the West Coast.

It was endless, and it still is after more 400 posts. I wanted to stop writing last week, but then Susan told me she liked what I wrote.


This latest story is about Nana Freida and her little niece Joanie. She was the little girl without a name on this picture. She is on the right.

Priceless! Priceless also for Linda Marie and Elisabeth.


Just like Myra Alexandre Archambeault on this picture with her sister Phoebe Alexandre Lestage was to Carl.


We did not know who these sisters were back in 2009 when Sandy found me on Ancestry. So you see, you don’t have to read all that I have written on this blog.

Just Google in a name and try your luck like Linda Marie did.

Hello cousin Pierre,
So happy to meet you! 
First of all, I do not know the Ancestry website and would love to be a part of it.
I stumbled across Uncle Harry’s and Aunt Freida (we called her Nana), by accident. I was searching for my cousin on Facebook and was taken to the Ancestry site. I began reading my Uncle Bill’s obituary, and the rest, they say is History. Wow, all the family photos!!  I have only seen a few from my side of the family.
I called my Uncle to tell him about the site.
I would like to stay in touch with you and perhaps one day we will meet.
My grandfather was Peter Kaminski, married to Isabel Chagnon. Freida was his sister, who married Harry. Peter had a brother, John, married to Bonnie, and Joanie is the little girl in the photo with Freida, my mother and my Uncle Peter.
Thank you so much for writing back to me.
Linda Marie

Now you know how to read my blog…

My Nana Freida

I had found Freida’s maiden name back in 2012.

Freida was Freida Kaminski. Then she married Harry Bleau and became Freida Bleau.

Freida Kaminski and Harry Bleau

I had a hunch…

The 1920 U.S. Census.

This was the proof I needed.

Harry Bleau, son-in-law of Frank Kaminski.

Fredrica Bleau, daughter of Frank Kaminski.

Frank Kaminski was born in Germany.

I was then able to put some names on these people.

Freida Kaminski Bleau on the far left was with her brother Peter Kaminski, then Peter Kaminski‘s wife Isabel Chagnon, their child Pauline Kaminski, and Isabel Chagnon’s sister.

In this next picture Pauline Kaminski had grown up to be a beautiful little girl. She was on the left.

Her little brother Peter Kaminski Junior was on Freida’s lap.

Pauline Kaminski was 6 and Peter Kaminski Junior was 4 years old.

But what about the girl on the right. She was John Kaminski’s daughter. I had no name until I got this comment on my blog this week.

Wow! These photos are my family! My mother, Pauline Kaminski and her brother, Peter are with my Nana (Freida Kaminski Bleau) and their cousin, Joanie. I would like to know more about your search and our connection.

Kaminski, William, Sr.

This is how Carl Archambeault found his ancestors.

He read my article about Philip Archambeault obituary.

This is William Kaminski Sr.’s obituary.

January 05, 2006

KAMINSKI, William, Sr.

William Kaminski, Sr., 66, of Kensington, the loving husband of Rosemary “Cookie” (Zottola) Kaminski, passed away Tuesday evening, (January 3, 2006) at Haven Health/Cromwell Health Care Center with his loving family at his side. Born and raised in Bristol, the son of the late Peter and the late Isabel (Chagnon) Kaminski, he attended St. Joseph School, graduated from St. Anthony High School, and served in the U.S. Army. He started his law enforcement career as a Connecticut State corrections officer, and became a Farmington Police Officer before entering the State Police Academy, Class of 1966. After a 23 year career with the State Police that included assignments to Troop “H”, Hartford, and the Western District Major Crime Squad, he retired in 1989, and became a Judicial Marshal from 1994 until 2000. He was a member of St. Paul Church in Kensington, a member of Elks Lodge #957 in New Britain, past president of the Franco-American Club in Bristol, and a member of the I.P.I.C. in Kensington where he was affectionately known as the “Polish Rifle” in the Bocce League. In addition to his wife, he is survived by a son, William Kaminski, Jr.; and two daughters and sons-in-law, Pamela and Dale Souza, and Kimberly and David Glanovsky, all of Bristol; two step-sons, James Karam, Jr. and his wife, April, and Anthony Karam, all of Kensington; a brother, Peter Kaminski and his wife, Beverly in Ocala, FL; a sister, Patricia Palin in Kansas; six grandchildren; and several nieces and nephews. 

Born and raised in Bristol, the son of the late Peter and the late Isabel (Chagnon) Kaminski.

 What about the Kaminski family.

This for a start.

Now I will sit and wait.

Footnote This article was written before Joe wrote this on Thurday…


I would never invent this. 

Had to laugh when you said you found Freida. As soon as I saw that I said “I know her”. I was just talking to her nephew. They lived about a block away from our old house! It never clicked until you mentioned Kaminiski.

When Harry Bleau meets Freida Kaminski

I did not do this on purpose.


I found Freida’s maiden and much more.

Freida is Freida Kaminski.

Freida Kaminski and Harry Bleau

I had a hunch…

The 1920 U.S. Census.

This is the proof I needed.

Harry Bleau, son-in-law of Frank Kaminski.

Fredrica Bleau, daughter of Frank Kaminski.

Frank Kaminski born in Germany.

Now we can put some names on these people.

Freida Kaminski Bleau with her brother Peter Kaminski, Peter Kaminski‘s wife Isabel, their child Pauline Kaminski, and Isabel’s sister.

In this picture Pauline Kaminski has grown up and she is on the left with her little Peter Kaminski Junior.

Pauline Kaminski is 6 and Peter Kaminski Junior is 4 years old.

Now we are getting somewhere!

What about the girl on the right. She is John Kaminski’s daughter. No leads there.

Next time more about Peter Kaminski and Isabel. I manage to find Isabel’s maiden name.

Click on the image for a preview

When Harry Meets Freida

Nothing much on Freida’s surname in the many pictures Robin has scanned for me.

Robin is part of our A-Team on the West Coast.

The only name the A-Team found is her first name, Freida.

Freida Bleau Harry’s wife

With all the pictures Robin has scanned and all the time she took to do it, I just had to find out her surname.

It is the least I can do.  Right?


We are certain Freida married Harry Bleau who was baptised as Henri Alphonse Bleau on April 13, 1896.

Henri, or Harry, was the son of David Nathanael Bleau and Agnes Alexandre. Harry is my second cousin once removed.

Now, with his birth certificate, we are quite sure that Henri Alphonse Bleau is the Harry Bleau in all the pictures.

This one picture posted yesterday was probably taken in the 1930s.

We also know that Harry met Freida most probably around 1917-1918, two of their children being born around 1919 and 1920.

Aunt Freida and Uncle Harry Bleau Sylvia E. Combe’s Brother

Freida and Harry probably got married before or after the end of World War I in November 11, 1918.


Private Harry Bleau is on the right, but I don’t have to tell you that… Right?


I also don’t have to tell you that when you start searching for ancestors, or distant relatives for that matter, you can’t stop… Right?


This is Freida and Harry again on their wedding day.

Beautiful wedding!

I did a little touching up.

This is Freida again later on in her life.

Beautiful children!

We still don’t know her surname yet, but I know her parents were from German descent. She had a brother whose first name was Peter.

Peter married Isabel.

Aunt Freida Bleau, her brother Peter, wife Isabel, their baby Pauline, Isabel’s sister

Nice picture!

Probably taken in the mid 1930s

Still no surnames in the pictures though.

Peter and Isabel had at least two children, Pauline on the left and little Peter in front of Freida.

I have found at least two children of Harry Bleau and Freida on Family Search. Frederica and Marion. I thought one of them might be the little girl on the right. Right?


Frederica was born in 1918, but died in 1919. Marion Bleau died in 1920.

I wonder what is the little girl’s name on the right.

This is what was written on the back.

Freida’s Brother John’s daughter on the right

Freida had another brother!


John Who?

I would really wish for someone to help me with Freida’s surname…

As a footnote to all this…

Harry and Freida probably left no descendants.

No children are in the 1930 U.S. Census so no descendants are looking for them in 2012.

In the census, Harry’s Birth Year is wrong which proves that censuses are not 100% reliable when it comes to some information.

Name:     Harry A Bleau
Event Place:     Bristol, Hartford, Connecticut
Gender:     Male
Age:     38
Marital Status:     Married
Race:     White
Birthplace:     Massachusetts
Estimated Birth Year:     1892
Relationship to Head of Household:     Head
Father’s Birthplace:     Vermont
Mother’s Birthplace:     Canada

Harry A Bleau     M     38
Spouse     Fredrica M Bleau     F     30
Florence Foley     F     27 (boarder)

As a footnote to this footnote…

It is clear Harry was born on April 13, 1896.

Final footnote!

After writing this article, I found Freida’s surname, so it’s no use going on a wild goose chase for her surname…

It’s Kaminski and her father Frank Kaminski was a barber of German descent.