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“Pierre” Round the Clock or Rock Around the Clock, that’s the same…

Not much of a rocker even if I am a baby boomer.

I was 6 or 7 years old when Rock’n Roll hit the scene.

But now I am rocking to a different tune.

I am leaving no stones unturned to find all the information I can get to know all about my Lagacé lineage.

Sandy had sent me these pictures in August…


circa 1895? 

She told me to wait before talking about these.

She wanted to ask an expert.

Well this is it.

With Joe’s favorite picture and Sandy’s help, we think we have found her identity.

She is Agnes Alexandre, at least we think so because you are never too sure when you do genealogy.

Agnes is the daughter of Philomène Lagacé and Jean-Baptiste Alexandre.

Philomène is Stanislas Lagacé aka Dennis Lagasse’s sister…


Sandy had her little theory about that picture…

The photographer would have put the eldest daughter at noon and all the others clockwise.

The expert said she was probably right.

So we would have this…

Click on the image to zoom in

Agnes would be at 4 o’clock.

Agnes Alexandre?

I will be posting several short articles about this family because Joe and Sandy helped me a lot.

We will probably find descendants of Agnes Alexandre down the road.

I know who was her husband so we can start from there. After we can look for descendants of all the other daughters of Philomène Lagacé my great-grandaunt.

I told you I will leave no stone unturned.

See you next time. 

Top of the ninth inning: Frobe Lagasse

I had written something on Frobe Lagasse in 2009.

I never thought someone would write me about him. Alice, Frobe’ sister, named one of her children after him.

This is the file of Frobe Lagasse.

file Frobe Lagasse

Frobe is a second cousin. His grandfather was Pierre Lagacé who was my great-great-grandfather’s brother.

Few people know his genealogy but I do and someone else does now.

Having found all my Lagacés ancestors, I had been looking for distant relatives and this is how I found one whose husband is related to Frobe and Alice.

Frobe married Valéda Forand in 1897. They had at three children: Joseph Norman, Laurent and Blanche. Laurent probably died young.

There are two people who also have Frobe Lagasse in their data banks on Ancestry.

The problem is that they say that Frobe Lagasse died in 1964.

Frobe died in 1915 and this is his death certificate. He died from tuberculosis.

Click on the image it will appear in another window

Here are some information about Norman Lagasse.

He was born in January 1899 in New Bedford, Massachusetts.

Blanche was born around 1905.

In the 1920 U.S. Census, Valéda and Blanche are living together. I had found no traces of Norman.

There might not be any descendants of Frobe Lagasse who was the son of Adolphe Lagasse an undertaker in Massachusetts around 1909, but now I know that there are Alice’s descendants in the United States.

Next time…

Bottom of the ninth.

It’s not over till it’s over.

Eight inning

This is the message I got about Pierre Adolphe Lagassé…

Hi Pierre,

Alice (Mary Elizabeth) Lagasse’s parents were Adolphe Pierre Lagasse and Melanie Berthiaume. What made me start the search was my husband’s grandfather’s name, Frobe Evariste Rosario Caron. We always wondered where Frobe came from and I felt it maybe was not a “common” name.

I have learned that Alice had 5 siblings and one was a brother, Frobe. (I guess she liked him since she named a son after him – not sure where Evariste Rosario fits in, though.)

Alice married Olivier Caron, 3 Sept 1895, New Bedford MA (Mass vital records 1841-1910, Vol 451, pg 241) and had 4 children, one died.

Then she married (Frederick Joseph Hudon) on marriage record: Freddie Hudon, (Mass Vital Records, Vol 554 Pg 287 ) 15 Nov 1905 New Bedford MA. They had no children.

Searching for Adolphe Lagasse, I came across your cemetery stone on Ancestry. It caught my eye with Alice’s name on it.

We do not know where Alice was buried and from the stone, it looks like maybe Fred Hudon is not buried with her?

 Is this in New Bedford?

 I know from the 1920 census, her father Adolphe was living with them in New Bedford.

The Carons had Wilfred, Frobe, Anita and Amanda. They have all passed away.

Wilfred had 3 children, Frobe had 5 children, Anita – died 1 yr., Amanda had 2 children.

Is this line related to you at all? I know there are a many Lagasses out there.

You can email me directly.
I look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you.

I told her that Sandy sent me this picture and that I was going to ask her where she got it.

The bases are now loaded with Adolph Lagasse’s descendants and they can stop wondering about the name of Frobe.

Next time…

Top of the ninth…

What happened to Frobe Lagasse…

Seventh inning stretch…

Someone else has joined our team.

She is related to Pierre Adolphe Lagasse. Her husband is a descendant of Alice, Pierre Adolphe’s daughter.

Hard to believe.

She saw Pierre Adolphe’s tombstone on my Ancestry site and she wrote me about it…

Sandy had sent it to me along with Pierre Adolphe’s picture.

Pierre Adolph Lagasse

Carole was looking for Alice Lagasse, Pierre’s daughter.

Now she has her husband’s ancestor’s picture.

I knew a lot about Pierre Adolphe’s family but I knew little about his daughter Alice.

Now I know a whole lot more and Carole and her husband are on base.

Click on the image to zoom in

There is someone who should wake up in left field…

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