How it all started…

About whose headstone it was…




Our Ancestors

This is the picture that is hanging on the wall of my office.


Édouard Métayer

It is the picture of Édouard Métayer. He was a fireman and made captain in 1911.

Édouard is the father of my paternal grandmother Juliette Métayer.

Édouard died on April 2, 1928, on the eve of his 34th anniversary as a Montreal fireman.

The only memory I had as a child was a framed picture of this fireman in an old apartment on Mentana Street in Montreal back in the 1950s.

My grandparents were living there. My grandsparents were poor and I knew little about them. My grandmother Juliette had told me that her father, Édouard Métayer, had died when he tried to stop the horses while responding to a fire alarm. The horses were scared by a train that was coming.

Édouard died a month later.

That is all I knew. At that time…

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More Memories of Mother

John’s mother

John's Storybook Volume One

Someone asked for photos so I immediately messaged my younger brother in Northern  Queensland to ask him if he could send a couple. He just as immediately unlocked the 753 safety deposit boxes of family memorabilia and sent me nine. “Is that enough?” he asked. Of course it was enough! I had only asked for two so I suppose I’d better post them all. A city girl who went bush and a bushie who came back to the city. Click one one and then click the arrow to see all at full size.

Notice she was always smiling!

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Bottom of the first

Written in 2010

Our Ancestors

A day in a life…

The wedding of Samuel Lagasse and Marie-Anne Lepage

Claudette, Sam’s little girl, sent me this on Tuesday.

If you don’t know who Claudette is…

Click here.

There is someone else who is playing ball with us…

Claudette’s nephew.

He sent me this picture and a whole lot more.

Stephen and I are fourth cousins. He lives in Texas.

He identified all the people on the photo except the woman on the right.

I knew who she was…

Marie Michaud.

Claudette had this picture of Marie Michaud and her two sons Albert and Roger.

Double play…

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Sam’s Wedding

Sam's wedding

Beautiful  people… Sam’s  getting  married with Marie-Anne. Sam’s  brother  is the best  man. But  who’s  the bridesmaid  and who’s  the  flower  girl?

Hercule Poirot

 This  search  for  these  people’s ancestors  started  in 2007.

Second thoughts…


Even though some people may think I am obsessed with genealogy…

This is a story I won’t be following on this blog…

Instead I wrote it here on Nos ancêtres.


Since I was not the photographer who took the beach pictures I can’t be 100% sure who these people are.

At the beach 2


at the beach

And if the old man with the fedora was Zéphirin Ménard instead of my great-granduncle François-Xavier Lagacé?

Food for  thoughts…

unidentified couple

Well I guess not…


Just having second thoughts…

What about then who’s who on this old pictures…


This is what Réal had to say…

J’ai inscrit des détails sur la photo, mais je vous donne quelques noms ici: à l’arrière de la voiture, de gauche à droite: Joseph Groleau le père (correction: je crois que c’est Benjamin Richer), les enfants de Joseph Groleau et Valentine Richer: Florestine Groleau, Florida Groleau, en avant d’elle son plus jeune frère Adélard, Églantine Groleau, Idaise Groleau. Dans la voiture au volant Oliva Richer, les 2 jeunes femmes à l’arrière je ne suis pas certain…et Osias Richer. Debout en avant à gauche c’est William Richer (l’acteur américain James Franco me fait penser à lui!), ainsi que le plus vieux de la famille, Gilbert Richer fils, à droite. Environ 1918.


I wrote some details on the picture, but I give you here some of the names: in the back of the car, from left to right: Joseph Groleau le père (correction: I think it’s Benjamin Richer), the children of Joseph Groleau and Valentine Richer: Florestine Groleau, Florida Groleau, in front their youngest brother Adélard, then Églantine Groleau, Idaise Groleau. Behind the wheel Oliva Richer, the two young women in the back I am not certain of… then Osias Richer. In front on the left is William Richer (he looks like James Franco the American actor!), then the eldest in the Richer family, Gilbert Richer Junior, on the right. Picture dated around 1918 [since the young boy Adélard died in 1918]. 

Now this being translated…

Who could be the two unidentified young women in the back?

I think I found the answer in the 1911 Canadian census.

Looking for ancestors?

Drop me a line because you’ll never know how I can help…


I wonder when he is going to stop looking for people’s ancestors Honoré?

Until the cows come home Julie…

Until the cows come home.