Pictures, pictures, pictures…

You  know how I like old pictures…

Robin sent these photographs Monday night.

Her husband was probably watching Monday Night Football…

I was watching my inbox…

I just could not believe how fast she was sending them.

These are only a few…

They are tin photographs.



I told you she had a lot of precious pictures…

Now the fun is just starting.

I wonder if Robin’s husband likes Canadian football. He should, he has French-Canadian roots.


Robin had the answer

Just like Sandy contacted me last year, Robin contacted Joe last week…

Then the floodgates opened wide…

Remember this picture Sandy had sent me last year…

Phoebe and Agnes…?

Well, this is what Robin had.

It’s part of her collection  of old pictures she has.

This picture is more than 100 years old, most probably taken before 1900.

Sandy had the same picture but with no names.

Since we did not have any names, Sandy had this theory that the pictures were put clockwise according to what we knew about the birthdates of the daughters.

Robin had names.

Sandy and I were half right… about Phoebe who is really Philomène, Philomene Lagasse’s eldest daughter.

Robin knows a lot more about that branch of the Alexandres’ descendants.

Agnes Alexandre was one of Robin’s husband’s ancestors.

She married David Bleau and her daughter Sylvia Elisabeth Bleau married Louis Joseph Combe on April 19, 1917.

Louis Joseph Combe was a photographer…!

This document is precious and has more information about Robin’s husband’s ancestors.

It’s like a time machine.

Robin has a lot more pictures and she is willing to share them all so we can reach out for other descendants.

So we will going back in times next time.

It’s going to take a lot of time…

But we have a lot of time on our hands.


A Link With the Past

This is the main reason why I started this English version of my blog about genealogy.

Yes, there is a French version with close to 1000 articles. This version has only 208 articles.

I share what people shared with me about their ancestors.

This has been such a great journey into the past.

And it goes on reuniting people.

And it will go on and on and on…

I don’t sell T-shirts or cups with phony family crest and coats of arms…

I share what people permit me to share like this beautiful picture of two beautiful sisters: Philomene Alexandre and Agnes Alexandre.

That’s what we believe they are.

Sisters… but the names could be wrong. 

Myra and Phebe?

So stay tuned…

Registration cards 1942

Very usefull indeed… when your looking for more information about your ancestors.



Remembering Harvey Louis Lagasse Jr

If you live in the U.S. and your name is somewhat Lagasse or Le Gasse, then you are missing a lot. Harvey Louis Lagasse Jr, the bombardier aboard a B-24.


This is his father’s registration card…


Harvey Louis Lagasse Sr. and I have the same birthdate, but not the same year…

He was born in 1894.

We also see this… in the back of the card.

I am 5′ 10″ and I weigh 220 going on 180 in 2012 from 275 in 2010.

Brown eyes and losing most of my brown hair.

Getting back to Harvey…

Harvey Senior was the son of Louis Lagasse.

Louis Lagasse was the brother of my great-grandfather Dennis II whose real name was Stanislas Lagacé.

Stanislas was born August 9, 1842.

Louis Lagasse was born in Notre-Dame-de-Stanbrige in Missisquoi county in the province of Quebec on January 1st, 1854.

This is his baptisimal certificate.

His godfather was Louis Trudeau and his godmother was Flavie David.

Dennis or Stanislas was 11 when his brother was born.

Dennis II had 10 siblings: 5 brothers and 5 sisters.

I know a lot about them.

One of them was Philomène Lagacé.

Her nickname was Libbie.

Thanks to Sandy and Joe I found a lot about her.

Click here to find out.