Sitting and Waiting

That’s what’s this blog about genealogy is all about…

Sitting and waiting.

But sometimes I make things happen.

Just like when I posted this picture last week.

I never thought I would find all the information I found.

Sometimes people stumble on my blog and they write a comment.

Just like this comment on one of my other blogs. This blog is about a RCAF bomber squadron stationed in Tholthorpe during the war. What is special about that squadron was that it was the first French-Canadian squadron in the RCAF.

It’s still is 70 years later.

I started writing a blog about RCAF No. 425 Alouette Squadron in 2010. Then I met some veterans who were willing to share what memories, photos and artefacts they had.

Last week, the daughter of this pilot stumbled on my blog.

Her father had died in 1973. It was 39 years ago the day before the anniversary of his death that she found all those pictures I had of her father.

I wrote this article with all the pictures I had. It’s in French, but I know you will understand the message.

Click here.