The A-Team

The A-Team has got a new member and he does not even know it yet…


Ed is from the South, so we now cover all of North America.

He told me he had many pictures all related to the Alexandres and he asked me Monday night if I was interested.


I don’t think Ed has read all my articles on this blog. Almost 300 since September 2009.

In point of fact, this is post 294!


Of course, I was interested, especially when I still have unidentified people on some pictures I have, like young man 2 who I believe is David Alexandre, John B. Alexander brother’s

young man 2

David Alexandre never married. He was a bartender and he was deaf and mute. People back then would say deaf and dumb. I don’t think David was dumb.

David and John were very close to each other.

David is listed in the 1930 U.S. Census.

He was living with John, Odila and their children. I have a feeling Ed will find the answer in the pictures he has, just like Robin, Sandy and Joe did.

Tomorrow…? Post No. 295.

You will see what Ed has in store for us.

About David…

Of course young man 2 could also be Peter Alexander, another brother. Just let’s say I have a hunch…