Mystery wowen

Welcome back… I hope you have visited this blog a few times. 

Back to this blog, Robin, a member of the A-Team, said in her comment she posted…

What a challenge! Are we up to it?

I answered back…

We won’t know until we try.

You never thought how addictive cabinet cards were didn’t you?

They become more addictive when you can put a name on someone’s face.

Mother and daughter? That’s for sure, but no names, just the photographer’s name.

B. F. Ogden, from Springfield, Massachusetts.

That the only clue unless my cousin Sandy takes a look at the women’s clothing and tells me when it was in style.

Another one. Again from Springfield, Massachusetts.

I sent all the 31 pictures to Sandy. She wanted to take a look. I am sure she will get hooked and give me some clues on when the pictures were taken just by looking at the women’s clothing.

See you around. Until then, subscribe to the other blog about cabinet cards.

You could find your ancestors.

I’m sure that the man featured in this photo is my great great grandfather Per Ambjorn Sparre. He was an inventor amongst other things and actually created the first perforated postage stamps in Stockholm. He married an Italian woman and spent much of his life in Paris. There is a wealth of information about him in Swedish. He was Louis Sparre’s (My great grandfather) father. It was a pleasure seeing this photo for me! I have a painting that looks exactly the same.