The Time is Right

If you are reading my blog for the first time, then you have to go back in time and read this article first and then proceed from there… If you don’t, it’s like watching only the last 5 minutes of a great classic movie.


I hope Fran has been reading my blog since Monday. I have not heard from her since last weekend.

She probably never heard about Raoul Vézina.

Try Googling that on the Internet.

I had this picture since July 2007.

I think the time is right to show it.

Raoul Vézina was the son of Herminie Paiement.

At least I think so.

This is a younger Raoul.

Same hair do.

This is a family picture taken probably in Springfield, Massachusetts.

This is the original.

A Chrismas card sent in 1927 to someone in Ste-Marthe in Vaudreuil County in the province of Quebec.

I know this is not Christmas time, but I just wanted to put a smile on Fran’s face if she is reading this.

Before I leave, one more thing about Raoul… I did not do a lot of research on that family back in 2007 when I first scanned them.

What I know was put on my Ancestry site.

Now, the time is right to go looking for those people’s descendants in the U.S.  Of course I am going to start looking for Marie’s surname.

Something is telling me I won’t have any problem.