Caroline Ménard

This is the only picture we have of Caroline…

No, it’s not the only one.

I have this one also…

These documents are precious for all the information they contain.

Being French-Canadian, it’s quite easy to read them like the baptisimal certificate of little Caroline.

Caroline was born on November 26, 1863. Zéphirin Ménard was her father and Rose Therrien was her mother.

With this information we can go back in time and find Caroline’s Ménard ancestors.

The marriage act has much more information with the names of the groom’s and the bride’s parents, and those of the witnesses.

Caroline Ménard married Jean-Baptiste Alexandre. We have a lot of pictures of Jean-Baptiste Alexandre thanks to Sandy in 2010 and Robin in 2011.

Sandy had this one… Young man 1.

With Robin’s pictures and someone who found my blog and shared what pictures he had, we have managed to identify Jean-Baptiste.

Jean-Baptiste married twice and had 18 children with his two wives. Caroline Ménard died in 1895 when she gave birth to her 8th child. Jean-Baptiste remarried.

For many of her descendants, Caroline Ménard is a complete stranger just like young man 1 was in 2010.

I know that one day, someone will send me a picture of Caroline, and I will share it with you.

Speaking of sharing, I have someone else who shared what little information he had last year.

He is Dennis Lagasse IV’s father. I never met Lionel and I will probably never meet him unless I win big at the lottery.

But I can tell you this… Lionel is a very nice person. 

Of course being an avid reader of this blog about genealogy helps…


Last year, around Christmas time, Lionel shared this picture.

Little did he know that the woman standing beside Dennis Lagasse III on the right is Caroline Ménard’s sister Amanda.

Lionel took the time to write some notes that helped me a lot in my search for these Lagasse descendants.

I just want to say how deeply appreciative I am of Lionel taking the time to send me that picture and also this one of Dennis Lagasse II, my great-grandfather, with two of his grandchildren, little Harvey and Mary.

One more thing … Lionel does not know.

I just made him an honorary member of…