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If you are reading my blog for the first time, then you have to go back in time and read this article first and then proceed from there… If you don’t, it’s like watching only the last 5 minutes of a great classic movie.


I don’t watch much television these days. Well, in fact, I have not been watching television a lot since 2007 when my brother brought me some old pictures to scan. I had no idea who those people were.

Speaking of television, my family watches this TV program and they seem to enjoy it.

I don’t enjoy that kind of humor, but I don’t mind others watching it.

I am more of an “extended” family guy since 2007 when I started searching for my roots. It all started with a lot of pictures my aunt had, especially this one.

Honoré Sauvé

Now I know how you call these kind of pictures…

They are called cabinet cards. I didn’t back in 2007.

I have come a long way since 2007 haven’t I?

Me in 1954 on Mentana street in Montreal

My mother had written in the back of the old picture père du grand-père (grandfather’s father). I am sure about the source since it was my mother’s handwriting. 

I figured that if that man was her grandfather’s father then he had to be my great-great-grandfather Honoré Sauvé, and the woman beside him had to be his wife and she had to be my great-great-grandmother.

Strolling along…

I went on searching for her name which I easily found of course.

Julie Leroux.

I also found out that one of Julie’s direct ancestors was Anne-Marie Von Zeigt whose father, Christian Von Zeigt, was a cavalry captain in Hamburg, Germany. Anne-Marie was a Fille du Roy and she had to prostitute herself later in life when her first husband died, and her second maltreated her…

Trotting along…

There was also this other picture my aunt had. It was my mother’s grandfather.

Léon Sauvé

Léon was Honoré’s son. That one was easy to identify.

I don’t have a picture of Léon sitting beside his wife Aldina Paiement with her hand on Léon’s shoulder.

But I have her mortuary card…

Léon Sauvé died in 1918 and Aldina died in 1925. Aldina Paiement Sauvé never remarried.

There was also this picture in the plastic grocery bag full of precious pictures my aunt had. 

The woman on the right looked familiar, but I was not 100% sure who she was for almost four years. I knew who was the woman on the left because I had, you guessed it, her mortuary card.

Hermine was living in Sprinfield, Massachusetts.

Why am I telling you all this?

Because sometimes you can’t be 100% sure when you are searching for your ancestors and distant relatives.

I am not 100% sure, but I believe this is my great-grandmother Aldina Paiement on the right with her sister Hermine.

Aldina looks like my mother.

Getting back to Hermine Paiement, she was married to Joseph Olivier Vézina. She had a lot of children… 16 in all! That info is in the 1900 U.S. Census.

Click on the image

I found out she had three more…

Yvonne Vézina 1904 –
Corinne Vézina 1905 – 1908
Joseph A. D. Vézina 1906 – 1906

Hermine is probably the ancestor you are looking for a picture of.

So this could be the start of a big extended virtual family reunion.

Before I leave…

What’s all this has to do with Marie?

Just that I am an extended family guy and the guy next to Marie is Raoul Vézina, Hermine’s son.

See you tomorrow.