When Harry Meets Freida

Nothing much on Freida’s surname in the many pictures Robin has scanned for me.

Robin is part of our A-Team on the West Coast.

The only name the A-Team found is her first name, Freida.

Freida Bleau Harry’s wife

With all the pictures Robin has scanned and all the time she took to do it, I just had to find out her surname.

It is the least I can do.  Right?


We are certain Freida married Harry Bleau who was baptised as Henri Alphonse Bleau on April 13, 1896.

Henri, or Harry, was the son of David Nathanael Bleau and Agnes Alexandre. Harry is my second cousin once removed.

Now, with his birth certificate, we are quite sure that Henri Alphonse Bleau is the Harry Bleau in all the pictures.

This one picture posted yesterday was probably taken in the 1930s.

We also know that Harry met Freida most probably around 1917-1918, two of their children being born around 1919 and 1920.

Aunt Freida and Uncle Harry Bleau Sylvia E. Combe’s Brother

Freida and Harry probably got married before or after the end of World War I in November 11, 1918.


Private Harry Bleau is on the right, but I don’t have to tell you that… Right?


I also don’t have to tell you that when you start searching for ancestors, or distant relatives for that matter, you can’t stop… Right?


This is Freida and Harry again on their wedding day.

Beautiful wedding!

I did a little touching up.

This is Freida again later on in her life.

Beautiful children!

We still don’t know her surname yet, but I know her parents were from German descent. She had a brother whose first name was Peter.

Peter married Isabel.

Aunt Freida Bleau, her brother Peter, wife Isabel, their baby Pauline, Isabel’s sister

Nice picture!

Probably taken in the mid 1930s

Still no surnames in the pictures though.

Peter and Isabel had at least two children, Pauline on the left and little Peter in front of Freida.

I have found at least two children of Harry Bleau and Freida on Family Search. Frederica and Marion. I thought one of them might be the little girl on the right. Right?


Frederica was born in 1918, but died in 1919. Marion Bleau died in 1920.

I wonder what is the little girl’s name on the right.

This is what was written on the back.

Freida’s Brother John’s daughter on the right

Freida had another brother!


John Who?

I would really wish for someone to help me with Freida’s surname…

As a footnote to all this…

Harry and Freida probably left no descendants.

No children are in the 1930 U.S. Census so no descendants are looking for them in 2012.

In the census, Harry’s Birth Year is wrong which proves that censuses are not 100% reliable when it comes to some information.

Name:     Harry A Bleau
Event Place:     Bristol, Hartford, Connecticut
Gender:     Male
Age:     38
Marital Status:     Married
Race:     White
Birthplace:     Massachusetts
Estimated Birth Year:     1892
Relationship to Head of Household:     Head
Father’s Birthplace:     Vermont
Mother’s Birthplace:     Canada

Harry A Bleau     M     38
Spouse     Fredrica M Bleau     F     30
Florence Foley     F     27 (boarder)

As a footnote to this footnote…

It is clear Harry was born on April 13, 1896.

Final footnote!

After writing this article, I found Freida’s surname, so it’s no use going on a wild goose chase for her surname…

It’s Kaminski and her father Frank Kaminski was a barber of German descent.