Thank You for Getting Back to Me… Take Two

This was part of Sandy’s  message on my Ancestry Message Boards back in 2010.

Hi Pierre,

Thank you for getting back to me.

With your information online. They match up to my family tree.

Last year a cousin gave me quite a few photos of the Lagasse line. And I have been researching them with where they were taken. They are from Bristol, Connecticut and Rhode Island. And I have just cleared up a mystery on the Dennis Lagasse  person as he changed his name from Stanislas Lagasse who married Henriette Alexandre.

I have been going round and round with the name Dennis Lagasse. I think the photos I have are from this family. Not sure of the names, but they are taken in Bristol, Connecticut. I have gotten all the way back on our line. Lots of information. I have researched the whole line that was in Fall River, Massachusetts and New Bedford, Massachusetts, and Bristol, Connecticut on the Lagasse line.

My line from Stanislas Lagasse and Onésime Cadieux. Their child  Pierre Lagasse married Mathilde Leblanc.

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Sandy had pictures that made it possible to reach out to distant relatives like Carl yesterday and many more.

If you have been reading my blog, then you know I won’t sell you any coats of arms or coffee mugs.

In fact I don’t sell nothing. However I am quick to react when someone ask for my help… I just can’t help this addiction of mine.

Hello Pierre

My grandfather Charles Henry Lagasse is from Falls River MA and I believe his father is from RI. Henry C. Lagasse RI/1892 M. Edith Mullane. Perhaps you can help me in my search for family history?

Thank you

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I just found a new fourth cousin once removed.

She, in turn, found a whole lot more than a fourth cousin.