2nd Teacher’s Pet Awards – Pacific Paratrooper

Blogger’s note

I just could not wait till next Monday especially since Notes has not written about her award I gave her yesterday.

Teacher's Pet Awards

Maybe she will read this one. 

Den Umschlag bitte …

I can’t recall how I came to stumble upon this blog.

Maybe because of the glider picture seen here.

I know it was back around Christmas 2012 that I had found the blog.

I could not help reading in the same day all the posts that blogger had written since September 2012 about her father who was a paratrooper in the Philippines in 1944.

I did not know anything about paratroopers being in the Pacific War.

I knew nothing… nothing…


Was? Fallschirmjäger in den Pazifischen Krieg?
Ich weiß nicht…
(Babylon translation)

This is her first post.

The rest is just about history, the kind you don’t find in history books.

So GP you’re my second “random” Teacher’s Pet Award.

Now try guessing who will be the recipient of the third one…


With all my admiration…

5 thoughts on “2nd Teacher’s Pet Awards – Pacific Paratrooper

  1. I thought it was just your posting of a link to my first site, I did not realize an entire post of yours was here and I follow this blog, I sincerely did NOT miss it on purpose!! You and I have been friends far too long to believe otherwise. I am honored by this and thank you from the bottom of my heart for reminding people that my site is dedicated to my father, Smitty, and the 11th Airborne.

    • I knew you did not saw it. You have so many comments. Hard to keep track of all of them.
      You really touched my life on that faithful day of December 25th, 2012…

      • That’s a comment I do not know how to respond to; especially after all you’ve done for me!! It hasn’t been 2 years, but I feel as though I grew up with you. Two of a kind.

      • December 25th 2012…
        Well not exactly but it seems like a travel through time where time does not matter anymore.

        I did not see you comment about Sgt. Schultz…
        That one was directed at you. Were you not the one who loved to watch Hogan’s Herores back in the 60s?

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