Anybody here seen my old friend Abraham…


I had written this earlier this week. It was to be posted after my intermission. I am not making this up.



Never think for a second that you know everything about ancestors and how to find them. I could not find how Abraham Duby was linked to the first Dubé ancestor to set foot in America.

Mathurin Dubé

Now I think I know why.

I knew everything about Mathurin Dubé and some of his descendants, but I still couldn’t find Abraham Duby’s parents.

Abraham Duby

I really tried. Throwing the towel is not what I do usually. But in Abraham’s case I was thinking I should. Throwing the towel is the hardest part when you are searching for your ancestors. It’s much easier to keep looking.

This is what got me going again…

Judi’s interest.

Hi Pierre,  

You are so right. START SMALL-START SLOW. I tried to connect with Dan Hrlic but he no longer is with Yahoo. But by doing so I have found out that Peter Dubia is supposed to have married a Canadian Indian Princess named Laura Barney. This just seems bizarre to me. How about you? Also the first names that were given to children in these two families (Dague-Dubie) are repeated over and over again by brothers and sisters, with an occasional odd name thrown in. They also seem to have been a close group because when I track a Dubie to a place a Dague relative shows up there too. It truly is a small world.  

Were Dubés also living in Notre-Dame-du-Rosaire parish around the same time period as the Daigles in the early 1800s? Is there any information about a Abraham Dubé born around 1797 in St-Hyacinthe where the Yamaska river flows? Is the calculated birthyear found on Abraham Duby a valid information?

Abraham Duby

1884 – 87 = 1797

We know we can’t rely on information even on “official” documents.

Stephen Dague death certificate

Is this a…

mission impossible


End of original draft post


Judi found him last night! Yes Judi, you really did!

Abraham Dubé (Abraham Duby) married Geneviève Ballard dit Latour (Olive Jeanne Bear) in 1827 in l’Île-Dupas, one hour-drive from where I live. Now I am the one who’s all excited…




Where did I get this funny idea about an intermission on this blog?

Who needs an intermission on Our Ancestors?

Maybe Judi needs a little intermission before the next Mission Impossible mission: going on the search from Abraham Duby…

mission impossible

Mr. Phelps got another message…

Soap operas on TV have been keeping people sitting on the edge of their sofas since the early sixties.

The 60s, that’s when I got hooked on Mission Impossible and secretly fell in love with Barbara Bain.


I was around 18 and I would never miss an episode.

So in a sense this blog is a sequel to the Mission Impossible episodes I was intensely watching.

But where did I get this idea of intermissions?

A fellow blogger whom at first I thought was a he.

She was a she!

Not that it did matter to me because she writes beautifully about her father a paratrooper in the Pacific during WWII. Now she writes posts she titles intermission stories before going back in time.

That’s where I got the idea of letting the world know about some of the best bloggers in the world in my book. Let’s say a kind of blog awards bloggers sometimes find in their comment sections.

I don’t have time to fill out all the required information, and I don’t believe in awards.

I don’t even watch the Oscars.

So what about the best blogs around?

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