Who wrote the note? Revisiting an old post

Ten years ago, I was trying to find out who were some people’s ancestors on an old photo. Comparing old photos is helpful but can lead to wrong conclusions.

Original post

We must assume that the person who wrote Grandpa Lagassy did not know that in 2011 someone would ask that question.

When searching for your roots, every clue is important.

Who wrote the note in the back of the photo? And when did he or she write it?

Most probably the person who wrote that note was his or her grandchild. And then maybe not. Who was it? Not Levi Lagasse because he would have written my father…

Not Lionel Lagasse because he would have remembered he wrote it…

So… Who wrote that note in the back of the photo? I don’t think this is a picture of Dennis II (born in 1842).

Look at this picture…

We didn’t have anything written in the back. It was sent to me by little Germaine Lagasse’s grandchild. Compare the two pictures side by side…

At first, in 2010, I thought that we had Amanda Ménard with her husband Dennis Lagasse III (born in 1864) and two of her first children Harry and Mary Rose Elmira, but it did not fit because Harry was born before Rose Elmira.

And now…?

It’s still a mystery, but now Dennis Lagasse IV and I are getting closer and closer… to a solution. 

Yes Dennis IV, there was also a Dennis I whose real name was Stanislas Lagacé born in 1816. 

But now you already know this don’t you?

I told you.

Dennis IV and I would surely appreciate some help with these pictures.

Next time… another picture sent by Lionel Lagasse, Dennis IV’s father.

This time…

No problemo whatsoever…

End of the original


Ten years later I found out who were these people. Eugene Dube aka Eugène Dubé is posing for posterity with his wife Lillie Lagasse aka Lillie Lagacé. I am still looking for the identity of the two children.

The boy could be Henry Anthony Dube who later married Cecilia Fagan.

Henry Anthony Dubé

The girl could be Eva Dube who later married Edward Douglas Hamilton.

Eva Dubé montage

Eva Dubé

Maybe I will have a confirmation ten years from now.

Going back to what I had written…

 I don’t think this is a picture of Dennis II (born in 1842).

You know how wrong I was in 2011.

Joseph Lagassé – Epilogue Part 2

This is post 1601… I could have never imagined that I would have written that many posts on Our Ancestors back in September 2009. I have eased up a bit in 2021.

In 2016 I did not know Joseph Lagassé had died on January 17, 1947. He was 99 years-old.

Almost ten years ago this is what I had written on this blog…  

This story really started 1027 posts ago with the story of Doris who wanted to visit Ste-Anne-des-Plaines in Quebec where her ancestors once had lived.


I acted as a guide. After her two-day visit, she wanted me to translate what I had written in French on my blog Nos ancêtres so her distant relatives she had in Louisiana could  read it.

Our Ancestors grew from there. I just continued with stories about my genealogical research in the hope of making contact with distant relatives living  in the United States since my great-grandfather Stanislas Lagacé emigrated there in 1889.

picture from Dennis 2

Stanislas Lagacé with two grandchildren

In 2009 or 2010, I knew Joseph Lagassé was my great-grandfather’s brother, but he was just a name on a census page.

1852 Census

Then I found his baptismal act.


20 August, 1848

Where he had lived in 1861…

1861 Census

In 1871…

1871 Census

Who he had married in 1878…


Where he had lived with Edwina in 1900…

1900 Census

with their only child, their son Robert on the next page…

1900 Census Robert Lagasse

Where the couple had lived in 1940…

1940 Census

In 1942…

1942 Directory

Source Ancestry

When they died…


source Find a Grave

Where they rest in peace…

Forestville Cemetery

source Find a Grave

That was what little I knew about my second great-uncle Joseph until last Friday when Joe Palladino wrote a comment on the blog, and wanted to upload old pictures.

Since Joe couldn’t, I wrote him a personal  message…


Joseph Miller Lagasse?

I believe this is young Joseph Lagassé in 1869 when he reached 21. I think  his wife Edwina Newcity is probably one of these three women, probably she is the one in the back since Edwina was the youngest daughter of Edward Villeneuve and Scholastique Aveline dit St. Jules.


We will probably never know for sure if Edwina Newcity is on that picture because my second theory is that it could be Joseph Lagassé’s sisters Elmire, Agnes and Marie-Anne on that picture.

The search goes on and on…

Stanislas Lagasse on Find A Grave

I have added more information in bold characters in the memorial I had created a few years ago. Someone added a contribution yesterday.
This is the only information I had entered…
Stanislas (Dennis) is most probably buried in St. Thomas Cemetery.
More information Stanislaw Lagasse, aged 84, died Sunday at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Lavina Dube of Dewey avenue, East Bristol, from infirmities incident to advanced years. Mr. Lagasse was born at Pikes River, Canada, and came to Bristol 32 years ago. He is survived by his three sons, Anthony Lagasse of this city and Leo and Adelard Lagasse of Canada; three daughters, Mrs. Margaret Delande, Mrs. Levina Dube, and Mrs. John Dube, all of Bristol; three brothers, Joseph, Louis, and Frank Lagasse, all of Canada. The funeral will be held at 8 o’clock Tuesday morning at St. Anne’s church. Rev J. P. Perreault will celebrate the high mass of requiem and interment will be in St Thomas’ Cemetery. -obituary as published in The New Britain Herald on Monday, June 6, 1927 – Contributor: lmills (48614498)
More Per PRDH family record #208413, he is the son of Stanislas Minier Lagace & Onesime Cadieux , married Feb 4 1840 in Henryville, Quebec, who had the following children:
Philomene b. Nov 12 1840, baptized in Henryville
Stanislas b. Aug 9 1842, baptized in Henryville
Pierre, b. Aug 22 1844, baptized in Henryville
Marie Elmire, b. Mar 15, 1846, baptized in Notre-Dame-de-Stanbridge
Charles, b. Aug 4 1847, baptized at Notre-Dame-de-Stanbridge, d. Aug 9 1847 , Notre-Dame-de-Stanbridge
Joseph, b. Aug 18, 1848, baptized at Notre-Dame-de-Stanbridge
Contributor: lmills (48614498)
I don’t know if that contributor is related yet or why this interest with my great-grandfather seen in the middle with his son Dennis III and probably one of his sons-in-law.

Dennis Lagassey, Dennis (Stanislas) Lagasse, and Napoléon Dubé

I have written a lot about my paternal great-grandfather whom I had no information in 2007. Since 2010 many relatives in the United States started sharing what little they knew. Together this blog became a memorial for future generations with many photos of a family man. picture from Dennis 2 Dennis is seen above on a photo taken in 1895.  Two of his grandchildren were with him: Marie Rose Elmira and Harvey Senior. This is Harvey Senior later in life. Harvey William Lagasse This is what I had written about him in 2012. Harvey William Lagasse was known as Big Harvey. I did not know that. But I am sure he had  big heart. I made this little montage for my two new found second cousins twice removed. Big Harvey is the little boy with his grandfather Stanislas Lagacé aka Dennis Lagasse II. Stanislas Lagacé is my great-grandfather who is fast becoming a well-known celebrity on the Internet. I am sure Stanislas had also a big heart. He was born in 1842 in the province of Quebec. Big Harvey was born in 1892 in Connecticut. So the picture on the left was probably taken around 1896, more than 116 years ago. Last year Big Harvey was just a name in my family tree. Now with the help of my two new found second cousins twice removed Big Harvey is also fast becoming a well-known celebrity on the Internet just like his grandfather.

Unknown people

Featured on Ancestors II

Our Ancestors II

I have little to go on trying to identify people on this photo, but I can try….

Unknown names

Pauline sent it.

Hello Pierre,

Hope you are well!!  Just curious about some photos sent to me by Jacques. Neither of us knows who are in these photos except one of them (with children) might be Dr. Gagnon (Joseph?) and Eugene Gagnon to his left?  Could this be a graduation perhaps (diploma in hand?)

Dr. Gagnon.Eugene.Unknowns

The other is a formal shot and I would love to know who is in that photo too. 

Unknown names

I would also like to learn more about Dr. Joseph Gagnon (son of Francois Xavier Gagnon.)


This postcard shows his home/pharmacy but I haven’t found too much about his employment. Curious, where did he get his training? Might he have been a pharmacist? Looks like he made a good living!!

Thanks for any help you can give me on the photos…

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Lost ancestors?

Featured on Our Ancestors II

Are you lost when you are looking for your lost French-Canadians ancestors?

Well look no more because I probably wrote about them on my blogs Our Ancestors and Our Ancestors II. I have written more than 1,000 posts on both blogs. So if you want to know more about François-Xavier Métayer who became F.X. Meteyer when he emigrated to the U.S and also about his wife Clara Niquet also spelled Niquette, then this will give you the scope of my research on these two ancestors.

First I will start with Clara Niquet. This is Marie Rose Clara standing besides her husband François-Xavier on a photo taken in 1916.

This is the original photo most probably taken in Rochester, New York.

This is Clara again seen on a family picture taken in Rochester, New York in 1938.

I am good with comparing faces and I am sure this is Clara Niquet with her son Ernest Darius Meteyer, seen behind her, his wife Josephine Munding and all their children. I could go on and on about who’s who on that picture, and in fact I did go on and on when I wrote about them here on Our Ancestors II.

The Meteyer Family – Season I, Episode 1 – Summer of 38

Getting back to Clara, she was the daughter of Pierre Niquet and Rose-Délima Montmarquet…

This is her family tree with some missing branches. It goes back to the first Niquet ancestor. Clara has a tiny drop of royal blood, but another long story.

A closer look to Clara’s family tree…

Now what about F.X. Meteyer whose brother was Édouard-Elzéar Métayer seen in the middle in the first row and who had a twin brother?

In fact, his mother had two sets of twins. Édouard-Elzéar and Alfred born on June 10, 1844, and then Geneviève and Étienne born on September 2, 1857.

Who were F.X. Meteyer’s parents?

I will tell you more next time on Our Ancestors II because this might become much more confusing to follow.

Getting addicted to facial recognition

I am using this I had written a few years ago after I had helped Michael to reunite with his birthmother’s family.

Original post

I thought the man on the right might have been related to one of Henriette Alexandre’s brothers since the man on the left was Henriette’s son Dennis Lagassey.

This is what Suzan, one of my readers, has edited.

You know I just had to try an adjustment. I think her features are a little more clear.

It’s easy to get addicted to editing old pictures. All of our ancestors need to be well taken care of. That’s the reason I am trying to identify ancestors on old pictures when I see one.

There is a story behind the original photo. It was sent by Michael who, with my research, found his birthmother as well as her grandmother Alice, and his great-grandparents Dennis Lagassey III and Amanda Ménard.

Dennis Lagassey III and Amanda Ménard are seen on the left.

They have to be with two of their relatives.

A few years back Michael found new cousins who had old pictures. He then shared some with me, and I shared them with you. This is Michael’s birthmother Penelope.

Penelope Shirley

And this is what I think is Penelope when she was a young girl.

montage Penelope and little girl

Now getting back to this photo Michael sent…

I thought this week that the woman on the right could have been the lady on the right.

unsmiling women.jpg

The man behind her would have been her husband Napoleon Alexandre, Henriette Alexandre’s brother…

That made sense.  But that hypothesis did not last long as a quick search revealed that Napoleon Alexandre was married to Flavie Provost who died in 1899 in Minnesota.

Or was that hypothesis right on the button, and Flavie Provost was on the photo with my great-grandmother Henriette?

Henriette had no other brother who could have been on a picture taken with his nephew Dennis. Which led me to ponder if the woman could be instead Albina Ménard, Amanda’s sister…

Sometimes you have to stop making hypothesis…

End of the original

Today marks the 176th anniversary of H. Alexandre and she could be the woman on the left with her older sister Marguerite.

Robin’s pictures

The first time I came across the Malloy name…

Our Ancestors

There were so many pictures Robin scanned to look at that some were left to be identified later.

This one I think is directly related to my distant relatives.


We have to assume that Sylvia Elizabeth Bleau wrote the caption if we compare both handwriting.


I am no expert, but it seems that way.


Mary Malloy or Molloy would be Bertha Molloy the daughter of Philomène Alexandre and Thomas Molloy. Philomène is related to this family. These are her parents with her sisters Myra, Agnes and Helen.

the Alexandre Family

Jean-Baptiste Alexandre’s family

Mary was born 23 April 1893 in Adams, Berkshire, Massachusetts.

Here’s another picture also scanned by Robin.


Agnes Maloy… Same handwriting. Different persons?

Agnes Maloy

Not that important unless you are related to her. Thomas Molloy and Philomène Alexandre had these children:

James Thomas Molloy 1887 –
Jean-Baptiste Molloy 1890 –
Agnes Marie Rose Molloy 1892 – 1894
Bertha Molloy 1893 –

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If you would like to see the photos I have then I will send them along to you… Take 2

I know this might not be important, but everytime I look at an old photo I am always asking myself… Pierre have you identified the right people?

Case in point…

I am sure this is Mathilde Leblanc who died of cholera in 1884.


After Mathide Leblanc died of cholera, my great-granduncle Pierre Lagacé remarried. Pierre is the old man second on the right.   

The woman on the left is Marie-Louise Côté his second wife.

The woman kneeling is Pierre and Mathilde’s daughter Agnes with her little girl Victoria. Her husband Joseph Lesperance is next to Pierre in the white shirt. He would die in a fire with his daughter-in-law Anna Demers and two grandchildren Robert and Therese Lesperance in 1943.

I always thought the man holding a baby boy was Alphonse Meunier married to Eugénie Lagasse daughter of Pierre Lagacé and Mathilde Leblanc.

But there is a problem with this. Eugénie was born in 1879 and Alphonse was born in 1886. They were married in 1907. This photo has to be taken around 1910 since Joseph Adelard L’Esperance was born in 1909. Eugénie and Alphonse would be respectively 31 and 24 years-old.

There is no way Alphonse Meunier is holding a baby boy.

It took me 10 years to realise this error which makes this so exciting since I have to find out who these two really are and maybe Eugénie Lagasse is the woman in front with her hands folded.

To be continued…