Searching for Brian’s roots

Brian LeGacy wants to find out the link with André Mignier. I told him we were distant cousins.

I asked Brian to give me more info. He is quick on the trigger just like André Mignier…

“Call me the Trigger…”

Hi Pierre,

I did some research on and found a few more generations for you. 

Grandfather –  George W. LeGacy born 11 Feb 1919 Princeton, Maine
Great Grandfather – Albert “Bert” Legacy born abt 1891 Maine
Great Great Grandfather – Wallace “Wallie” Legacy born abt 1862 Maine
Great Great Great Grandfather – Louis Legacy (sometimes in census as Lewis Legacy or Legassie) born about 1815 Canada

That’s what I was able to gather from an existing Family Tree project by as Cousin’s Wife on 

Hopefully this will help! 

Thanks! (Merci!)


This is what I found on Family Search

We have the 1880 Census and Wallie is there all right.

And he is not alone.

name:  Walace Legacy
residence:        Princeton, Washington, Maine
birthdate:        1862
birthplace:       Maine, United States
father’s name: Louis Legacy
relationship to head:   Sonfather’s birthplace:      Canada
mother’s name:           Mary Legacy
mother’s birthplace:    Canada
race or color (expanded):       White
ethnicity (standardized):        American
gender:            Male
martial status: Single
age (expanded):          18 years
occupation:     Works On Farm

**Household**          **Gender**    **Age**

**parent**      Louis Legacy  **M**            65
**parent**      Mary Legacy  **F**  57

Pauline Legacy           **F**  25
Frank Legacy  **M**            22
Walace Legacy           **M**            18
Willis Legacy  **M**            16
Amanda E. Legacy    **F**  16
Stephen Legacy          **M**            14
Maud G. Legacy        **F**  12
Albertis Legacy          **M**            10

From that we know that Louis Lagacé and Marie (maiden name unknown) were born in Canada.

Now we are getting somewhere…

Well I think so.

Come back for more next time.

It’s like watching History Detectives.