Benjamin L’agacé

Always nice to help someone with his family tree even if they are not related to me.

In this case Brian is.

This is the translation of the document Brian LeGacy sent me…

On 18 December 1817, Louis Mathurin born the same day of the legitimate marriage of Benjamin L’agacé farmer of this parish and of Marie-Émilienne Gagnon.

Godfather Louis Bérubé and Godmother Marguerite Ouellette who are unable to sign…

Father absent

Priest F. Painchaud

These acts are so interesting because more information is found when you have access to them.

Thanks to the Mormons’ site Family Search you have access to the Quebec parish registers.

In this case the father was absent.

Not that he was drinking and smoking cigars at a local tavern. No. That’s the way it was. The father was probably working on his farm and could not leave work to attend.

So Benjamin L’agacé, who was in reality Benjamin Lagacé, could not be there to his son’s baptism.

You also have information about the parents and the godparents of Louis Mathurin, who later became known by the name Lewis Legacy.

I found out on a database that Benjamin Lagacé was first married to Charlotte Ouellette in 1805. I found two children, Marie and Nazaire. Marie married Magloire Castonguay.

In 1852, according to the census, they are living with two children and a Benjamin Lagacé, 74 years old, who is a widower.

This is most certainly Benjamin Lagacé, Lewis Legacy’s father. 

Émilienne Gagnon was  Benjamin’s second wife. They got married on February 12, 1817.

So Louis-Mathurin, born 18 December 1817, has to be their first child. Benjamin must have been elated.

With this information, you want to know more about the first marriage of Benjamin.

So you start digging some more.

Great landscaper too…

I found out that Benjamin’s parents were Joseph Mignier dit Lagacé and Catherine Bérubé. These are the names seen on the marriage act.

Catherine Bérubé…?

Does that surname sound familiar?

Catherine Bérubé must surely be related to Louis Bérubé the godfather of Louis-Mathurin…

With this new information, you want to know more about the Bérubé family and you start digging some more…

Catherine was the daughter of François Bérubé and Marie-Angélique Lévesque.

And all this searching can go on and on and on until you can’t get no more sleep… or start writing articles on a blog about genealogy about someone’s ancestors in Quebec.

I hope Brian is elated about all this…

Next time…

Who are Joseph Mignier dit Lagacé’s parents?

You will learn not to believe everything  you find on some genealogy sites.