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More than 2000 images on this blog since I started it in September 2009…

People keep sending them, and I keep posting them.

Pure and simple. You share and I share, and people find them and go crazy!

No famous people, just ordinary folks.

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I never plan before I post something new.

There is a surprise just around the corner. Jason is going to surprise me because his Aunt Aggie has more pictures to share.

Arther Myers, the only son of Xavier Myers – Redux

I am reposting this article.


I have made many loyal friends since 2009.

This is why I was thinking about posting only once a week during this Christmas season.

I know Christmas is a good time to reflect upon our ancestors, but I want to give you more time for others chores and easy up a bit on the story of the ancestors of little Exeurie Myers.

Just like Jean-Baptiste Lemaire was the only son of Chrétien Myers, Arther Myers was the only son of Xavier (Exeurie) Myers.

Arther and Rose 6

Arther Julien Myers and Rosealina Alma LaRose

This beautiful picture was shared by Jason.

Jason is linked to Exeurie Myers.

It is almost impossible to link Exeurie Myers to Xavier Myers, a direct descendant of Chrétien Lemaire, a rifleman in the Hesse Hanau regiment.


But I did, and I probably found a link with the past history of the American Revolution.

This is where I came in handy to link Jason to Exeurie Myers and Exeurie with his ancestor Chrétien Lemaire. Being French-Canadian, I have come across some funny spelling from people who had copied parish registers for Ancestry.

Exeurie Myers was in fact Exeuvie Myers seen here on this marriage certificate. If you say Exeuvie out loud several times, you will hear Xavier if your mother tongue is French.

That’s how I found the missing link!

That spelling carried on through time when Xavier’s son Arther Myers married Rose Alma Larose in Springfield on April 22, 1907.

Exeurie Myers spelling

I have asked Jason permission to post this beautiful old picture.

Arther and Rose 6How can I be sure Arther Myers was the son of Exeurie Myers aka Xavier Myers, who was the brother of Julien Myers who married Agnes Lagasse, my great-grandaunt?


How can you trust someone who has been writing this blog since September 2009 with this?


You’ll just have to come back on Boxing Day!

I’ll show you more old pictures of that young couple madly in love.

Arther and Rose 2


I will continue on with this story because Jason has shared so much and I don’t want to let him down. I know we had a hard winter, but that’s no reason NOT to share what Jason has so generously shared.

Thanks for rekindling the passion

Jason just wrote…

Good morning Pierre!
I hope all is well.  I know I sent the two pictures attached but I forgot to pass along some info from my great Aunt.  She was’t sure who the woman in the white polka-dot dress was.  Please read the email from her below.  She believes this woman may be Mrs Louis Lagace, Exuire’s sister.  :)
Have a good one!
thanks for rekindling the passion 1 thanks for rekindling the passion 2
Sorry took so long getting back to you. Notice you need dates on Obits,I have so many and will send you info when I sort it all.out. I found Exurie Myers Obit card and with it was a Mass card  from his sister (which I never knew he had one) Mrs Louis Lagase.  So the picture I already sent you to ask Pierre if he knew who the lady was with Rose Alma Myers could possibly be Exurie’s sister.
My Mother — Rose Alma Myers is the correct name, not  Rosealina Alma. She had a sister Rosalina Alma who died near the age of 3.        


The curious case of Paul America

Pierre Lagacé:

Such a sad ending…

Originally posted on Above The Field:

Paul America

An image from Paul America’s screen test, circa 1965.

I’ve done a lot of research on distant cousins up and down my family tree over the years, uncovering some fascinating stories and learning a lot about ancestors dating back centuries. I’ve written about a few of those stories here on this blog (see links at end of this post), and I’m sure there are many more to find. However, it was pretty striking to learn about a much more recent story, involving a much closer connection.

The story of my late cousin Paul Johnson, aka “Paul America,” is straight out of the movies, both figuratively and literally, and involves none other than ‘60s icon Andy Warhol and other characters from the wild decade in which I was born. I had only heard bits and pieces over the years, tales of a wayward teen with matinee-idol looks who spiraled downward in a…

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Do you believe everything I write?

I hope you are still following me in this neverending story about a visit I made to a cemetery in the fall of 2013.

Agnes Lagasse

Agnes Lagaser
wife of
Leon Saucier

Agnes Lagacé had married Julien Myers, then she became a widow. She remarried with Leon Saucier afterwards. Writing about the Myers family led me to contacf two of Chrétien Lemaire’s descendants who both shared information.

Jason had a lot a pictures to share, and this one was the most intriguing.


That picture led me to this…

1871 Canadian Census Boisjoli family

1871 Canadian Census page

Do you believe everything I write?

You should, even if we are April 1st.

Even if it does not look that way, I take genealogy quite seriously.

The proof is the pudding.

1871 Urgel Boisjoli

close-up of Urgel Boisjoli’s and Marcelline Bonneau’s family

1871 Canadian Census page St-Jacques-de-l’Achigan

Little Oscar, 7 years-old, is seen here with this family on a close-up of the census page.

The Oscar on that page is Oscar Boisjoli’s father.

Oscar Boisjolie

Oscar Boisjoli

Little Oscar could have looked a little like his son.

Oscar Boisjoli married Delia Gaudet in 1885. Delia was the daughter of Delphis Gaudet and Melina Germain dit Bélisle. I won’t go into this maternal lineage because this story will never end and probably end up in Acadia where the British deported the Acadian in 1755.

Now do you remember how all this started in the first place?


Visiting a cemetery behind a church in Bristol, Connecticut, with my 3rd cousin Joe.


We got snow yesterday where I live.

St-Jacques-de-l’Achigan is about a 20 minute drive from where I live. Yesterday driving there would have been somewhat treacherous. The weatheman calls for more snow on Sunday.

Genealogy is not only about names, but also about places where our ancestors once lived.

St-Jacques-de-l’Achigan is where Oscar’s father, was born around 1864.

Click here.

Saint-Jacques est la plus ancienne municipalité de la MRC de Montcalm. Fondée en 1772 par une trentaine de familles acadiennes, Saint-Jacques compte aujourd’hui une population de plus de 4000 habitants. Le trait acadien demeure très vivant chez-nous.

Saint-Jacques is the oldest town in the MRC of Montcalm.  Founded in 1772 by about 30 Acadian families, Saint-Jacques now has a population of more than 4,000. Acadian roots are still present here.

I don’t have a picture of Oscar’s parents or grandparents to show you, just this picture of Oscar Boisjolie.

Oscar Boisjolie

Oscar Boisjolie

Oscar Boisjolie, or Oscar Woods, or Urgel Joseph Boisjolie, was born in 1888 in Minnesota according to Roland. I could not validate this information with a birth certificate, but I am sure Roland is right, and I will take his word for it.

With Roland’s information I now know all about Oscar’s ancestors, and I even have a group picture of Oscar’s father when he was around 7 years-old with his parents Urgel Boisjoli and Marcelline Bonneau taken in St-Jacques-de-l’Achigan in 1871.


I am sure you will come back later to see it.

About St-Jacques-de-l’Achigan…

Passing through this town, will never be the same anymore.

Click here to read something someone wrote about that town…

Oscar Boisjolie

Oscar came back from the dead in a sense.

This is not by all means meant not be macabre in anyway.

I thought Oscar Boisjolie was dead when that family picture was taken.


It made sense.

Why would he be absent? Two of his three children were there as well as his lovely wife Rosalie La Rose. Alice is in the first row dead center, and Léo is just on her left (the right side of the picture). 

Delia born in 1908 is not present, and I won’t presume anything about her absence.

Jumping to conclusions is about the worst thing you can do when you look for ancestors, yours or mine.

Roland did not tell me how he found this blog. I figured he googled Oscar Boisjolie who is now a household name everywhere.

Oscar Boisjolie was also known as Oscar Woods. Boisjoli means “lovely wood” in English.

Roland told me Oscar would be Urgel Joseph in his comment…

Here is the information I have on Oscar Boisjolie also known as Oscar Woods who is I believe is in fact Urgel Joseph Boisjolie.

Boisjolie, Urgel Joseph [aka Oscar Woods] (b. 1888-03-20 – USA, Minnesota, Brainard, d.1966-10-00 – USA, Massachusetts, Hampden County, Holyoke) spouse: Larose, Rosalie (b. 1890-01-13 – Canada, d. 1977-11-30 – USA, Massachusetts, Hampden, Worthington)


1. Boisjolie, Marie Delia Rosalie (b. 1908-10-18 – USA, Massachusetts, Hampden, Springfield)

2. Boisjolie, Alice (b. 1911 – USA, Massachusetts)

3. Boisjolie, Leo Urgel (b. 1913 – USA, New York, d. 1999-10-06 – USA,
Massachusetts, Hampden, Chicopee) spouse Dion, Rita (b. 1916-05-27 – USA, Massachusetts, d. 1989-03-10 – USA, Massachusetts, Hampden County, Holyoke)

Children and 3 are included in the photograph.

I have a copy of the marriage entry (from Ancestry) for the Oscar Boisjolie and Rosalie Larose Marriage which occurred January 16, 1908 in the City of Holyoke, Massachusetts, however, am uncertain how to send it in this format.

FYI there are two separate families of Boisjoli in North America each having spellings of Boisjolie, Boisjoly and Boisjoli. One is the Lienard family of Boisjoli, the other is the Griveau family of Boisjoli. Oscar and descendants are from the Griveau Boisjoli family.

Hope this is of some assistance and can be confirmed by others.


Roland A. Boisjoli

I was able to confirm all this and even more. I even invited Roland on my Ancestry family tree to view all the files I have gathered since 2009. Close to 30,000 files.

Not only on Boisjolies of course. In fact, I had none!

This being said, I won’t go deeper into all this since Roland can see all my research on Ancestry.

Everything is always free.

Should you find this blog, please write a comment because you never know what I can find about your ancestors.