More than a Wedding Picture

This is more than just a wedding picture.


It’s fond memories of a loving aunt who made the best apple pie in the world.

I have edited Freida’s wedding picture a bit.

Freida and Henry Bleau's wedding

I have more pictures that Robin scanned.

This one where Paul and Pauline are with Harry Bleau.


This is not Pauline Kaminski but another Pauline. She is with her twin brother Paul and their uncle Harry. Not sure about Harry being their uncle. The kids look like they are related to the Combe family. That’s the only clue I have.

Harry and Freida had two daughters Fredrica and Marion. Both died as infants.

 Frederica Bleau

So Freida and Harry left no descendants to remember them.

Until Linda Marie searched the Internet for one of her cousins. Then as Robin once said the floodgates opened.

I still wonder who is the best man and who is the bridesmaid.

Sometimes I find out.

wedding Myra Alexandre

Click on the image

Happy New Year Dear Descendants…

Back in  2010, Joe was only a virtual relative of mine.

He sent me this picture via e-mail he had of Marguerite Alexandre. She was Henriette Alexandre’s sister.

Marguerite Alexandre 1836-1897

Marguerite Alexandre is part of Joe’s very long list of ancestors.

That picture is as close as I can get to have a picture of Henriette Alexandre who is my great-grandmother married to Dennis Lagasse II, our superstar ancestor on this blog.

Dennis Lagasse II

Stanislas Lagacé 1842-1927

This is Henriette’s file on my Ancestry family tree.

I am very lucky photo wise because I have pictures of all my 8 great-grandparents. All except Henriette’s photograph.

Pierre Lagacé tree

I am still waiting…, but I am very patient. We have to be when we look for our ancestors.

I know all about Henriette Alexandre: she had 13 children.

Six were still living in 1900. That’s what the 1900 U.S. census said.

famille Lagacé 1900

Thank God for Censuses.

I knew when she was born thanks to the image of her baptisimal act found on Family Search.

6 April 1845 Henriette Alexandre

Thank God for Family Search.

I did not know when she died until I found out Joe had found out a way back then and thought I knew.

I didn’t…

Click here.

Henriette’s sister, Marguerite Alexandre, is Joe’s great-great-grandmother which makes us bonafide third cousins.

Joe told me back in 2010 he could use all the living cousins he could get.

I think I could also…

I have visited Joe twice since 2010.

Together we visited cemeteries to find the resting place of Dennis and Henriette. First in September 2011. I wrote about these little outings here and here.

In 2011, we visited again the same cemeteries bringing another cousin of ours who was also looking for his ancestors’ graves. We had our share of senior moments.

Just couldn’t find the headstones…

Last Sunday, while visiting Joe’s family tree on Ancestry, I found out he had put these images he had found on the Internet.

Emmanuel Therien, Joe’s great-great-great-grandfather…


Emmanuel Therien 1800-1886

Gilbert Therien, Joe’s great-great-grandfather… 

headstone Gilbert Therien

And Marguerite Alexandre Therien, Joe’s great-great-grandmother…

headstone Marguerite Alexandre

Thank God for finding our ancestors’ headstones even though sometimes the inscriptions are a bit off. Marguerite was born on August 11, 1836 and Gilbert was born on May 7, 1837.

May they rest in peace from now on. I know they will always be with us as long as we live.

Happy New Year Dear Descendants…

Closing Chapter: Young Myra Alexandre

I don’t believe in spirits, ghosts nor do I believe in reincarnation.

Well maybe spirits…

But I can keep an open mind.

Myra died in 1958 when I was 10 years old.

I never met Myra Alexandre. She was living in the United States and I was living in Montreal. I had heard that my grandfather once had lived in the U.S. That was the only link.

I did not know Myra had ever existed before 2010 when my third cousin Sandy first contacted me on this blog. Since then I have found almost everything about Myra’s life.

So this is the closing chapter.

This is young Myra Alexandre.


Joe had this cabinet card in his collection when I met him last September. Sandy had the same picture in her collection in 2010.

We had few clues then… this is why we had called this young woman Bristol late 1890s. Sandy had also these.

Flavie Alexandre and Myra Alexandre

I first thought the picture of Myra was that of either Malvina Lagasse or Lillie Lagasse, my grandfather’s sisters.

I have come a long way since 2010 haven’t I. 

Look at those eyes…

Myra Alexandre 1877-1958

Frank Archambeault told me his grandmother had quite a strong character.

He did not have to tell me.

Frank  also told me about little Raymond, Myra’s first child.

When Frank, Joe and I visited St. Joseph cemetery I did not know little Raymond Archambeault was resting in peace beside his daughter Marian.

Marian died when she was only 12.

Little Raymond must have been devastated by her death.

I know I would have been.

Myra Alexandre died in 1958 at the age of 81. Marian was four years old.

Myra probably played with her granddaughter Marian sometimes like I do with my two grandchildren Théo and Iris.

I love to play with my grandchildren probably like Stanislas Lagacé  seen here with his grandchildren Marie Rose Elmira and Harvey Lagasse when they were young.

 I don’t believe in reincarnation, but if I did, I think I am the reincarnation of Grandpa Lagassy…

Just a thought.

Still Puzzled?

Now I am sure you did not stumble on this blog by chance.

I got your attention last time with these tin pictures didn’t I?

Pictures that might have found themselves in a garbage truck. Instead somone sent them to Robin who scanned all of them even if she did not know who these people were.

Thanks to Robin, Fran’s distant relatives now have pictures of their ancestors if they happened to stumble on this blog.

I believe I have found Helen Alexandre and two of her children. She had three boys: Joseph, David and Philip before her death in or before 1901.

Fran gave me some clues to look at after her meeting with distants relatives whose ancestor was Joseph Bleau. Joseph Bleau Senior married Emma Gallope on February 15, 1901. That would be after Helen’s death. 

Joseph Bleau was David Bleau’s brother who had married Agnes Alexandre who was Helen’s sister.

David Nathanael Bleau.

Who are these children?

Probably Joseph Bleau Junior, born on March 3, 1891, with his brother little David Bleau born on December 9, 1893.

David Nathanael Bleau is most probably little David’s godfather.

How do I know? Because it makes a lot of sense.


I am sure Helen Alexander is photographed here with her parents, Jean-Baptiste Alexandre (Alexander) and Philomène Lagacé (Libbie Lagasse), and her two sisters Agnes and Myra. This picture is taken in late 1894.

Now any distant relatives of Fran can benefit from our search and have pictures of their ancestors. 


Did you stumble on this blog about genealogy by chance?

Genealogy attracts a lot of people searching for their ancestors.

Last year, Robin, who lives on the West Coast, scanned close to 100 pictures.  I was quite excited about them especially these tin-type photographs.

Robin is not even directly related to these people. Her husband is.

Only one person was identified.

David Nathanael Bleau.

Every picture Robin sent me about him and his descendants are on this blog. This is what we do.

We share all and try to identify every one. We ask for nothing in return and we don’t sell coffee mugs or phony coats of arm.

This picture remains a mystery concerning the two children.

Helen Alexander would be photographed here and she would be the mother. The children’s father would be Joseph Bleau, David’s brother, but he is not on this picture.

Their grandparents are on it though: Jean-Baptiste Alexandre (Alexander) and Philomène Lagacé (Libbie Lagasse) both of French-Canadian descent.

What about them…?

These documents Fran sent me two days ago tell a lot about them.

Jean-Baptiste Alexander’s death certificate

Philomene Lagasse’s death certificate

About this montage…

The man on the right, top row?

We did not know who he was a few months ago.

Now we know for sure and now we know a lot more about how John B. Alexander died,

Jean-Baptiste Alexander II’s death certificate

Still puzzled?

Genealogy Is Just Like a Big Jigsaw Puzzle

Want a proof of that?

These pictures Robin had scanned last year.

All tin-type pictures.

At first the only people I could identify were Myra Alexander and her sister Agnes on this picture. They are in the back wearing the big hats.

I always remind my readers that Robin is not a close relative of mine, but her husband is. Well not that close, maybe he’s a 3rd cousin.

When Robin scanned some (about 100) pictures, at first I thought David Bleau Senior was in the middle with his wife Emelie Hebert, but since David Bleau Senior died on December 22, 1880, he could not be on it.

One other clue, which became apparent after the fact, was why would Agnes Alexander and Myra Alexander be on this picture even though Agnes Alexander would eventually marry David Bleau Junior who, luckily, was identified as this man on this next picture.

Of course back then, I did not know that Helen Alexander had marry Joseph Bleau, David’s brother, and that she could be on this picture with her son Joseph on the left beside her mother Libbie Lagasse Alexander.

Who then was sitting on Helen’s lap…?

Of course if this woman is really Helen Alexander posing on this picture with her parents and her two sisters Myra and Agnes.

The answer to all this we will get from Fran this weekend after she meets with some distant cousins who could all be related to the children on this tin-type photograph.

Genealogy Is Just Like a Big Jigsaw Puzzle

We have come a long way on this blog…

We have come a long way on this blog since I posted that picture almost two years ago.


Flavie Alexandre and Myra Alexandre,
daughters of Philomène Lagacé and Jean-Baptiste Alexandre

This was one of my favorite pictures…

It still is.

These two young women were unknown to Sandy and I in 2010. We just had a few clues. Bristol late 1890s.

We have found almost everything about them.

Flavie Alexander married Charles Lestage and Myra Alexander married William Archambeault. Some of Myra’s descendants have contacted me since then. Descendants of Flavie still have not seen this blog nor all the pictures I have of their ancestors.

I can sit and wait.

We all have our precious pictures of our ancestors… hidden somewhere.

We just have to find them.

Flavie Alexandre and Myra Alexandre

They are so precious because most people don’t have any.

This is a picture of my great-grandfather Stanislas Lagacé.

Stanislas Lagasse 1842-1927

Sandy, who is part of the A-Team, sent it in 2010 without knowing who this old man was. For my part, the only info I had of my great-grandfather was his birth certificate.

He was born August 9, 1842 in Notre-Dame-de Stanbridge.

1842… That was quite a long time ago!

Together Sandy and I manage to find who he was by looking at this picture and comparing it to pictures sent by someone else…

Four generations

I knew who were three of the four people. The baby was little Gerard Lagasse.  His father Harry Lagasse is holding him and his grandfather Dennis Lagasse III is having a cigar. It was easy to figure out who was the tall and serious man on the left.

I still don’t have a picture of my great-great-grandfather Stanislas Lagasse I who was born in 1816. Stanislas bears the same given name as Stanislas Lagacé. This is why I call him Stanislas 1842 since he also named one of his sons Stanislas whom I call Stanislas 1864.

This is all I have of Stanislas 1816…

No picture just his certificate of death.

Stanislas Lagacé 1816-1900

Click on the image

Sandy sent it in 2011 as an early Christmas present!

I know that there are probably some pictures of Stanislas 1816 somewhere in an old dusty wooden chest hidden behind a pile of old objects in a dark attic somewhere in Bristol, Connecticut in 2012.

This is why Fran’s e-mail was Godsend.

Stanislas Lagacé 1816, aka Dennis Lagasse 1816, died on March 26, 1900. He missed the 1900 U.S. census by only two months  and five days. If he had been around in June 1900, I would have known with whom he was living back then.

Stanislas died from mitral insufficiency because of his old age. That’s what Doctor Desmarais wrote 112 years ago. He also wrote my great-great-grandfather’s home address: 22 Conlon street, Bristol, Connecticut…

Stanislas Lagasse I is the ancestor of thousands of Americans who have no idea who he is.

I do.

Myra Alexandre’s descendants now know a lot about their ancestors. Helen Alexander’s descendants will soon find out. Stanislas Lagacé I, or Stanislas 1816, and Libbie Lagasse Alexander were their ancestors.

Helen Alexander Bleau is in this picture with her mother Philomène Lagacé and her lovely sisters…  

It’s Joe’s favorite picture. He sent it in 2010. We could not figure out who were these people. Joe is also part of the A-Team.

It took us two years to finally identify four of them: Flavie, Myra, Agnes and Helen. The other two should be Mary and Philomene but we can be 100% sure.  What I know is that Philomene Alexander married a man named Molloy and she died probably in 1906. We have pictures of Mary but the one we have here does not look like her in the other pictures.

This is another picture. A tin-type picture. 

Robin, from our A-Team on the West Coast, scanned it in 2011. She is not even directly related to us. Her husband is.

This is most probably taken around 1893 looking at the little boy’s age.

Myra Alexander, John Alexander, Agnes Alexander
Philomène Lagasse, Helen Alexander Bleau with two unknown children

Fran has now her little idea who the little boy is.

Enjoying all your entries to your blog. I may have info on Philomene Lagasse and JB Alexandre’s daughter, Helene. For some reason, which I can not explain, I had her down as Abeline (baptized on 24 June 1867, Notre Dame de Stanbridge). Today I received an invitation to a birthday party for  one of my Mother’s  Bleau cousin, who is the granddaughter of Joseph Henry Bleau and Helen Alexander. Her brother had told me ages ago that their uncle had married an Alexander. I did their line back around 2001 so I never made a connection until today when I checked my Family Tree and saw the names of their grandparents. He never gave me any other info on the Bleau line as he knew I was doing my maternal grandparents’ lines.
I will be seeing them August 4 and will discover if I am right. Remember the photo of JB Alexandre and Philomene Lagasse with two daughters and two children? If I am right, one of the children is their Dad, born 1891 in North Adams, MA. If so, we are related through my maternal grandfather and through my maternal grandmother’s side. I am hoping they might have some photos of the Bleau line. They have two great albums of their Mother’s family. I will get back to you when I get direct info from the Bristol Bleaus.

I have also my little idea.



Robin, I got your e-mail yesterday. I could not reply. The message was filtered as a SPAM! Don’t worry I read all your messages.


Post No. 301.

I was sure you would be coming back for more…

I know who these ordinary people are.

With  this picture and Fran’s help we have finally solved a mystery.

This is Alice  Alexandre with her husband Albert Choinière, and  her sister Amelia Alexandre with her boyfriend Ernest Sorel.

Amelia would marry Ernest a year later in 1915. This picture was scanned last year by Robin. We did not know who they were then.


I have another picture to show you.

Sylvia Bleau, Agnes Alexandre’s daughter, Louis Combe, her husband, her little daughter Sylvia, and… someone identified as aunt Mary.

Here the caption says Mary Alexander, but it’s Amelia again with her husband Ernest Sorel.  She does not look a bit like the real Mary Alexander seen here with her sister Agnes Alexandre in 1922…

Agnes is with her three grandchildren, Louis Jr., Lawrence, and Sylvia Marie. 

In 1922 little did these people know that Agnes would died in 1927.

You already have read the obituary Fran sent me last week didn’t you?

Now every piece of the puzzle falls into place thanks to Fran who is now a full-fledged member of the A-Team.

Caroline’s Daughters

Post No. 300.

Coming back for more…

I hope I did not keep you waiting…

These two beautiful young women are Caroline Ménard’s daughters.

1 June, 1914

It’s Alice Alexandre’s wedding picture. Her sister Amelia is the bridesmaid.

Nothing extraordinary about that, unless you take a closer look at Alice’s and Amelia’s features. Amelia looks a little bit like her father Jean-Baptiste Alexandre.

This is Jean-Baptiste Alexandre known as young man 1 back in  2010.

This is a younger Jean-Baptiste.

This picture was sent by someone a few months ago because he had recognized this next picture Robin had scanned.

He also had this older Jean-Baptiste Alexandre’s portrait.

I figure that Alice looks a lot like her mother Caroline Ménard.

Alice  Alexandre

Nothing extraordinary about that, unless you know that Caroline Ménard died when she gave birth to her 8th child in 1895. She was 32. Amelia was born in 1894 and was the 7th child and Alice was born in 1892 and was the 6th.

Jean-Baptiste Alexandre would remarried with Odila Courchesne and fathered 10 more children.

Quite a time travel since 2010! 

When Fran, Alice’s grandchild, told me she had a wedding picture, I first thought there would be a lot of people on it like this picture I have in my collection about another unrelated family.

April 14, 1909


There were only four. But that’s okay because now we know how Caroline Ménard looked like.

Fran told me she did not know who the groomman was.

The face looked very familiar…

I think I found out who he was.

This picture is one of the 100 pictures Robin scanned last year.


Looks familiar?

I know you will come back for more.