More than a Wedding Picture

This is more than just a wedding picture.


It’s fond memories of a loving aunt who made the best apple pie in the world.

I have edited Freida’s wedding picture a bit.

Freida and Henry Bleau's wedding

I have more pictures that Robin scanned.

This one where Paul and Pauline are with Harry Bleau.


This is not Pauline Kaminski but another Pauline. She is with her twin brother Paul and their uncle Harry. Not sure about Harry being their uncle. The kids look like they are related to the Combe family. That’s the only clue I have.

Harry and Freida had two daughters Fredrica and Marion. Both died as infants.

 Frederica Bleau

So Freida and Harry left no descendants to remember them.

Until Linda Marie searched the Internet for one of her cousins. Then as Robin once said the floodgates opened.

I still wonder who is the best man and who is the bridesmaid.

Sometimes I find out.

wedding Myra Alexandre

Click on the image

Deep in the Heart of Texas…

Sometimes comments are much more interesting than what I write.

This is a beautiful and touching comment from Susan… Deep from someone’s  heart in Texas…

Hi Pierre,
You are right, I am in Texas.
Yesterday, I stopped at an estate sale and they had a box of old family pictures for sale. Some in frames and some without. I just wanted to cry that all those precious pictures and no family member was interested in them enough to try and find out who they were and their connections to past relatives.

I only wish I had a box of old pictures!

Have a nice day,


Aglaé Béland Might Be Your Great-Grandmother

This woman might be your great-grandmother.

aglae-1 mod1

If I don’t write about her then you will never know. This is probably the last story I will write on this blog which is the English version of another blog about genealogy.

The original blog was written in French. This version was a way to link to some of my distant relatives in the United States.

It has been quite a journey.

Dennis II and Dennis III

My last attempt to link to a distant relative failed. He was the grandchild of Lillie Lagasse, my grandfather’s sister. His great-grandfather is on this picture sent to me by Dennis Lagasse IV.

Ray wrote once but he never wrote back.

That’s okay I can live with that.

Someone asked me for my help last week on my blog Nos ancêtres. Her grandmother was Aglaé Béland. She told me a lot about her and her family, even some family secrets.

She wants to know if I could help her find relatives in the U.S. I can understand why she wants to. She wants to share this picture and maybe find someone who has more pictures and who is willing to share.

I told her that it could be Mission Impossible, but I was willing to try.

So here goes.

Next time, I will start my last story. It will be about a little girl born on August 27, 1871, in St-Cuthbert, in Quebec.

aglae-1 mod2

Not your run-of-the mill celebrity…

This is probably the last story I will write on this blog…?

I would not bet on it.


Why am I writing so much about Our Ancestors?

It’s because of your ancestors like Bertha Lagasse seen here, first row on the left.

This picture was sent by Robin last year. It was part of more than 100 pictures she scanned even though she is not directly related to us.

She shares the same passion.

I had quickly identified Levi Napoleon, Ida, and Bertha Lagasse thanks to this other picture Dennis IV had sent me¸which is, in a way, a kind of Rosetta stone.

Dennis sent me last September a lot of new pictures with a lot of people photographed…

Levi Napoleon and Ida are seen on almost each one, but Bertha is not anywhere to be seen. Most of these people should be related to Dubés or Dubes as seen on U.S. censuses.

One day someone will write a comment like Judy did two weeks ago and the floogates will open wide.

See you next time.

More Senior Moments

I had more senior moments with the pictures Frank sent me.

He had sent so many that I had forgotten about this one.

How could I?

Flora Shambo and Samuel J. Bull were on it.

I like group picture because they speak a lot about people like how close they were.

Flora and Alice were probably very close to each other.

And Alice close to Lillian…

Alice and Lillian…

Lillian and Alice

Alice and Lillian…

This is Alice again.

Alice is now seen here with her husband John Brunt and their first child William Brunt.

William was born around 1906.

Sam and Flora married in 1906. Flora must have been happy with Sam after her ordeal with her first husband Patrick J. Whelan.

Want to know more?

Frank sent me something I must not forget to show you.

Four Daughters

John Archambeault had four daughters and one son.

John married Florence Boucher.

Before Frank sent me a whole lot of pictures, I thought John was the same man seen in this montage I made with one of pictures Ed had sent me.


With all the pictures Frank sent me, now I know I was wrong, but at least I had a head start with John’s daughters…  

I had their names!

Now, I have their pictures, and they are beautiful…

Flora Archambault Bull (1873-1912)

Flora and Alice

Lillie (Lillian) Archambault Hall  (1877-?)

Alice and Lillian

Alice Archambault Brunt (4 July 1878-15 September 1953)


Nellie (Helen) Archambault McCann (1884-?)

Nellie and her father

 I still believe  John Archambeault is on these two pictures.

John would be with his daughter Flora born in 1873.

Flora was first married to Patrick J. Whelan, but then she was granted a divorce on cause of his intemperance and the way he treated her.

She remarried in 1906.

Samuel J. Bull and Flora Shambo

Flora died 100 years ago.

Source Find a Grave

I am sure Sam took good care of Flora.

Joseph Terrien, 89 of 12 North Street

Joseph Terrien is Joe’s grandfather.


30 March 1955

Joseph Terrien, 89 of 12 North Street, one of the oldest French residents of this city, died this morning at his home, following a lingering illness.

Mr. Terrien was born November 18,1865, at Alburg, Vt., a son of Gilbert and Margaret (Alexander) Terrien, and formerly resided at Adams, Mass. He came to this city 61 years ago and had always resided at the North Side. In 1944 he was retired from the New Departure Division of General Motors Corporation where he had been employed for 43 years in the coster brake department. Previously he had been employed for 18 years in the case shop of the E. Ingraham Company.

Mr Terrien was a member of St. Ann’s Church, of which he was one of the first members of the congregation which sponsored the church here, and was a charter member of the Good Fellows’ Club at New Depatrure. He is survived by a son, Superintendent of Public Charities Joseph D. Terrien of this city; a daughter, Mrs. Edna Christian of Torrington; six grandchildren three great-grandchildren; and several nieces and nephews.

Funeral services will be held from the Dunn Funeral Home 191 West Street, Friday morning at 8 o’clock and in St. Ann’s Church at 9 o’clock where a solemn high Mass of requiem will be celebrated.

Burial will be in St. Joseph’s new cemetery. Friends may call this evening, and Thursday afternoon and evening.


In a way Joseph is still with us… through Joe’s pictures.

As well as his wife Exilda Grégoire…

And their daughters…


circa 1899

circa 1905

12 April 1920


circa 1905

And this little boy who I think could be David Joseph. 

circa 1908

Remember Good Old Holyoke?

Ed had sent me this message along with his 31 pictures of unidentified ancestors.

After our little discussion of the Alexander family and from what little research I have done, I believe I have some old photographs that might be from their family.  When my aunt died in 1963, her mother, my grandmother, brought back to Georgia a steamer trunk containing some of my aunt’s things.  In that trunk was a group of old photographs.  They were in my grandmother’s things in 1975 when she died and they have finally come to rest with me. 

No one was ever able to tell me anything about the pictures (I never even thought to ask Uncle George).  They are of babies, children, families, and individual men and women, all dating to the late 1800s and early 1900s. 

None have any names indicating whom the pictures are of, however some do have photographer’s marks.  There are 31 photographs and 16 have Holyoke, Massachusetts labels, 2 have Quebec labels, and 1 has a label from Bristol, Connecticut.  These are all places associated with the Alexanders.  In 1920 and 1930, Jean-Baptiste and his family were living in Bristol, CT; in 1910, they were in Holyoke, MA and prior to that, they were in Quebec.   

All of Ed’s 31 pictures did not look familiar at first glance.

Even Robin had this comment…

What a challenge! Are we up to it?

All were unidentified ancestors until Frank sent me this picture of  John Archambeault.

He is Jean-Baptiste Archambeault’s and Emilia Mercier’s son. John Archambeault married Florence Boucher. He could be the same man seen in this montage I made with one of Ed’s pictures.

I had this picture identified as family 1.

Family 1

You have to start somewhere don’t you…

Anyway, this Family 1 could be John Archambault with his wife Florence Boucher and a daughter. I know they had at least four daughters… because Frank told me.

Flora Archambault (1873)

Lillie (Lillian) Archambault (1877)

Alice Archambault (4 July 1878)

Nellie (Helen) Archambault 1884

Nellie could be the daughter on the picture.

Now if we turn our attention to Family 2.

Family 2

Could this family be also related to the Archambeault family…?

How about his one then and all other 28 pictures sent by Frank that were all unidentified ancestors?

Family 3

 I have no idea.

About John Archambeault…

I believe it’s him on these two pictures.

If this is John, then this could be John with his daughter Flora born in 1873.

I know sometimes I might be hard to follow…

Ida Lagasse Lamothe

Last year when Robin sent me this picture I thought it was a picture of Edna Lagasse that was part of little Marie’s collection.

Edna Lagasse?

There was no caption.

I wrote that I might be wrong about that picture.

Robin had scanned also the picture below where I believed Edna could be on the right in the third row. Her brother Levi Napoleon Lagasse seemed to have been on the left.

When I saw that picture, I did this montage.

There were many ressemblances between the people on the left and some people on the right.

Starting with this assumption I wrote several articles about two of Edna’s sons. Robert and William were both killed in WWII.

Now, thanks to Lionel, we have more pictures to work with and they clearly identify Ida Lagasse Lamothe.

So where’s Ida?

Click on the image…

See you on Monday.