How old is Ida Roy?

Survey says…


Only one reader played along.

group picture of Helene Lagasse and the Roy family

I have found Ida Roy’s birthdate.

Ida Roy, daughter of Clément Roy and Démérise Gagnon, was born 21 August 1892. Ida looks to be about 13 years-old give or take a few months. She was their youngest daughter.

This would put the date the picture was taken around 1905.

Leda Roy, born April 4th, 1869, would be 36. Her twin sister Helene would be also 36. Clément Roy would be 35
Sarah 34.
Louis 32.
Derilda 29.
Léon 27.
Annie 26.
Alex 23.
Mary 21.
Rosa 19.
Finally Ida 13.

Does it make sense?

Clément and Démérise both born in 1846 would be 59 years old. Is that all important to date a picture?

You tell me if you are one of these people’s descendants because I found a whole lot more.

group picture of Helene Lagasse and the Roy family identification

Final answer?


Hercule Poirot

Méfiez-vous always!

About  what  is written  on the  back of old pictures.

group picture of Helene Lagasse and the Roy family identification

Is the caption correct?

That’s what I forgot to check until I looked at Ida Roy, the youngest person in the group picture. How old  do you  think  she was when that picture was taken?

Hercule Poirot

Bonne  question mes amis…

Time Machine


Dating an old picture is an obsession.

group picture of Helene Lagasse and the Roy family

Even more when dating a picture with a caption written on the back without a date.

group picture of Helene Lagasse and the Roy family identification

What are the clues mes amis?

If the  caption  is right, Helene Roy married a Lagasse. Leda Roy married an Arsenault. In the back Rosa Roy married a Lemieux, Mary Roy married an Émond, Ida Roy married a Bélanger, Derilda Roy married a Fournier, Sarah Roy ?, and Annie Roy married a Ducharme.

What about  Sarah Roy?

Clement Roy

Courtesy Kathy Jordan

Is there more to a caption written on the back of an old picture taken before 1920?

Hercule Poirot

If the caption is right bien sûr.

The old man

Hercule Poirot in Hammonasset Beach

Le vieil homme?
Well, he could  be anyone.

Finding who’s who on picture is an obsession that started in July 2006.

I think le vieil homme is François-Xavier Lagacé (Frank  Lagasse). He is the prime suspect since his three sons (Fred, Edward and William) are there with his daughter-in-law Aurore which is also his grandniece, the daughter  of  his nephew Antoine Lagacé (Anthony Lagasse).

Bristol, Conn. about 1908-1909


It’s also complicated  to me.

Frank’s  daughter  Cora  Mamie I believe  is also  there smiling  at us since 1925.

But which one is it?

Cora Lagasse Ernie Maynard and wife Amy Gibson

Cora on the left, with her husband Albert J. Maynard

For now I am leaning towards this woman…

Cora Mamie Lagasse

To be continued  after  my other  case.

group picture of Helene Lagasse and the Roy family

Clément Roy’s and Démérise Gagnon’s family

Written in 2012


I know this is hard to believe, but this was written in 2012.

Please bear with me.



I know I might be hard to follow sometimes.


Frank Archambeault once had wrote me in an e-mail that he was living not far away from Plainville. So when I planned my visit to Joe’s place three weeks ago, I wrote Frank about it.

I figured Frank would be excited by the fact of meeting his two virtual 3rd cousins addicted to genealogy.

So here we are last Saturday morning sitting down at Liberty Diner for breakfast with our wives when Frank shows up by the door.

From that moment on, Frank could not keep from talking and talking, and excusing himself for talking too much.

Being this crazy Canuck who has been writing like crazy since 2009 about genealogy and who tries to find other people’s ancestors down in Connecticut, I could well understand all this excitement and I showed Frank a lot of empathy.

Try to imagine poor Frank cramming in 100 years or so of his ancestors’ stories and anecdotes over two eggs over easy. This was by no means a piece of cake.

So Frank kept talking and talking, drinking cup after cup of coffee… which I think did not help a wee bit…

After Frank ate his breakfast, which was most probably cold by now, all three third cousins proceeded to Joe’s place with our wives deciding instead to go shopping.


When we arrived and sat in the dinning room, Frank pulled a kitchen note out of his hat… a newspaper clipping.

It was something related to this picture, his grandparents’s wedding picture that Robin had scanned last year!

Robin? Robin Who?
She’s not even a blood relative…


Little did Frank know that he had pulled more than one kitchen’s note out of his hat.

In his kitchen’s notes, Frank had the newspaper clipping of the wedding. We had the name of the bridesmaid, which I knew of course, thanks to Robin, and also the name of the best man who was still unknown.

Frank Lagassi!

William Archambeault’s best man was his nephew Frank Lagasse Junior who was his sister’s son.

Frank Lagasse Junior, born in 1883, was the son of Sophie Archambeault and Frank Lagasse (François-Xavier Lagacé).

You should know Sophie Archambeault by now.


Do you remember this unidentified couple from the tintype pictures Frank had sent me?

– Sophie, I am bit confused…

What about this montage?


François-Xavier Lagacé (Frank Lagasse Senior) died on January 1st, 1937, and he could well be here on this picture with two of his other sons: Edward and William.

I would go out on a limb and say that the little boy is the grandson of Frank Lagasse Senior. Alfred Lagasse was the son of Frederick Lagasse, another son of Frank Lagasse Senior.

Alfred was born around 1922 and he could be with his mother Aurore.

Frederick or Fred could be here on this other picture holding his son Alfred and having a cigar!

If I am correct, Sophie Archambeault could also be on that picture as one of the three old ladies in the back…

Finally, if I did not make a complete fool of myself, this picture could have been taken at Lake Compounce around 1927 since all these people were living around Bristol at that time.

Still confused?

I know I might be hard to follow sometimes.

I hope this will help.

I wonder if Frank is reading this having his morning cup of coffee?



Hercule Poirot in Hammonasset Beach

I was wrong on Lake Compounce around 1927.