It’s been awhile…


It’s been awhile since my last post

Sometimes I wait for distant cousins to connect once more. More often than not I scare them away with all that I have been writing about dead people.

I understand everyone isn’t addicted to genealogy as I am. What people don’t know is that I am in full control of that addiction which started in July 2007 with this old picture.


In full control except when people write me comments and share old pictures of people I am not even related to.


Then I lose control…

Jerry Robetoye / Jerry Robitaille (Updated 2/8/2015)

Updating the search…

Our Genealogy

This is a photograph of Jerry Robetyoye who was born March 15, 1846 in Canada.  He married a woman named Lovina Secor (Or possibly Decor or Secov – Her name was obtained from their son’s birth certificate and is not very legible).  She was also born in Canada.  Jerry and Lovina had a son Louis L. Robitaille, born February 12, 1902 in Massachusetts.

On Civil War Pension Form and in New Bedford Massachusetts City Directories; Jerry’s last name is spelled “Robetoye”. The 1920 US Census lists him as a widower, living with his son Louis.  It says that he speaks French and was naturalized in 1896.

Jerry died January 30, 1928 and is buried at Rural Cemetery in New Bedford, MA.

Jerry Robetoye

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Robitaille from French Canada

Searching since 2007…

Our Genealogy

I am tracing the ancestors of a Louis Robitaille [c1902-1962] of New Bedford, Massachusetts, USA.  He was born in Mass.  Parents names currently unknown, but both were born in French Canada.  Hoping to trace them to the Robitaille clan involved in the founding of Quebec City that can be traced back to France.

Update: Louis’ parents are Jerry and Lovina Robitaille. Jerry was born 15 March 1846 in Canada and spoke French. He immigrated in 1863. He served in the Cavalry. On his Civil War Pension form and on New Bedford City Directories his last name is spelled “Robetoye”. He is buried at Rural Cemetery in New Bedford, Mass. Lovina’s maiden name is either Secov, Secor, or Decov.

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Don’t get me wrong – I’m not a ghost…

I have never met one.

The only time I was confronted was when my mother died.

I did not see her but my brother-in-law did the night she died. He did not make this story up, that I am sure of…

I have been writing this blog since 2009. I have written more than 1000 posts.

Tony told me I was a prolific writer. I write to share what I have found about ancestors no longer with us like my great-grandfather Stanislas.

Dennis Lagasse II

I would have like to tell you more about Adolphe Pierre and Elphège Lagacé, but I think I scared away their descendants.

Adolphe Pierre Lagassé

Adolphe Pierre Lagacé

Valéry Forand Blanche and Frobe

Frobe Lagasse and Elphège Lagacé?

Frobe Lagasse's family

Blanche Lagasse, Frobe Lagasse, Laurent, and Joseph Norman Lagasse,
and Valéda Forand

Elphege Lagasse

Elphège Lagacé

Well c’est la vie!

“What if I’m a ghost?”

Things to think about when it comes to all the ancestors I have written about…

Tony's Domain

ghost hanging over bedThis was something that occurred to me some time in early 2014. My daughter was three years old at the time and was usually a good child when it came to going to bed although once in a while she would decide she wanted to stay up. Other times, it was not that she didn’t want to go to bed but rather she wanted some company for a bit while she fell asleep.

This particular night she asked me to stay with her while she nodded off and so I found myself sat on the bottom of her bed waiting for her to go to sleep. She then complained that the lamp, the only source of light in the room, was keeping her awake so I knocked it off and ended up sitting in the darkness. About three times I suspected she had finally gone to sleep but each time…

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I wonder where all this will lead us to…?

Hercule Poirot

Je me demande bien où tout ceci va nous mener…?

You tell me because I haven’t the faintest clue…

The old woman in black with the glasses?

Valéry Forand Blanche and Frobe

The woman in black next to Valeda Forand behind the two little boys?

Valéry Forand Blanche and Frobe

Not the two little boys because I have talked about them on this blog as well as their father Frobe Lagasse on the extreme right in the first rwo.

Valéry Forand Blanche and Frobe

Everything is on the blog.

file Frobe Lagasse

The man in the second row on the right behind the woman with a white blouse?

Valéry Forand Blanche and Frobe

I thought you’d never asked!

Elphege Lagasse

Elphege Lagasse