Chronology: No. 51 O.T.U.

Pierre Lagacé:

About Ensign Richard Eric Grinndal…

Sometimes there is something telling me that I should write something about someone on my blog Our Ancestors.

Originally posted on RAF 23 Squadron:

This picture could have been taken at No. 51 O.T.U. but I am not sure.


No 51 O.T.U. was stationed at RAF Cranfield.  From 27 March 1944 to 16 October 1944 R.C. Harris was posted there.  He was a navigator radar operator and flew on Beaufighters, Wellingtons, Beauforts, and Airspeed Oxfords.

This page from the logbook is interesting in a way as well as the message from Robert.

Hello Pierre!

I have learned so much from reading the latest blog update.  I had never heard of the Havocs with searchlights linked to the Hurricanes!

One log book scan shows my father as instructor to an American – wonder what happened to him! I have attached some other log book extracts which I hope you will find of some use.

Can’t thank you enough for all the work on 23 squadron and beyond.

Kind regards – Rob

One log book scan…

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Comment From Susan

500th post on my blog Our Ancestors!

I wanted to keep a low profile for the summer, but this comment from Susan is too interesting to leave it in the comment section and be missed by my readers.

My mother, for a while, and my aunt went to St. Anne’s Academy, a boarding school with girls from all over the world, and of course locals. It is now low-income housing!! 

I remember my mother taking me there. Fearfully institutional!! 

Some of  the nuns, (help me out here) Soeurs de Ste. Anne (??) were experts at invisible mending. I’m sure they charged a fee!  Anyhow, the stories I’ve heard about that Academie! 

The grammar school was St. Anthony’s, yes, Pam, French and English.  My gggrandmother Bertrand (nee Gaudet) from Memramcooke, CA insisted on Francais in her home, no parle Anglaise (Am I doing this right?) 

I have a rich heritage on that Hill that I only came to appreciate lately.
I even belonged to the Marlborough Historical Society!! but never delved into my French Hill roots.
I guess I thought I  knew it all !

No parle Anglaise?

Ne parle pas en anglais… Do not speak in English…

Susan’s gggrandmother wanted to keep her descendants remembering their roots.

Going Back in Time With Celina

Pam never expected her friend Susan and I were related somehow. I never expected it also. Celina Marineau is one of Susan’s ancestors. Celina would be this man’s sister.

Jean-Baptiste Marineau

Jean-Baptiste Marineau

I wrote about Jean-Baptiste Marineau, the son of Jean-Baptiste Marineau and Marie-Jeanne Lauzé. Jean-Baptiste is Barbara Marineau’s ancestors.

I never talked that much about Barbara. I only share what people allow me to share with you on this blog. Barbara has shared a lot and I was able to link Barbara to her anccestors and her family history. 

These two posts were part of four posts I wrote about the Marineaus. Something terrible had happened on March 10, 1838 in St-Eustache.

It all started on December 14, 1838.

Click here.

Going back in time with Celina Marineau in one of the darkest period of Quebec’s history.

Car Craziness

Pierre Lagacé:

A blogger that 4 out of 5 dentists recommend.
I am not a dentist, but I recommend it too.

Originally posted on itinerantneerdowell:

“How do I love thee? let me count the ways.” These words from Shakespeare apply to America’s love affair with the automobile.  Maybe the relationship has soured a bit over the years.  Certainly the cost of maintaining the relationship has skyrocketed.  My Dad was a car nut.  He loved his cars and derived satisfaction from them.  It was a part of his personality.  My Mother found it hard to understand.  She tolerated Dad’s other love affair.  It’s easy to spot a true car nut.  They’re  constantly polishing and fussing with their “babies.” For others, cars are merely appliances.  I’ve ridden in cars owned by non-car nuts.  They’re rolling trash cans.  Sometimes there’s barely room for your feet.  They stack things on the cars hood and trunk oblivious to what it does to the finish.  Radio volume knobs are turned up to drown out car noises.  It makes me cringe in disgust to think about it.

I caught car craziness from Dad. …

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1958 Buick Century

This 1958 Buick Century is owned by Claude Chouinard.


Beautiful 1958 Buick Century

That’s the Father’s Day Mystery Car. A car speaking to us with her large mouth all covered with chrome!

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You can read about it on this site. (in French) 

Happy Father’s Day

If you try to use automatic translation to translate my post on Father’s Day 2013 on my blog Nos ancêtres, you would probably get Lost in translation.

I would  not like that at all so here is my translation of this post.

This is the original post in French.

After you will find the translation.

On ne peut passer incognito quand on roule avec une belle voiture antique comme celle-ci. Elle était devant moi et le conducteur tournait à droite sur le rang de la Deuxième Chaloupe à Notre-Dame-des-Prairies.

photo4393_002Je tournais également sur le rang de la Deuxième Chaloupe en quittant la 131 en arrivant à la ferme Régis.

Ma femme adore s’y arrêter.

Mon destin était au rendez-vous, car la belle voiture donc je tairai le nom pour vous faire languir, mais que j’avais reconnu dans ma tête de petit enfant, s’engagea dans le stationnement de la ferme Régis. Je me garai à ses côtés, j’arrêtai mon moteur et je débouclai ma ceinture laissant femme, fille et petite-fille toute pantoites (sic).

Après quelques secondes de bouche bée, j’engageai la conversation avec le conducteur.

J’avais du mal à contrôler mon émerveillement et les mots arrivaient à peine à sortir. Heureusement que le propriétaire de cette belle Américaine avait dû en voir d’autres aussi excités complètement gagas devant sa belle voiture.

Je vous passerai les détails, mais j’ai complètement ignoré ma femme, ma fille et ma petite-fille qui étaient disparues du stationnement…

Puis-je prendre des photos? demandai-je. Le oui fut suivi d’une série de photos entrecoupées par une série de questions et de réponses sur la voiture.


Photo4386un petite indice en attendant

Voici ma première vraie photo. Je me trouvais transporté dans le temps en 1958 sur la rue Davidson à Montréal, précisément au 2120, appartement 1.

Photo4388Le père de mon ami qui habitait au 2118 en possédait une. Je me rappelle qu’il vendait des assurances. C’est drôle comment nos souvenirs d’enfance sont reliés aux automobiles…

Pierre 046




1951 Pontiac Foldout-02-03

Mes petits-enfants se rappelleront toute leur vie du char de leur grand-père…

Toyota-Camry-Hybrid-2012-1Camry hybride XLE 2012

Mais là je m’éloigne de mon propos.

Et vous?

Avez-vous des photos ou des anecdotes à partager?

En passant, quand je vois une Buick, je pense toujours à mon père.

GM Golden Five



No one can go unnoticed when they are driving a beautiful old classic car like this one. She was in front of me and the driver was turning right on the Deuxième Chaloupe Road in Notre-Dame-des-Prairies.

photo4393_002I was also turning right on la Deuxième Chaloupe Road leaving Route 131 arriving at ferme Régis.

My wife loves to stop there for her fruits and vegetables.

My destiny was waiting there for me because the beautiful classic car that I won’t divulge the make yet just to toy with you a little bit. I had recognized the make of the car in my little boy’s head, and I pulled up into the parking lot of ferme Régis. I parked my car alongside, stopped the motor and unbuckled leaving my wife, my daughter and my granddaughter completely stunned.

After a few seconds where I was speechless, I engaged conversation with the driver.

I had trouble controlling my wonderment and I was opened-mouth. Luckily for me the car owner had probably seen such reactions from people completely excited and speechless in front of this beautiful classic car.

I will spare you the details, but I completely ignored my wife, my daughter and my granddaughter who had left the parking lot…

May I take some pictures? I asked the man. His positive response was quickly followed by a series of photos only interrupted by a series of questions and answers about the car.

Photo4387car trunk

Photo4386a small clue before I give you the car make…

This is my first shot.

I was transported through time in 1958 on Davidson Street in Montreal, precisely at 2120 Davidson Street, apartment 1.

Photo4388My father’s friend living at 2118 Davidson Street owned one. I remember he was selling life insurance. It’s funny how childhood memories are linked to cars

Pierre 046




1951 Pontiac Foldout-02-03

My grandchildren will remember all their lives the car their grandfather drove…

Toyota-Camry-Hybrid-2012-1Camry hybride XLE 2012

But I am digressing.

And you?

Do you have pictures or anecdotes to share with me?

By the way, when I see a Buick, I always think of my father.

GM Golden Five


“Nevah, nevah, nevah give up.” Winston Churchill

I told Susan I was not going to post anything on my blog Our Ancestors for a while since I am concentrating on my other blogs right now.

My main interest is in WWII History and I finally found after three years of research the son of the navigator of an unknown Mosquito pilot I had became obsessed with.


He is still obsessed you know…

When Susan first sent me an e-mail, she had this quote at the end.


“Nevah, nevah, nevah give up.”   Winston Churchill

This put a smile on my face.

When Pam asked me if she could give her my e-mail, I said: “Well of course.” I never missed an opportunity.


“You nevah, nevah, nevah know.” Pierre Lagacé

This is what Susan wrote again today.


Pam said you were FAST!  she was correct! Thanks for the death cert.  I thought her father was Jean-Baptist!  Was he “Charles” here in the States?   She is buried in the same cemetery where my Pepere Bertrand is, her son Joseph. I grew up in that cemetery practically!  I lived on French Hill, the enclave where all the French Canadiens lived in Marlborough. When I’m there next I need to find that grave.  Unfortunately, since the French church on Broad St. was sold and made into condos, the French cemetery has been operated by the city.  Hope I can locate the grave. 

I’ve looked at your blog…very informative. I’ll be going back…  

Au revoir, (I remember VERY little French)   


“Nevah, nevah, nevah give up.”   Winston Churchill

French Hill, the enclave where all the French Canadiens lived in Marlborough?

I did not know that!

Susan has all of her Bertrand and Marineau lineages covered up I think. I wonder if she knows her Simoneau lineage.

“You nevah, nevah, nevah know.” Pierre Lagacé