It Has to Be…

With Odna Lagasse being finally positively identified, this has to be her sister Gertrude.

Gertrude Lagasse

This next picture has to be Gertrude Lagasse’s and Francis Spielman’s wedding on November 14, 1917.

Who's Who

That should close the book on Dennis Lagasse III’s and Amanda Ménard’s 11 children and their children’s children.

Gertrude Lagasse and Francis Spielman

How about a new book?

How about Frank Ritchie’s ancestors?

Frank Ritchie Will you be amazed.

I was!

Toni’s Monkey

Donna seems to know a whole lot more on my first cousin once removed than I do.

Antoinette Lagasse

picture from Dennis 1.1

She wrote this comment yesterday, and she has fond memories of Toni.

I remember Aunt Toni  as I knew her.  She did have the one child Raymond.  Not sure what happened to her husband, however when I was young and in school she was living with a man named George who was the custodian at my school.  Toni at that time lived in a mobile home in Plainville.  I would love going to visit her because she had a pet monkey.  It was always fun going to see her.  She seemed like a free spirit to me.

I knew a little more about Elmer the bartender.

Elmer D Perkins


Antoinette’s final resting place…

Antoinette Lagasse headstoneSame source

What about their son Raymond? I believe he died in 2002 and left no descendants to remember him.

What about C. Greer who photographed the headstones?

He or she seems a nice person.

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Antoinette Lagasse Perkins

No problem identifying Antoinette who is my first cousin once removed and Odna’s little sister.

Antoinette is in front between Ida and Joseph. Alice Rose is on the right with the big smile.

picture from Dennis 1.1

Antoinette is Toni according to Donna.

[About Odna] One of her sisters was named Mary and the youngest was Antoinette “Toni”.  Those are the two I remember knowing in my youth.

That’s the only picture I have of Toni.

I have several pictures of her sister Alice Rose who is in front on this picture.


Antoinette Lagasse was born August 1st, 1907, 105 years ago. None of her descendants has contacted me yet.

The reason is quite simple.

I have not written about her that much and I believe she had only one child: Raymond born in 1926 according to the 1940 U.S. Census.

record-image (50)

Toni married Elmer Perkins in 1925. Elmer is a bartender in 1940.

Toni’s sister Alice Rose is seen here on this picture sitting on the rear fender.

Move Over Girl on the LeftIt’s part of a bigger picture…

Move Over 1917Even bigger…

Move OverHer older sister Marie is in the driver’s seat. The other passengers are still unidentified. One woman could be either Malvina Lagasse or Lillie Lagasse, my grandfather’s sisters. The others could be Dubés or even Ritchies.

This has to be Frank Ritchie’s car.

montage Frank RitchieLike Alice Rose Lagasse, Frank Ritchie is often seen in Lionel’s old family album. Lionel’s father is on the left in the first row. 

400407_3899097790487_538459355_n But enough talking about Frank and let’s talk about Toni.

There is not much to talk about because that’s all the information I have on her, and I will probably never receive any comment from one of her descendants. 

If This Is Frank, then This Is…

How important to us if this is really Frank Ritchie with his siblings?


Who really knows if this is really Frank?

Who knows if those noses are features of the Ritchie family?


Of course this only makes sense if this is Frank Ritchie sitting beside Odna Lagasse. We are sure about Odna, but I am still unsure if Frank is really beside her.

However this man seems to be on several pictures in Lionel Lagasse’s old family album.

Sometimes we have to got out on a limb, or under, (pun intended) to get somewhere on this blog.

five sons

One of these young women appears several times in Lionel’s old family album.


It’s only a matter of time before someone gets on the bandwagon and he or she starts getting all excited about old pictures.

Donna did and she has now a whole lot of new ancestors to get excited about…

Odna Lagasse

Amanda Ménard

Not to mention her new 2nd cousin.

So did Fran last year when she started sharing a few pictures she had and wrote this comment when Lionel Lagasse and his son Dennis shared more than 100 pictures from the old family album…

How wonderful for Lionel to share his album. It’s a delight to follow your journey of discovery, which has been expanded so much by the people you have met and through the photos they have sent. How many have wished that they had been so enriched.

I have always been amazed by the generosity of genealogists; and your blog is a shining example. Looking forward to your next entry.

So what’s that all about?

Those noses, they seem pretty similar at first glance, and five people seem related.

I know three people are: Napoleon Levi, Ida, and Odna (green circle). 


Here are some women and some men still unidentified (for now) found in Lionel’s old family album. 


These people have to be related somehow, and the more I look, the more I am sure we have found Frank Ritchie.

montage several people

Much more than an Old Picture of an Old Woman on an Old Couch

This is what I replied yesterday to Fran who left a comment after reading Amanda.


Amanda was my grandmother’s aunt.
Does Donna have any photos of Amanda’s parents or siblings, Zephirin, Marie Rose, Elmira, Napoleon, Isidore, Abline, Charles, Jean Baptiste, or Caroline, my grandmother?

That picture of Amanda is much more than an old picture of an old woman on an old couch.

Much more!

Odna Lagasse

Old couch?

One day someone will send me a picture of Henriette Alexandre, my great-grandmother who had 13 children, the last one being my grandfather Leo.

acte de deces leo lagace seniorI have all the time in the world because I am just 64 and this blog will go on forever.

This blog pays homage to my ordinary ancestors and also yours because I have shared all my research since 2009. Ordinary ancestors like Dennis Lagasse II who left this Earth in 1927…

He was 84.

Dennis Lagasse II

9 August 1842 – 5 June 1927

His father Stanislas Lagassée who also died at the age of 84.


16 February 1816 – 26 March 1900

Leo was her last child and Henriette Alexandre’s first son was Antoine.

Dennis II and Dennis II 1916

Well I think Antoine is on the left.

Antoine is resting in peace probably with his father and grandfather.

Stanislas Lagassey tombstoneSomeday I will find out more thanks to people who find this blog and are willing to share their ancestors with us.

Someday someone will send me a photo of Amanda’s parents or siblings, Zephirin, Marie Rose, Elmira, Napoleon, Isidore, Abline, Charles, Jean Baptiste, or Caroline, Fran’s grandmother.

You can also contact me using this contact form.


This is Amanda Ménard, the Mother of all your grandmothers or your great-grandmothers.

She is a very important person because you would not be reading this.

Odna Lagasse

When Donna sent this picture two weeks ago I first thought it was Amanda’s daughter Odna, but Donna told me that she was her great-grandmother Amanda.

I won’t argue with Donna. She should know more about her great-grandmother than I do.

But does she?

Amanda Ménard had 11 children.

arbre Amanda Ménard

I know everything about her children and some of her grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

Back in 2009, I did not know anything about Amanda Ménard. She had never existed nor did her husband Dennis Lagasse III, my grandfather’s brother.

Later on, Amanda became a name on an obituary full of information on her and her children.

obituary Amanda Ménard

Just like her husband Dennis Lagasse’s obituary who died in 1922.


Lots of precious information.

My grandfather died in 1964 and I believe he never talked to me once in his life

Grandfathers seemed not to talk that much in those days to their grandchildren… 

Only on death certificates. 

acte de deces leo lagace senior

This is how I found his mother’s name: H. Alexandre. This is how this blog evolved in the first place.

Go figure why grandfathers did not talk much to their grandchildren. I am sure my great-grandfather Dennis Lagasse II talked to them a lot…

He must have been well ahead of his time.

picture from Dennis 2Dennis Lagasse II with his grandchilden Harvey and Marie,
children of Dennis Lagasse III

On this picture, my grandfather’s older brother Dennis Lagasse III (Dennis was born in 1864 and Leo in 1888) is under the hat.

Four of his sons are behind him. 

Dennis Lagasse III and some of his sons

Dennis is wearing Joseph’s hat because his own hat is on top of the branches and Joseph on the right is without a hat.

I have other pictures to prove all this.

So you will have to trust me…

Napoleon Levi Lagasse is on the left, then Harvey Lagasse (whose nickname was Big Harvey, Victor Philip Lagasse, then probably what I thought was a nephew, and finally his youngest son Joseph E. Lagasse without his cap because his father is wearing it.

Now what about Amanda…

Here she is on some other pictures from the old family album of Lionel, Dennis Lagasse IV’s father. Dennis IV is the guy who has goose bumps sometimes when he reads this blog.

goose bumps ahead

Is this a wedding picture of one of her daughters…?

Who's Who Dennis Lagasse III and Amanda Ménard

It can’t be Odna Lagasse’s wedding because she married Frank Ritchie in January 1917 in Bristol, Connecticut, unless this was an early sign of global warming.

I have a theory that this is Bertha’s wedding in November 1921. I had explained this theory in this post. I also have a theory about global warming.

Don’t laugh if you have just read what I had written earlier this year!

This is why genealogy is so much fun.  You learn every day.

Amanda is seen here again probably visiting family. I can’t figure out who are the two men and I won’t even try to elaborate a theory since I don’t recognise any hats.


This is Amanda again, and I am sure she is not visiting family.


So what about Dennis Lagasse III’s real hat?

Dennis Lagasse III and some of his sons

Now I am realizing that this picture was taken the same day and the people are the same!

picture from Dennis 4.2Dennis Lagasse III’s youngest son Joseph is in front and his oldest son Harry is on the right.

And I thought it was a nephew all along!

five sons

Dennis III and his five sons

I just love to look at old pictures and finding who is who. Now when and where was it taken?

Good question… but I have no theory.


Amanda died in 1955. I was 5 years old at that time and I was (still am) living in Quebec. I never met Amanda in my lifetime…

But to think about it, I have met her with my 3rd cousin Joe from Plainville when Joe and I visited St-Thomas cemetery in 2011 and 2012.

Joe and I were  looking for Dennis Lagasse I’s and Dennis Lagasse II’s final resting place.

Stanislas Lagassey tombstone

I believe both are buried here, but their names are not inscribed.

Just another theory of mine.

Footnote to the footnote

Dennis Lagasse’s real name was Stanislas Lagacé and he was born in 1864 not in 1865. Amanda was born in 1866 and when you zoom in what seems 1868 is in fact 1866.

In genealogy you always have to get your facts right. 

Ida Lagasse a Household Name?

It should, like Dennis Lagasse II was a household name in Bristol in the 1900s.

famille Lagacé 1900

Ida Lagasse is always a smiling ancestor on many pictures sent by people who have found this blog since 2009.

Ida Lagasse

First Robin from the West Coast who sent this picture.

Ida Lagasse and sistersShe had also this one whom I first thought was Odna Lagasse.


Guess again…

I am not 100% certain she is Ida Lagasse.

That picture was part of more than 100 scanned images Robin sent me in early 2011.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Then later in 2011 Dennis Lagasse IV, a very proud descendant of this man Dennis Lagasse II, sent me more.

Dennis Lagasse IIAgain with more than 100 scanned images.

Ida Lagasse

I post everything you send me and you allow me to share it on this blog so people can one day find their roots like the relatives of this daughter of Ida Lagasse and Hector Lamothe.

I found her obituary last year.  

I never got around to post it.

Lucille Lamothe

Birth: Aug. 27, 1928

Bristol Hartford County

Connecticut, USA Death: Oct. 6, 2007

Farmington Franklin County

Maine, USA

Farmington – Lucille L. Bates, 79, of Vacation Estates Lane, passed away at her home.

She was born in Bristol, Connecticut, the daughter of Hector and Ida (Lagasse) LaMothe.

Lucille enjoyed spending her time solving cryptograms, crocheting, and knitting but her greatest joy was her family – her 8 children, 12 grandchildren, 7 great grandchildren.

She was predeceased by her beloved husband, Bernard D. Bates Jr., sisters Jeanette Taylor, Rita Creedon, and her brother William LaMothe. She is survived by her children Brian Bates of Farmington, Maine, Richard Bates and wife Vickie of Sevierville, Tennessee, Bernard D. Bates III of Farmington, Maine, Mark Bates and wife Paula of Livermore, Maine, Patricia Abbott of Washington state, Diane Bates of Farmington, Maine, Mary Bates of Sevierville, Tennessee and Linda Bates of Bangor, Maine.

She will also be greatly missed by grandchildren, Moira Strong, Sara Couture, Jacob Bates, Ronica Smith, Danielle Bates, Rebecca Couture, Amy Littlefield, Crystal Littlefield, Garth Winslow, Eric Winslow, Collin Sweatt, Stephanie Sweatt, Jenika Kelley and Jonathan Butman as well as her 7 great grandchildren, several nieces, nephews and cousins.

You can always reach me…