Ford V8 for 1935


Summer 1939?

Was it really a double marriage in 1930?

Some readers have doubts.

original couple

Collection Lionel Lagasse

I have an opened mind.

We know who these people are. Levi Napoleon Lagasse on the left with his wife Marie-Louise Dubé, and Diana Dubé with her husband John Joseph Daly. There was another photo.

Levi and Marie-Louise

Collection Lionel Lagasse

I guess that’s the wedding picture of Levi Napoleon and Marie-Louise taken August 4th, 1930.

Dating photos is most important when we are revisiting the past, but sometimes you need expert advice on cars.


Thanks to my friend Jacques Gagnon who wrote three books on old cars, I got a little closer to the truth about this photo.

Hi Pierre
Your car is probably a 1935 Ford. Some 1936 models were a copy of the 35. I base myself on the style of the ventilation slots on the side of the hood and on the little grille that we see. Another element: the bottom of the front wing. It was an extremely popular car, especially because of its V-8 engine.



Collection Lionel Lagasse

So if this car is a 1935 or 1936 Ford V-8, then John Daly Junior who looks to be about 8 years-old can’t be born in 1924. He could not be in front of a 1935 or 1936 Ford V-8 because he would be 11 or 12 years-old, Dorothy would be 10 or 11 and little Joan 9 or 10.

I still believe this photo was taken during the summer of 1939, but I can be wrong again. Being wrong since 2007 was been one of my favorite pastimes.

Why might you ask?

Because when you find the answer you feel so good, and you can move on and find more about our ancestors.


Summer 1939

It looks like a double marriage isn’t?

original couple

Collection Lionel Lagasse

We know who these people are. Levi Napoleon Lagasse on the left with his new wife Marie-Louise Dubé, and Diana Dubé with her new husband John Joseph Daly.

Marie-Louise and Diane Dubé were Olive’s sister who never married.


Collection Lionel Lagasse

Dating photos is important when we are revisiting the past.

Levi Napoleon Lagasse and Marie-Louise Dubé were married on August 4th 1930 in Bristol, Connecticut. So I figure Diana Dubé and John Joseph Daly got married on the same day. Which brings me to dating this photo with John Joseph Daly, Levi Napoleon Lagasse and Diana Dubé and John Joseph Daly’s children, John, Dorothy, and Joan Daly.


Collection Lionel Lagasse

John Daly Junior looks to be about 8 years-old, Dorothy about 7 and Joan about 5. I believe this photo would have been taken during the summer of 1939.

If you wonder why this is all important, the reason is very simple. Lionel Lagasse told his son Dennis that many photos are in the possession of the Daly family’s descendants. So if by chance you are reading this, you can add a comment or use the contact form below to leave a message.

Maybe we can revisit the past together.

Unidentified family… Since 2009

While I am waiting for you know what…

DNA Extraction
Isolating and purifying your DNA from your saliva.

This is post 1272.

Unidentified family… Since 2009
This is how I have named this old picture someone had shared in 2009 then stopped sharing for unknown reasons.mystery family

Unidentified family

I still have several unidentified people in my collection of old pictures that were shared since 2011 by my 2nd cousin once removed Dennis Lagasse IV.

This next photo isn’t, and it was a part of a large puzzle back in 2011 when Dennis’ father started recollecting about what he remembered about his grandparents’ family. Dennis Lagassey family
Puzzling as it may seem, this blog is all about looking for ancestors.
The story of Dennis Lagassey III’s family is all in Our Ancestors created in 2009. Sometimes I will scare people away with my passion for genealogy. Luckily I haven’t scare Dennis Lagasse IV who shares these new old pictures again this Sunday morning.

Dennis Lagasse and Amanda Ménard

Dennis Lagassey III and his wife Amanda Ménard

Dennis Lagasse III

Dennis Lagassey III (1864 – 1922)

original couple

Levi Napoleon Lagasse, Marie-Louise Dubé and her sister Diana Dubé with her husband John Daly.

Levi and Marie-Louise

Marie-Louise Dubé and Levi Napoleon Lagasse

Lionel Lagasse on the left

Lionel Lagasse is the last one on the left.

Lionel Lagasse on the right

Lionel Lagasse is on the right.

Amanda Ménard

Amanda Ménard (1867 -1955)

Someone else shared this picture or was it Dennis?

Dennis Lagassey family

Dennis Lagassey III and Amanda Ménard’s family circa 1914

I can identify all these people and link them to their descendants like Marie Rose Elmira who is beside her father. She married Clair Perrin Roys and she had these children:
Marie Roys 1923–
Clair Perrin Roys 1924–1998
Harold Arthur Roys Senior 1926–1983
Richard Roys 1929–

In the back row on the left is Harvey Lagasse. Harvey is the little boy with his Grandpa in 1895.
Marie Rose Elmira, 6 years-old, is the little girl.
I could go on and on writing about Dennis and Amanda’s children and their grandchildren. In fact this is what I have been doing since 2011.
This is post 1272.

Germaine Lagasse, autumn of 1914, daughter of Victor Lagasse and Alyce Myers

East Bristol 1915

East Bristol, autumn 1915

Post 1050 – Remembering Elusive Dennis (Redux)

Sometimes I get new readers who probably are wondering…

What’s this blog all about? How can someone write so much about ancestors and old pictures?

Sometimes I ask myself the same questions…, and then I revisit what I have written just like this post about my paternal great-grandfather, Elusive Dennis…

Post 1050 – Remembering Elusive Dennis

That’s quite a lot of posts for a blog about genealogy, a blog remembering this man and his descendants.

Dennis Lagasse II

Collection Dennis Lagasse IV

I can only guess his character by the pictures that have been shared by my distant cousins.

Dennis Lagasse II (1842-1927)

Collection Dennis Lagasse IV

I’m sure my great-grandfather was a great family man.

Dennis Lagasse wedding pictureCollection Dennis Lagasse IV

Elusive Dennis

Collection Dennis Lagasse IV

Someone once called him Elusive Dennis because she was looking for who was this man sitting beside her great-grandfather Peter Lagasse.

Pierre Lagasse and Stanislas Lagasse

Peter and his brother Dennis

Dennis Lagasse’s real name was Stanislas Lagacé, son of Stanislas Lagacé and Onésime Cadieux.

This next picture made Stanislas famous, at least on Our Ancestors, as well as his son Dennis Lagassey III, his grandson Harry Lagasse and his great-grandson Gerard Lagasse born June 9, 1916.


four generations of Lagasse

Dennis Lagassey III is seen here with his five sons: Levi Napoleon, Harvey, Victor Philippe, Harry, and Joseph.

Dennis Lagasse III and some of his sons

Collection Dennis Lagasse IV

I know all about Dennis Lagassey III and his five sons. I also know all about his daughters: Rose (beside her father), Ida, Bertha, Odna, Gertrude, and in front Antoinette, and Alice.

picture from Dennis 1.1

I know all about his wife Amanda Ménard.


So what about Elusive Dennis on this group picture?

27 people.

Elusive Dennis

I know where Elusive Dennis is, but with Amanda Ménard on the extreme left in the third row I can’t positively identify anyone else. I have a hunch though we have a bunch of Dubes…Dubés…Dubeys on this group picture.

2 out of 27, that ain’t much!

Post 1050…

That’s the reason I have been posting so much since 2009, and have replied to every comment left on this blog about remembering Elusive Dennis.

Dennis II and Dennis III

I should ease up a bit don’t you think?

Preserving the Past

Dennis Lagasse and I are preserving the past since 2011.

Dennis scans old pictures, and I write about them. Little by little we add names to loved ones most of whom we didn’t know had ever existed. People whose names would have never appeared in history books.

To be continued…

About Délia, Élise and Joséphine Dubé

It has been quite a busy week genealogy wise. First it was about Pamela Dubé

Pamela Dubé 1863-1946

Then a request about Firmin

Then Sadie Burby

Then a descendant who wrote a comment about his great-grandfather on the French version of this blog.

These are five photos from Lionel Lagasse’s collection of old pictures. The young woman is his mother Marie-Louise Dubé.

Lionel’s son Dennis had shared more than 100 old photos on Our Ancestors since 2011. This next photo is not from him, but from Claude Leblanc who last week saw my French version of Our Ancestors.


Collection Claude Leblanc

He wrote a comment telling me his great-grandfather was Pierre Dubé and his great-grandmother was Emma Sévigny. They were Marie-Louise Dubé’s parents.

Claude did not know about Marie-Louise, but he knew all about Pierre Dubé and Emma Sévigny seen on the left with Olive Dubé on one of Lionel’s collection of old pictures.

But is the young woman really Olive Dubé or could she be Diana Dubé?
Olive Dubé with her mother Emma Sévigny

Collection Lionel Lagasse

Délia, Élise and Joséphine Dubé were Marie-Louise Dubé’s sisters seen here in the middle of this next photo with two unidentified young women.

Marie-Louise Dubé and sisters

Collection Lionel Lagasse

In Lionel’s collection there was this photo where he had identified Diana as the woman holding up the child, his mother Marie-Louise sitting and Olive behind a little girl.

Daly and-Dubé family

Collection Lionel Lagasse

He had also this one photo showing what he told me were John Daly and Diana Dubé in Val-Racine.

John Daly and Diana Dubé

Collection Dennis Lagasse

I am no longer sure that Diana Dubé is the woman holding a small child in her arms and Olive is Olive.Daly and-Dubé family

Instead the sister holding the child would be Joséphine Dubé who is seen here sitting on the right with her sisters Délia on the left and Élise in the middle.Dubé-3soeurs

Behind Joséphine is her husband Arthur Dupuis. The little guy with the cap would be Joseph Dupuis. His younger brother Alphonse would be on the left with the white hat. Alphonse Dupuis was the son of Arthur Dupuis and Joséphine Dubé. He later  married Annette Dumoulin, born in Notre-Dame-des-Bois in 1914.

Annette Dumoulin I found her last week on Find a Grave.

Annette A. Dupuis 1914 -2010 Brunswick – Annette A. Dupuis 96, of Sunny Brook Village, 340 Bath Rd. Brunswick, Maine; formerly of Rumford, Maine died. She was born in Notre Dame des Bois, Canada. She was the daughter of the late Hermidas and Sara Lussier Dumoulin and was married to Alphonse Dupuis who was deceased in January of 1977. She was also the sister of Armand Dumoulin formerly of Rumford. Mrs. Dupuis was a former member of St. John’s and St. Athanasius Parish and enjoyed cooking, knitting, quilting, playing cribbage, and loved cooking for large family gatherings.

She was the bookkeeper for the family logging company and cook for the log crew. She also did the accounting for Mount Zircon Spring Water Company, Inc. which was purchased by she and her husband in 1941 and owned until 1986.

Annette will be remembered for her loving and caring ways; and her devotion to her family, and the catholic religion. She prayed continuously for all of us. She is survived by 4 daughters, Huguette and husband Eugene of Bethel, Maine; Claire and daughter Kimberly of Bowdoinham, Maine; Diane and husband William of Bedford, New Hampshire; MarieLouise and her son Pete of Bath, Maine.

She was predeceased by her daughter Jacqueline Stone and her son Richard Dupuis.

The family wishes to thank Sunnybrook Village staff for their loving care during her last several years and Hospice volunteers for the care and support during her last hours. We are all very appreciative for all you’ve done!

Burial at Saint John’s Cemetery.

Donations in Mrs. Dupuis memory may be made to CHANS Hospice Volunteers in Brunswick, Maine.

To be continued…


Collection Claude Leblanc

More About 23andMe

While I am waiting for my 23andMe results…

Intensity Without Mastery

My mom and my sister both did the 23andMe ancestry test, and their results were ready in just 15 days from receipt at the lab where their samples were tested. This is the semi-instant gratification for which I longed back when I started genetic genealogy tests in late 2015. All 28 days I waited for my 23andMe results felt like a month a piece. I distracted my impatience by building a family tree on Ancestry; it held more than 2,000 ancestors by the time my results were ready.

In the intervening 18 months, I’ve grown attached to that initial chromosome painting. While the science behind it simply isn’t refined enough to guarantee its accuracy, it still seems the best of the geographical estimates I’ve done:

Screenshot 2017-04-28 at 9

Now that my mom’s results are ready, the company will phase our results against each other, sharpening the estimates. Once this phasing takes place, I…

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