Lost ancestors – Looking for H. Alexandre

I will  probably  have 1000 posts  on this blog by the end of 2015.

This is post no. 947.

This is not a race against time, but try stopping my grandfather if you can.

acte de deces leo lagace senior

Val d’Or Lagacé sent me this photocopied document in 2008. He was then the secretary of l’Association des Lagacé. He was the one responsible for my addiction.

Don’t blame me!

In that document was my paternal grandfather’s mother’s name: H Alexandre. That  was enough information to find  a lost child’s paternal lineage in 2009.

Pierre 1949

1949 – Moi on the hood of a Hudson taxi cab

You can also blame  Joe T. for that matter because he shared this old picture  of  Marguerite, Henriette’s  sister.

Marguerite  Alexandre

Marguerite  Alexandre was his great-great-grandmother making Joe and I 3rd cousins.

Joe lives in Connecticut where my great-grandfather Dennis Lagasse II  died  in 1927.

Dennis Lagasse II1842-1927

Connecticut  is  where  I  met  Joe in 2011. We  both  share common  interests like visiting  cemeteries…

Stanislas Lagassey tombstone

And old pictures…

I shared everything with my grandfather who, in turn, posted everything on this blog.

Did I mention Joe likes to look for other people’s ancestors also?

Unknown Women

This  is how it all  started back in 2010.

These pictures were labeled late 1890s, Bristol, Connecticut,  according  to a distant  cousin.

That’s all she knew at that time…


Flavie (Phoebe) Alexandre

1890's Bristol, Conn.

Mary Alexandre

possible Malvina Lagasse late 1890's Bristol, Conn.

Myra Alexandre

This is how my compulsive search started…

Three unknown young women who in fact were sisters.

Phoebe Alexandre

Pierre Lagacé:

From the Land of the Forgotten to the Land of the Remembered…

Written on November 2013

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This has been a long intermission.

I wonder if Steve is still with us on all this.

This is how Phoebe Alexandre looked like in 2010 when Sandy sent me a picture of an unknown young woman in the late 1890s in Bristol, Connecticut.


I am sure now this is Phoebe on this picture Joe had.

Phoebe Alexandre

I used to mixed up Phoebe and Philomène who I now know is not this young woman.

unknown young lady

Sandy wrote me two days ago.

She thinks she might be Agnes Alexandre instead and this would be her wedding picture.

about late 1890's Wedding , Bristol, Conn.

So back to the drawing board… with this montage in Joe’s collection. It was made in the 1900s trying to figure out who is who on it.

Philomène Lagacé and her daughters

This is a montage I made in 2011 showing Phoebe Alexandre with her daughter Lucille Lestage.

Montage Lucille and Phoebe

I know Lucille was her daughter born on September 1st, 1909.


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