The Quesnells and the Martells

A far and far away distant cousin sent me these old pictures and told me I could post them here on Our Ancestors with the hope of putting a name on these unknown people.


She and her distant cousins back in the United States have no idea who they are. For all they know they might be related to the Martell family or the Quesnell family who emigrated in the U.S. in the 1800s.Here is the wedding picture of Archie Quesnell and Anna Martell.

Fascinating search in the past of the history of descendants of Pierre Quesnel, one of the founding father of Montreal or descendants of Ignace Martel who I have not the faintest idea who he was.




There Is not Much that Can Stop Me… Redux

A proof to show you how finding out about your roots is so much fun…

Our Ancestors


Another Redux Post so you don’t have to read the whole blog with more than 500 posts…


When I was looking for my grandfather Leo’s ancestors, I found to my big surprise that he was living in Hartford, Connecticut with his father Stanislas, who called himself Dennis, and his mother Henriette Alexandre, who was Harriett.

Censuses are so precious to find clues about your ancestors if you know how to use them.

Léo was living with his older brother Adlore (Adélard) born in 1880. Léo was born in June 1888 and he was the last of the children.

In the 1900 U.S. census, I found out that Harriett (Henriette) had 13 children with 6 still living. That I did not know.

I had only found 12!

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Friday morning, while looking into the register of Notre-Dame-des-Anges parish in Notre-Dame…

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Such a Beautiful Picture

If you had missed what I had written four years ago…

Our Ancestors

I know I should ease up a little on Our Ancestors…

I am still unable to ascertain this is Anthony Lagasse and his first wife Delia Bertrand.

Bristol, Conn. about 1908-1909

He looks so much like his dad. He has to be Anthony.

Dennis II and Dennis II 1916Readers will understand how searching for Our Ancestors is a passion bordering on obsession.

Anthony Lagasse is in fact Antoine Lagacé born in 1863. He is the first child of Stanislas Lagacé (Dennis Lagasse II) and Henriette Alexandre.

Anthony was named after his great-grandfather Antoine Mignier dit Lagacé. 

I don’t have a picture of Henriette Alexandre to show you nor of Antoine Mignier dit Lagacé. This is the only image of Antoine Mignier dit Lagacé I can show you.

 Antoine Mignier 1797-1875

It’s the burial act of Antoine who died on February 17, 1875 in Bedford, Quebec.

I wish I could show you a picture of old Antoine and Henriette Alexandre.

I have…

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My granduncle Antoine

I have quite a few unknown people in my collection of old pictures. Every chance I get I will write something about them. This has been going on since 2009.

I am sure the lady on the left is Ida Lagasse. Not sure about the lady on the right whom I think could be her sister Odna. No idea yet who is the soldier although I know William and Joseph Lagasse, two sons of mon grand-oncle Antoine, were in the first battle of the U.S. Army in France during World War One. William was killed and Joseph taken prisoners.

How’s that for a history lesson.

This is a beautiful old picture which someone sent me in 2010. I filed it under the name bristol-conn-about-1908-1909.

I believe this couple is my granduncle Antoine Lagasse with his wife Delia Bertrand. The man has an uncanny ressemblance with my great-grandfather Dennis Lagasse.

Well sort of…

That’s the only clue I have with the hint that this picture is part of the same collection of old pictures.

Dennis II with his son Dennis III and Harry Lagasse with little Gerard.

This is Antoine’s family tree on Ancestry that I gladly share with unknown relatives.


Here is a picture of Antoine’s headstone I took in 2011 when I visited St. Thomas Cemetery with 3rd cousin Joe.

Joe and I have become inseparable since 2011. I wish I could visit him every year, but life as a way to get in the way… Lately I got a few comments by distant relatives some I most probably scared away with this obsession for writing about dead people.

I can live with that.

So what about my granduncle Antoine?

Jean-Baptiste Gemme dit Bellegarde

Finding that your ancestor was part of Quebec’s history might be a revelation.

Jean-Baptiste Gemme dit Bellegarde was General Montcalm’s aide de camp. He was there when Montcalm died.

There is a a legend about a watch Montcalm gave to his aide de camp. I found it on the Internet.

Jean-Baptiste Gemme dit Bellegarde was the ancestor of Thomas Gemme or Jamme.

Thomas was the first settler in Roberval, Quebec. Some of his descendants emigrated to the United States.

One was Thomas Jam whose brother Henri married Delphine Cauchon, Alfred Cauchon’s sister.

Collection M. Miller

In homage to Thomas, I did this colorised version of an old picture.

And added this for his lovely wife Justine Lizotte.

Collection M. Miller

50 years later

This was found in 1967 by someone who had bought a house in Laterrière, Québec.

On the back there was a name…

The person who was asking for my help had always thought it was about a man called Alfred Bouchard from La Malbaie in the Charlevoix region.

But when I took a look at the back I could not make out the name Bouchard but something more like Bouchon…

So I started looking for some Alfred Bouchons in La Malbaie who might have lived in the 1800s. Lo and behold there were none. What I found instead was a lot of Cauchons.

So the name of the man on that image was most probably Alfred Cauchon from La Malbaie or someone by that name who had ordered a picture of his ancestors to be framed, especially with the number 6645 written on the back.

With just these few clues I began looking for all the Alfred Cauchons in the Charlevoix region in the hope of finding who was on that image and solving a 50 year-old mystery.

What I found instead was more than I had bargained for. I found on Find a Grave a descendant of Jean-Baptiste Gemme dit Bellegarde who was General Montcalm’s aide de camp.

Sometimes I get a request…

Sometimes I get a request and there is no follow-up.

Sometimes the floodgates open wide!

This is what I got two weeks ago on the French version of this blog.

This is what was written on the back.

I will tell you more about it next time as I want to keep my posts short during summer.

Welcome to Madawaska, Maine

I was sure some Olsime Lagasse’s descendants would have like very much to virtually visit Madawaska, Maine.

I was not meant to be.

Finding Alsime Lagasse aka Onésime Lagassé in the future might be a Mission Impossible for any of his descendants or his relatives’ descendants since no one has ever linked him before with André Mignier dit l’Agacé.

Unless I had started writing about him here…

Hi Pierre,

My grandmother was the daughter of Olsime Lagasse. Olsime’s parents appear to have been Julien Wilfred Lagasse and Clarisse Lagasse. I’ve noticed you have a Julien Lagasse in your family tree. Perhaps it’s the same one? I’m trying to figure out how Olsime’s wife had the same last name as him, I can not find a different last name on her and I haven’t been able to find any information past Julien and Clarisse. If we do in fact have a relative connection would you mind sharing pictures and information you have, please?

Sometimes people write, and I believe I scare them away with all that I have been writing on Our Ancestors.

This is post No. 1221.

Revisiting the Past

In 2010, Alyce and I met through the Internet. We were third cousins but we did not know that at the time. How we met is quite incredible voyage through time. Alyce had left a message in 2000 on a genealogy forum. I answered back but I never thought that she would reply

She did!

Since then, together we made many many people happy through our mutual interest for preserving the past. This is by far one of my favorite pictures from her collection of old pictures she once thought throwing away since she had no idea who were these people if I remember correctly.

I could write a lot about who’s who on that picture.

In fact I did just that except for one person on that 1921 picture who is sitting on the chair. Olivine, Idala Lagasse’s second wife.

In 2010 we only had her first name and a few pictures, but then in 2015, a reader of Nos ancêtres, the French version of Our Ancestors found my blog…

She had her surname…


Olivine Poupard – LifeStory

Idala Antoine Lagasse – LifeStory


Every picture tells a story

This has to be my favourite picture. Well one of my favourite of close to 5,000 pictures of our ancestors. Most were shared by virtual friends on the Internet.

Of those virtual friends three I met in person. All were third cousins: Sandy, Joe, and Frank. Everyone trusted me with their ancestors and their old pictures. They are all here on this blog.

This one came from Alyce whom I never met in person.

In 2010 Alyce had asked for my help in finding who was who on her old pictures.

How could I resist…

The more photos she sent the more I was able to find her lost ancestors and unknown distant cousins like the Moreaus…

And Olivine Poupard.