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Pierre Lagacé:

A story from down under…

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Last week I was a bit out of sorts about things and I decided to wipe out a lot of my posts and start a completely new one. I won’t explain why but after a few days I decided I had taken the wrong path so I wiped out the new blog and am going to re-vamp this one. One of the things I want to do is to include a little bit of my personal history. So here goes.

I was born in 1943 and we lived in Tyabb until the end of 1948 and then we went to South Australia. Tyabb was a little country town on the Mornington Peninsular south of the city of Melbourne. We were all too young to remember much but there are some deep seated memories that have been reenforced by repeated telling. It was a small farm, with no motorised devices and hay…

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Just let’s call it a hobby… – Jeannette Ida Lamothe – Redux

I never had someone writing  me on this blog about the Lamothes.Frank Ritchie - Hector Lamothe - Levi Napoleon Lagasse - ? - ? - Ida and Odna Lagasse

They ought to because I can trace their roots for free.

Loyal readers know all about Ida Lagasse I had mistaken in 2011 for Odna Lagasse whom I had called Edna.


Not Edna, not even Odna…Ida!

Honest mistake…

Ida Lagasse married Hector Philias Lamothe who I thought had married this handsome man seen here.

wrong Hector

Honest mistake…

Ida (Aunt Ida) was there in the front row.

Wrong Hector was also seen in different old pictures as well as Aunt Ida.

montage several people

Then I had this flash!

man with car

Honest I did.

Just Let’s Pretend for a Moment…

Pierre Lagacé:

Just a hobby…

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You are in front of your computer and you are searching for some ancestors.

comp018Ida Laga…
Darn! How do they spell Lagacé?

Let’s say Ida Lagasse or Ida Lagasse Lamothe or Ida Lagassee Lamoth or Ida Lagassey Lamott… married to Hector Lamothe.


You probably won’t get much results on Google.

Google Ida LagasseApart from Ida – or Ida at Amazon, your attention will probably get directed to my blog and start wondering what’s this blog is all about.

Having to read more than 500 posts by someone who seems a bit carried away by his ancestors and some old pictures might be a deterrent.

Unless you’re a curious person and you look at this picture.

556630_3899069589782_1630704891_nI have a theory who these people are and when that picture was taken…

Ida who?

Ida file

Now just try to Google Odna Lagasse…

You will see what I mean.

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Dennis Lagasse… Who do you think you are?

Pierre Lagacé:

Almost four years ago…this is how I first met Dennis Lagasse IV, before he found all about his French-Canadian roots, and shared more than 100 pictures from his father’s collection of old pictures.

Let’s just say it made my day.

Originally posted on Our Ancestors:

Sometimes I think I scare people away with my passion for genealogy.

I hope I won’t scare Dennis away. If you pass the test and you are not afraid, then you are in for a big surprise…

I am a very serious person and I am very respectful of others. Joe and Sandy know that because they met me in person last month.

And they were not scared a wee bit…


Dennis Lagasse…Who do you think you are?

Dennis is a direct descendant of Dennis 1816, Dennis 1842 and Dennis 1864… He lives in Connecticut where these Dennises are buried.

Dennis put a comment on my blog about genealogy this week… I don’t think I scared him away because he sent me this e-mail… when I first replied to his comment.

Hello Pierre,

I just talked to my dad… and he’s sending me a copy of the pictures he…

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