I Understand

I understand Harold is trying to navigate through all the information he now has about his ancestors.

I am in no hurry.

Little Marie is in no hurry also.

picture from Dennis 2

Nor is her grandfather Dennis Lagasse aka Stanislas Lagacé born on August 9th, 1842. Nor is the little boy with Marie.

That little boy is her brother Harvey.

Someone contacted me a year or so ago. Little Harvey was in fact known to her as Big Harvey, Harvey William Lagasse Senior.

Harvey William LagasseThat reader helped me find more information about him and his descendants.

She was related to Harvey William LaGassey Junior.

Harvey William LaGassey Junior

Here are Big Harvey and his wife Mae.

Harvey Lagasse and Mae

I had a lot of problem finding her maiden name. Nothing on the Internet.

My reader knew… and she had this picture I have never posted before.

Mae Cox

Mae Cox!

Click here for more on Mae…

Have a Nice Day Harold…

Type Clair Perrin Roys on Google…

This is what you will get. 

At least on google.ca…

This is how I work… putting people names on the Internet so people related to them will contact me.

No money involved, no donation.

Just pure free pleasure and joy of finding your roots and if you are lucky pictures of your ancestors…

Maybe Harold has some on this picture.

Dennis II and Dennis III So many unidentified people…

This is the post Harold found. 

Now I understand why he wrote this…

No sir I was still trying to navigate what you sent me.  Thank you  by the way.

I Had To

I just had to write an e-mail to Harold.

Hi Harold,

Have you read my blog lately?


Just in case I did not scare him away with all the information I sent him.

Harold wrote back.

No sir I was still trying to navigate what you sent me  thank you  by the way

This is what I just wrote Harold to tell him about my blog.

Hi Harold,

About my blog…

I never write about people who are living so to keep personal information out.

Feel free to share whatever information you have.
Even though my blog has some humor, it does not mean I don’t take genealogy seriously. My blog is a way to contact people related somehow to people I found out were relatives, even distant ones.

The story of Marie Lagasse is about someone we have pictures of.
I am happy to share those with you because someone shared them with me.

That’s what this blog is all about.

Have a nice day


picture from Dennis 1.1Have a nice day Harold…

Clair Perrin Roys Sr.

As a reply to a comment of one of my readers…

What a great gift…to be able to connect with the past!

I wrote this…

The problem with my blog is that there are so many gifts to open up.
Now Harold has so many pictures to look at and so many links to the past that it must be staggering at first.

This is what I have on Clair Perrin Roys Sr., Harold’s grandfather: 1942 Registration Card.

I have never had any contact with Clair Perrin Roys Sr.’s descendants before.

So I have not looked for more information on him since no one had contacted me before.

Until Harold wrote a comment.

I was just waiting for someone to write a comment and tell me more about Marie, the little girl with her grandfather Dennis Lagasse II seen here around 1895 with his two grandchidren Harvey Lagasse and Rose Elmira Lagasse (Marie).

picture from Dennis 2

Of course I have also this on Clair Perrin Roys Sr. The backside of the registration card.

White, 5′ 3″, 120, blue eyes, blonde hair, ruddy complexion.

Clair worked at Lake Compounce. We all know where Lake Compounce is don’t we?

8d34790u - Wildcat roller coaster, Lake Compounce amusement parkSource

I wonder who is “M. G.”?

I wonder if this picture sent in 2012 by Dennis Lagasse IV could be related to Clair Perrin Roys?

574757_3899112030843_924387346_nIt could since Dennis had this picture of Marie Lagasse “driving” a car…

Move Over 1917

The Jackpot

Harold hit the jackpot with this comment sent Saturday night…

Hello my name is Harold Roys Jr. My father Harold Sr died dec 25 1983… I know his mother’s name was Marie Lagasse, but know very little about his family.

This is Rose Elmira Lagasse or “Marie” as a little girl.

She’s Harold Jr’s grandmother.

picture from Dennis 2

Harold knows very little.

I know a whole lot…

This is Marie again on the porch. She’s on the left. Her father Dennis Lagasse III is beside her. Her mother Amanda Ménard is on the right.

All of Marie’s siblings are in front.

I know all about them.

picture from Dennis 1.1Jackpot!