Thanks for giving

This is my Thankgiving post to all my American friends and relatives.

Bertha and William

Bertha Lagasse and William Austin

Thanks Teresa for giving us such beautiful photos from the past.


William Austin and Bertha Lagasse


William Austin and Bertha Lagasse

Now I know who Bertha is on these pictures shared by Donna.

Alice and Bertha

Joseph Odna Alice Bertha Tony

Odna Alice Tony Bertha

Tony Alice and Bertha

Thanks Dennis for more than 100 pictures you sent me in 2012. This was one of them.

Move Over

Now I know who was sitting on the rear fender.

Well I hope I am right this time…

Bertha Lagasse


Donna’s Still Reading the Blog…


– Harold, your supper is cold!
– Donna still reading the blog Mom!

I am glad she is still reading the blog.

I am also glad she sent me this message with a picture to go along.

Lagasse family

Antoinette, Odna, Bertha, Ida and Alice


I’m still reading your blogs when I can.  Wish I had more time to devote to all the ancestry things, it does fascinate me.  I was going through some files this morning and came across an interesting picture of my grandmother (Odna) and her surviving siblings.  There’s no date on the picture but it appears to have been taken in the late 50s early 60s.  The individuals I can identify are in the front, left to right (Antoinette, Odna, Bertha, Ida and Alice).  Not sure of the men in the back.  I know they’re brothers, but not sure who is who.

Most beautiful picture of eight of the eleven children of Dennis Lagasse III and Amanda Ménard: Antoinette, Odna, Bertha, Ida and Alice… and Levi Napoleon, Victor Philippe and Harvey.

You remember Harvey don’t you?

The little boy on that picture with his grandfather and his big sister Marie Rose Elmira taken around 1895.

picture from Dennis 2

Here he is again on the right on a picture sent my Marianne…

Harvey William Lagasse

I know Marianne will be glad to see this new picture of her great-grandfather!

I wonder if Marianne still reads this blog. I know Dennis IV does.

Lagasse family identification

Where’s Edna

I hope Donna will read this post and will tell me where’s Edna on this picture.

I have some family pictures to share like Dennis Lagasse IV did in 2011 when he sent me this one and then 100 more!

picture from Dennis 1.1

Donna wrote a comment. She is Edna’s granddaughter and she has heard about her uncles William and Robert Ritchie.

What is so important about having heard about her uncles?



And this…

William Ritchie

Donna wrote this comment yesterday about this post.

Thank you or this blog. Odna Ritchie was my grandmother.  My mother Doris was the youngest of her 6 children.  William and Robert were the Uncles I never got to meet.  My mother talked of them often.

Lawrence Lagasse Redux

This is about the same article I posted two years ago. I was writing about someone who wrote a comment on this blog. 

Let’s go back in time…


I knew Harry Lagasse had a second son whose name was Laurent or Lawrence. His first son was Gerard H. Lagasse seen here with his father, his grandfather and his great-grandfather.

Dennis IV broke the news about Lawrence when he sent me these newspaper clippings.

The plane that crashed as a WACO 10.

I don’t know if Harry Lagasse had any other children beside Lawrence and Gerard. It must have been a terrible news for Anna Campbell, Lawrence’s mother.

close-up Anna Campbell and Harvey LagasseAnna Campbell and Harry Lagasse

I don’t have any more information about this family.

Maybe someday someone will write me a comment like this person who said Gerard H. Lagasse was his father.

This is what he wrote…

Hi Pierre
I am the first son of Gerard H Lagasse and would be glad to share info. with you.


He never wrote back.


I probably scared him away with all this genealogy thing or his computer broke… or this person tried to be funny and tried to pull a prank. but I am not sure about it.

He could not have made up such a story.

Click here…

Much More Than a Burial Act

This is much more than a burial act.

Antoine Mignier 1797-1875

19 February 1875

Just look who signed!

Pierre Lagassé

P A. Lagassé

Henry Lagassé

N. A. Doré

Isidor Lagassé

François Xavier Lagassé

Now look again… with someone’s picture.

This is P A. Lagassé.

Adolphe Lagasse

Pierre-Adolphe Lagasse

Pierre-Adolphe Lagasse was Antoine’s grandson. Henry, Isidore were also Antoine’s grandsons. The first person who signed as a witness to Antoine’s burial was his son Pierre, Pierre-Adolphe’s father.

Pierre is a common given name with the Lagacés as you can tell by the guy who is writing this blog…


Pierre Lagacé

My journey to find my ancestors started in 2007 and the journey to find your ancestors started in 2009. There is a wonderful story that evolved from my search for your ancestors.

It started with this… which led to this… and this…

and this…

and this.

So in a sense this is much more than a common burial act...

Antoine Mignier 1797-1875

It’s about my great-great-great-grandfather’s burial act.

Now what about this baptisimal act of Jean-Antoine Migné dit Lagassé?

Same ancestor.

Antoine 179722 September 1797, born this morning!

Such a Beautiful Picture

I know I should ease up a little on Our Ancestors…

I am still unable to ascertain this is Anthony Lagasse and his first wife Delia Bertrand.

Bristol, Conn. about 1908-1909

He looks so much like his dad. He has to be Anthony.

Dennis II and Dennis II 1916Readers will understand how searching for Our Ancestors is a passion bordering on obsession.

Anthony Lagasse is in fact Antoine Lagacé born in 1863. He is the first child of Stanislas Lagacé (Dennis Lagasse II) and Henriette Alexandre.

Anthony was named after his great-grandfather Antoine Mignier dit Lagacé. 

I don’t have a picture of Henriette Alexandre to show you nor of Antoine Mignier dit Lagacé. This is the only image of Antoine Mignier dit Lagacé I can show you.

 Antoine Mignier 1797-1875

It’s the burial act of Antoine who died on February 17, 1875 in Bedford, Quebec.

I wish I could show you a picture of old Antoine and Henriette Alexandre.

I have so many pictures with unidentified women readers shared. Here are just a few.

young woman Bristol young woman Adams Mass young woman Adams Mass 1 woman Pittsfield woman New York woman Adams Mass woman Adams Mass 1 old woman Adams Mass Bennington woman Woman 9 Woman 8 Woman 6 Woman 5 Woman 4 Woman 3 Woman 1

I am sure Henriette is not one of them.  

But that’s okay. I just wanted to show them.

Now can you imagine finding my blog and starting to write about your ancestors and putting a name on one of these old cabinet cards.


I have seen everything while searching for my Lagacé lineage.

But this beats everything.


Click here.

This woman is in fact Josephine Lagasse.

We are surely related but I can’t find how.

Someone asked me for my help when she stumbled on my Ancestry family tree. She wanted to know if Anthony Lagasse born in 1863 could be related to Josephine born around 1861 in Vermont.

It was quite plausible since Anthony was also born in Vermont. Josephine can’t be related though because Anthony’s parents were married in 1862. This is Anthony’s father.

Dennis Lagasse II

Déjà vu…

Josephine Lagasse married David Breault. David Breault died in 1900 and Josephine Lagasse’s name is entered as Josephine Breanlt (sic), a widow in 1900, with four children: Edna, Amédée, Lewis and Cecilia.

1900 Josephine LagasseCecilia Breault 1900

In 1910, 1920, and 1930 she is living with her daughter Edna and her son-in-law Achilles Séguin.

In 1940 Josephine is living with her daughter Cecilia in California as we can see in the 1940 Census.

Josephine is probably the one who died in 1943. Her father’s name is Ligeose which is most probably Lagasse.

Josephine is said to have been born on December 25, 1860 in Vermont.

Name: Josephine Mary Breault
Event Type: Death
Event Date: 11 Sep 1943
Event Place: Los Angeles, California, United States
Birth Date: 25 Dec 1860
Birthplace: Vermont
Gender: Female
Father’s Name: Ligeose
Mother’s Name: Lafayette

I have search all day for her Lagacé lineage but I am stuck with only one clue…


Sometimes you reach a dead end when looking for someone, but we have to keep the faith like this picture which I believe is a photograph of Anthony Lagasse born in Vermont in 1863 with his first wife Delia Bertrand.

Bristol, Conn. about 1908-1909

 He is still not 100% sure about us you know Delia…

Anthony LagassseAnthony Lagasse is resting in peace in St. Joseph Cemetery. Sometimes we have to let go with our search for our ancestors.

 Easier said than done…

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Denis Lagasser

Click here.

Hard to link Dennis Lagasse II aka Stanislas Lagacé II to this Denis Lagasser in the 1920 U.S. Census.

Denis Lagasser 1920

Denis or Dennis or Stanislas was a widower in 1920.

Dennis Lagasse II1842-1927

Lavina Duke was a widow in 1920. Dennis was living with his daughter and her children probably since 1907 after the death of his wife Henriette Alexandre.

Lavina Duke was not her real name. Her name was in fact Malvina Lagacé Dubé. Her husband was Joseph Dubé and not Duke. So you see how it’s hard for someone to link this ancestor to his or her family tree…

1920 Denis Lagasser

Here is Malvina in the 1910 U.S. Census… Melvina Dube.

Dennis Lagasse 1910Again wrong given name, but right surname. Malvina is a widow. Joseph Dubé probably died after 1906 because he fathered a child, Marie Louise who is four years-old in 1910.

This is where I come in if you are related to Joseph, Irene, Alice, Bernice or Louise Dube. I can help with your Dubé and Lagacé ancestors.

Then this is where you come in and to try help me identify these people on this picture.

Dennis Lagasse wedding pictureThis is how Dennis IV and I connected in 2011 and how he shared more than 100 pictures.

This is one of them.

This has to be a wedding picture taken around 1920. Dennis II is there in the middle of the last row. His son Dennis III is in the middle above the newly-weds. I am still searching who they are. I believe this is Bertha Lagasse, Dennis III’s daughter.

It would make sense.

I believe Malvina is next to Dennis II on the left side in the white blouse as well as Lillie Lagasse his other daughter with her husband Eugene Dube by her side.

It would make sense since the Dubés and the Lagacés were very close to each other…

Down the road, I hope, someone will be able to help with putting names on people still unidentified on the picture above just like I helped someone back in 2009 in identifying these four persons on this picture.

She wanted to throw this picture away.

4-generations-of-lagasseDennis II, Dennis III, his son Harry with his son Gerard H. Lagasse born June 9th, 1916 and who died on March 25, 1998.

I think Gerard H. Lagasse never got married so no one is looking for him.

No one except myself…

Dennis Lagasse III

I think I take genealogy and our ancestors too seriously. Sometimes my posts are long and confusing.

This is Dennis Lagasse IV’s great-grandfather. He’s the man under the hat stuck on branches. Dennis III is also my granduncle since he was the brother of my other granduncle Adelord and of my grandfather Philip Lagasse from Canada.

Dennis Lagasse III and some of his sonsDennis Lagasse III is seen with four of his sons: Napoleon Levi (Dennis IV’s grandfather), Harvey, Victor, and Joseph on the extreme right.

The young man between Joseph Lagasse and Victor Lagasse has yet to be identified.

Dennis Lagasse III is the son of Dennis Lagasse II who was the son of Dennis Lagasse I.

All these Dennises were in fact Stanislases. All except Dennis IV who knew very little about family tree back in 2011.

Pierre I can’t thank you enough for everything you’re doing, I really was lost when it came to family history. I saw photos when I was young and didn’t know much more than we came from Bristol CT. I heard once or twice about a Dennis before me that was killed at work in the 1920s but that was all I thought there was. To put names on the strangers smiling faces in the old photos gives me a sense of belonging that I’ve never felt before. I knew there had to be than just “here I am”, now I have “where I’m from” thanks to you.

Dennis Lagasse III left this world on October 21, 1922.

cemeteryStanislas Lagasse


This obituary became a kind of Rosetta stone to look for all of Dennis III’s descendants.

I knew all about Dennis Lagasse III before Dennis Lagasse IV his great-grandson contacted me back in 2011. Dennis Lagasse III was just a name and a man in a family picture sent by someone in 2009 who never stayed in touch.

Stanislas 1864

Together Dennis IV and I brought Dennis III to life again on this blog with dozen and dozen of photos. We are just waiting for someone to join in our search for unidentified ancestors.

original picture of the Lagasse family

Just waiting…

Dennis Lagasse IV in Connecticut, and Pierre in Quebec, Canada.

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I think Dennis and I take genealogy and our ancestors too seriously.