Time flies…

Post 973

Still active, but on my other blogs. I will only write from now on when someone wants to share old pictures or need my help with his or her ancestors.

band of brothers

Band of brothers

I don’t intend to reach a thousand posts just to reach that goal.

I never intended to write that much in the first place.

The Samuel LaGasse's family

Guess I got carried away.


Post 974…



Genealogy begins as an interest
becomes a hobby
continues as a vocation
takes over as an obsession
and in its last stages
is an incurable disease.

Someone once wrote that.

So true.

How would someone be writing a blog about dead people since 2009?


Two blogs in fact, one in French which started in January 2008, and this one in English you are now reading.

I am getting closer to a thousand posts on this blog. This is not by all means a goal I am setting for moi

Yesterday, I received a notification from WordPress…

A 1000 likes on Souvenirs de guerre.

athab 2

Sailors going home

Being curious led me to find my ancestors and their descendants whenever possible. Some missions were impossible, others I believe were impossible.

These two pictures come from Michael who was searching for his birthmother in 2010.

wpid-img_1569-22.jpg.jpeg IMG_1566~3Michael had few clues, but I decided to have a look. Little by little I would give him updates on my search, and feed him some information on where to look or who he might contact.

And contact he did… finding his birthmother’s relatives who shared all these old pictures…

Writing blogs begins as an interest
becomes a hobby
continues as a vocation
takes over as an obsession
and in its last stages
is an incurable disease.


Are you into genealogy?

If you’re not, then don’t start.

1861 Sault Ste Marie

1861 census page

This is post 935.

Little did I know, back in July 2007, when my brother brought me pictures to scan, that I would find so many lost ancestors.

Honoré Sauvé et Julie Leroux

Honoré Sauvé and Julie Leroux

Kenogenini Mentosaky was one of them.

Ojibwe woman

Kenogenini look alike with little Marie Dufault look alike on her back

Little Marie Dufault was 89 in 1861.

She was living with her husband Antoine Trudeau in Beloeil.

1861 Sault Ste Marie

Marie is the daughter of Louis Dufault and Kenogenini Mentosaky aka Marie-Louise Brunelle.

I have no picture to show you, only look alikes.

Ojibwe woman

Did I write that this was post 935?

Post 936…

I stand corrected.

Are you into blogging?

Antoine and Françoise

Brother  and sister reuniting Rose and  moi.

No pictures, just images from parish  registers  or census pages.



1822 26 mai Onésime Cadieux zoom

I  could go on and on with  all I found about Rose and moi, but I  have invited  Rose as an editor  on my private  Ancestry  tree so she can indulge  in her own ancestors.

Next time, who also has Ojibwe  blood.