Odna and Ida

I know Odna and Ida are on these photos sent as negatives yesterday. Not positive if the child is Harvey Lagasse Junior.

I guess the infant here with Odna is her child, either Helena Ritchie born in 1918 or Francis Richie born in 1919.
Odna Lagasse with child
My guess is it’s Helena since Odna looks younger on this photo with Helena taken on November 16, 1921.

Odna Lagasse at the wedding
Ida is also on that group picture on the right with her daughter holding on her skirt. In the back is Dennis II holding a cigar. The woman on the left might be his daughter Marguerite widow of Joseph Dubé. Next to Marguerite Lagasse might be Eugene Dubé and his wife Lillie Lagasse.
We all know who the bride is of course…

Bertha Lagasse

Bertha Lagasse

Bertha Lagasse married William Edward Austin on November 16, 1921.

Bertha and William
Bertha appears on many old pictures from Lionel Lagasse’s collection.
This one is my favorite photo.

Little by little I am able to identify people I could not identified in 2011. The more photos Dennis shares, the more I can validate who is who.
I think I know who were in the car with Bertha around 1917 in Connecticut.
Move Over
To be continued…

Intermission – Every picture tells a story…

This post has been in the works since last February when Julie contacted me.

Every picture tells a story on Our Ancestors.

That’s the reason I get so excited with old pictures especially when I see people whom I don’t know and Dennis shared lots of those yesterday.

This one was not in the lot…

1947 family reunion

I think my 23andMe cousin Alyce sent me that picture a few years back.

I had figured it was a family reunion. At first I had thought it had been taken when these people got together when her Alyce’s grandfather Idala Lagasse died in 1947, but people are smiling so I had figured it was not about a funeral.
The man seen sitting is Eugene Moreau. His wife Rose Marie Louise Bernadette Lagasse Moreau is beside him.

Rose Lagasse

Rose Marie Louise Bernadette Lagasse

Eugene and Rose got married on November 4, 1912.

Eugène Moreau et Rose Lagacé

They had three children.
Two daughers…

two little girls

Rose Alice Moreau and Beatrice Cecile Moreau

and an adopted son…

Eugene Moreau

Eugene Moreau

Eugene Moreau became a sailor…

Unknown...Maybe Eugene Moreau taken June 1944 by Cherry & co. Inc. New Bedford

That was the only thing I knew about him.

Rose Alice Moreau and Beatrice Cecile Moreau are on the group picture.

1947 family reunion

Rose Alice is on the left with her husband Teddy Girard. Next to her is her brother Eugene Moreau and his wife Verness Estelle Byrd. Next to Verness is probably Beatrice Cecile’s husband, Louis, but we don’t know his surname.

Every picture tells a story even though it may take years to find out who is on it. Years is what it took for someone related to Theodore (Teddy) Girard to find Our Ancestors.

Hi, I have enjoyed watching your Lagasse search. My great-grandparents are, Leocadie Messier & Edouard Roussell or Rousselle. Their daughter Albina Roussell married Louis Lagasse,
Louis Lagasse 1876–1953
Albina Roussel 1879–1963
Marriage: 1 Jun 1897
New Bedford, Bristol, Massachusetts.
Louis’ parents are: Joseph Lagace 1853–Deceased and Salomee Pollender 1849–1926
Marriage: 4 Oct 1870
Bedford, Stanbridge Twp., Mississquoi City, Quebec
I do have some pictures, not sure how to add them.

Have some pictures, not sure how to add them…?
I know how…

Mae Cox and her son?

I knew I had seen that face before.

mother and son

And the house where Dennis Lagassey III was standing with a pipe in his hand…

Dennis Lagasse III

Mae Cox is seen again here with his husband Harvey Lagasse Senior on the left, her father-in-law Dennis III, and her brother-in-law Victor Lagasse with a cigarette.


Mae is also here with Harvey and her husband’s parents Amanda and Dennis.

Amanda Ménard - Dennis Lagassey III - Mae Cox and husband Harvey Lagasse

She is seen here also in the middle behind her husband. I can’t identify who are the others in the group.

center Harvey Lagasse with wife Mae Cox

She is seen here once again. Same dress, same necklace, and same house.

Mae Cox? - Amanda Ménard - ?

So who could be the little boy with her?

mother and son

How about her son Harvey Lagasse Junior born December 12, 1923?

Harvey Lagasse Junior




Breaking news!

negatives (2)

100 year-old negatives!

All from Lionel’s collection.

A few positives…


Alice B. Myers on the left?


Mostly unknow people with Amanda Menard on the far right with Dennis Lagassey III with his cigar?

air show

Bristol, Connecticut?

Hint here?


Plainville’s Robertson Airport

Robertson Airport in Plainville services small-engine commercial and private aircraft. Founded in 1911, it is Connecticut’s oldest airfield. Originally consisting of little more than a meadow used by novice pilots in the early 20th century, the land was purchased by Stamford Robertson in 1941 for $5,000. Over the next 30 years, Robertson increased the acreage of the airfield, refined landing strips, and built permanent hangar space for aircraft.

Summer 1939?

Was it really a double marriage in 1930?

Some readers have doubts.

original couple

Collection Lionel Lagasse

I have an opened mind.

We know who these people are. Levi Napoleon Lagasse on the left with his wife Marie-Louise Dubé, and Diana Dubé with her husband John Joseph Daly. There was another photo.

Levi and Marie-Louise

Collection Lionel Lagasse

I guess that’s the wedding picture of Levi Napoleon and Marie-Louise taken August 4th, 1930.

Dating photos is most important when we are revisiting the past, but sometimes you need expert advice on cars.


Thanks to my friend Jacques Gagnon who wrote three books on old cars, I got a little closer to the truth about this photo.

Hi Pierre
Your car is probably a 1935 Ford. Some 1936 models were a copy of the 35. I base myself on the style of the ventilation slots on the side of the hood and on the little grille that we see. Another element: the bottom of the front wing. It was an extremely popular car, especially because of its V-8 engine.



Collection Lionel Lagasse

So if this car is a 1935 or 1936 Ford V-8, then John Daly Junior who looks to be about 8 years-old can’t be born in 1924. He could not be in front of a 1935 or 1936 Ford V-8 because he would be 11 or 12 years-old, Dorothy would be 10 or 11 and little Joan 9 or 10.

I still believe this photo was taken during the summer of 1939, but I can be wrong again. Being wrong since 2007 was been one of my favorite pastimes.

Why might you ask?

Because when you find the answer you feel so good, and you can move on and find more about our ancestors.


Summer 1939

It looks like a double marriage isn’t?

original couple

Collection Lionel Lagasse

We know who these people are. Levi Napoleon Lagasse on the left with his new wife Marie-Louise Dubé, and Diana Dubé with her new husband John Joseph Daly.

Marie-Louise and Diane Dubé were Olive’s sister who never married.


Collection Lionel Lagasse

Dating photos is important when we are revisiting the past.

Levi Napoleon Lagasse and Marie-Louise Dubé were married on August 4th 1930 in Bristol, Connecticut. So I figure Diana Dubé and John Joseph Daly got married on the same day. Which brings me to dating this photo with John Joseph Daly, Levi Napoleon Lagasse and Diana Dubé and John Joseph Daly’s children, John, Dorothy, and Joan Daly.


Collection Lionel Lagasse

John Daly Junior looks to be about 8 years-old, Dorothy about 7 and Joan about 5. I believe this photo would have been taken during the summer of 1939.

If you wonder why this is all important, the reason is very simple. Lionel Lagasse told his son Dennis that many photos are in the possession of the Daly family’s descendants. So if by chance you are reading this, you can add a comment or use the contact form below to leave a message.

Maybe we can revisit the past together.