I just had to look…

I just had to look for Urbain Aubé’s family and little Alphonse last Sunday morning.

The problem was not looking for them, but to stop looking for other unknown people I had  found along the way.

The only thing I could find about Alphonse Aubé was this Alphonse Aubey in Rhode Island in 1910.

1910 Alphonse Aubey

1910 U.S. census

Were all these people related?

Alphonse Aubey, 58, a widower, born in Canada, a boarder in Paul Blais’ home.

1910 Alphonse Aubey

Who was Clarence Aubey, boarder, male, 13, born in Rhode Island?

1910 Alphonse Aubey

Alphonse’s son?

Who was Lucy Aubey, daughter, female, 31, born in New York?

1910 Alphonse Aubey

Alphonse’s daughter?

The key to this enigma was Maria Blais, wife, female, 42, born in Canada…

1910 Alphonse Aubey

Stay tuned…if you’re the curious type.

headstone Paul Blais

For the source, click here.


I have no idea who is Arthur Lefoley…

1910 Alphonse Aubey


John Molloy, Thomas James Malloy’s brother

This is not going to be a happy post.

In my ongoing search for Thomas James Molloy who married Philomene Alexandre, I contacted a Find a Grave member because he had this headstone.

It’s the headstone of John Molloy (Malloy) who was Thomas James Malloy’s brother. Maybe he was somewhat related to the Malloys so I wrote him a message.

I wanted permission to use it on Ancestry and on this blog.

John Molloy headstone

Little did I know that…

This is the biography he wrote..

To see contributors relying on eighty year old data based SOLELY upon what what was transcribed decades ago is not what I believe Find A Grave is about. They duplicate memorials because the data they based their memorials upon is abundant with misspellings. Memorials that read Name “Unknown” — Date of Birth “Unknown” — Date of Death “Unknown” — Cemetery “Unknown.” What benefit is that entry to the viewer? Tens of thousands of memorials with a couple hundred photographs, and few if any links to family members to me signals a problem.

Considering this, I couldn’t agree more with the following statement I saw on a fellow contributor’s profile.

“I think it is a real shame what findagrave has evolved into. What started as a noble way to link people with graves of loved ones they could never hope to see, and with the generations that had preceded them, has turned into a game for some. Memorials have turned into a kind of “trading card”, a competition of who can own the most memorials and post the highest numbers. What has been forgotten by many is that these were people, loved in life and death, not a commodity to be traded or owned.
With my apologies to those that have pure motives. I hope there are more of us than there are of them.”

His widow is the one who contacted me.

Hi Pierre,
I am writing to inform you that John past away two months ago.  I am his wife and I do not have an issue with you using the picture or writing about what John wrote on your blog. 

When to stop?

After I have put on the Internet all the information I could gather on these cabinet cards…


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I am wondering if Patricia is getting tired of all the information I have fed her. In point of fact she is the one who is afraid I am going to get tired.

Rest in peace Patricia because this quest for your ancestors will never end.

John Molloy headstone

Little Miss 1565

Joe is sharing this…

Google Little Miss 1565

Click here.

Birth: Mar. 17, 1938
Death: Jul. 6, 1944

On the sultry Thursday afternoon of July 6, 1944, in Hartford, Connecticut, approximately 8,600 persons, most of them women and children, entered the Big Top tent of the Ringling Brothers, Barnum and Bailey Circus to watch the performance. Shortly after the show began, a small fire broke out along the side of the Big Top, and quickly spread to the roof of the canvas tent, which had been waterproofed with paraffin thinned with white gasoline. As the fire quickly raced over the top of the tent, the panic-stricken audience began a desperate stampede to escape from the few entrances. In less than ten minutes, 168 persons had been killed and over 480 persons severely injured. Two women, a man, and two children were burned beyond recognition, and are buried in the Northwood Cemetery in unidentified graves. One small blonde child, about 8 years old, and identified only with the coroner’s number 1565, was never identified despite a complete lack of burns and no damage to her face. No one claimed the body, despite widespread publicity and publication of her photo in nationwide magazines. The fire is described in detail in the book, “The Circus Fire: A True Story” (2000) by Stewart O’Nan. The cause of the fire was never determined, although in 1950, a man confessed to setting the tent on fire (his account is inaccurate, and no evidence against him could be found). In 1991, Fire Lieutenant and Arson Investigator Rick Davey wrote in his book, “A Matter of Degree” (1991), that he had identified Miss 1565 as Eleanor Emily Cook, daughter of Wesley W. Cook and Mildred Corintha Parsons Cook, however, author Stewart O’Nan disputes this identification, claiming discrepancies in the dental records. She is currently buried in the family plot as Eleanor Cook, next to her brother, Edward, who also died in the fire. Mildred Cook was severely burned in the fire, and thus, was unable to identify her children. The site of the fire, the vacant lot bounded by Barbour Street, Cleveland Avenue, Hampton Street and Kensington Street, is now the Stowe Village Housing Project (bio by: Kit and Morgan Benson)Cause of death: Harford Circus Fire
Northwood Cemetery *
Hartford County
Connecticut, USA
*Former burial location
Edit Virtual Cemetery info [?]
Maintained by: Find A Grave
Record added: Apr 29, 2001
Find A Grave Memorial# 21931

Joe added this

I actually remember sitting with my grandmother as she was listening to the news reports and saying her rosary.
The old house was on route 6 which was one of the main roads to Hartford at the time. I remember a steady stream of ambulances going by the house on the way to Hartford. I was not quite 4 years old at the time.
Never did go to a circus even 70 years later!!!!

Looking for your Cayo ancestor?

I know when to stop writing, and I know when to start writing again.

Getting results gets me going.

This being said, let’s get back to this story I had started to write about the Cayos. Some people out there whose name is Cayo can in fact be lost descendants of Pierre Cadieux who died from cholera in 1832.

That should get some attention from my new found 3rd cousin who found more French-Canadian roots in his family tree yesterday.

I think I got his attention one more time…

I will leave you with this and I will get back after I shovel all that snow.

Let’s say by next Monday.


I know when to stop writing…

This is more than just a wedding picture scanned in 2011 by someone whose husband is related to the Alexandre family.

wedding Myra Alexandre

This picture explains why I have been writing that much about our ancestors.

I just want to share what people have been sharing with me since 2009.

The technique I use is quite simple.

I write about your ancestors and someday someone google their names on the Internet like Todd McCree could do one day about Frank Lagasse whose name is Frank E. La Gase on the headstone he posted on Find A Grave.

Francis E La Gase

I wrote Todd on Find A Grave. I also wrote him a personal message last week.Yesterday I wrote him on his Facebook page.

To be continued…?

unidentified couple

But I know when to stop writing.

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