Searching for Irma Ribori?

This is Irma whom I thought was Emma in 2010. She was the lovely wife of Rudolph Lagasse, son of Idala Lagasse and Albina Quintin.

Rudy and his wife

I took six years to find out who she was.

Alyce wrote me about how November is a little hard on her. So I got curious and looked at her ancestors to find out why.

band of brothers

Could not find much except for Samuel Lagasse who passed away on November 30, 1974.

headstone Samuel Lagasse

Samuel is much more than a headstone in a cemetery.

The Samuel LaGasse's family

I know some of Samuel’s descendants read my blog. I am sure none of Rudi’s descendants read it…

At least for now.


Click here  and here.

Meet Rudy

Emma was Irma Rebori.

Rudy and his wife

Our Ancestors

This blog is becoming a big virtual family reunion…

While George was never heard from again, Rudy kept in touch with this brothers so we know more about him.

Alyce had this beautiful picture of Rudy and his lovely wife Emma.

Alyce told Pierre that Emma and Rudy had two boys. One was named Richard and was born around 1934.

Would you be Richard’s children or grandchildren?

I say this because Alyce and I think Richard died in 2006. This is what we have found out about someone named Richard Lagasse.

Richard Lagasse

13 Oct 1934

16 Jan 2006 (V)

08753 (Toms River,Ocean, NJ)

156-24-3020    New Jersey

There was also Russell Lagasse.

But we also think he died.

Name:    Russell Allen Lagasse
SSN:    156-28-0368
Last Residence:    92832  Fullerton, Orange, California, United States of America
Born:    27 Apr 1938
Died:    24 Apr 2009
State (Year) SSN issued:    New Jersey (1954-1955)


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Then I lose control…


J’ai inscrit des détails sur la photo, mais je vous donne quelques noms ici: à l’arrière de la voiture, de gauche à droite: Joseph Groleau le père (correction: je crois que c’est Benjamin Richer), les enfants de Joseph Groleau et Valentine Richer: Florestine Groleau, Florida Groleau, en avant d’elle son plus jeune frère Adélard, Églantine Groleau, Idaise Groleau. Dans la voiture au volant Oliva Richer, les 2 jeunes femmes à l’arrière je ne suis pas certain…et Osias Richer. Debout en avant à gauche c’est William Richer (l’acteur américain James Franco me fait penser à lui!), ainsi que le plus vieux de la famille, Gilbert Richer fils, à droite. Environ 1918. 

Who are these people I am not even related to?

And who are these people anyway?

The answers are all here on this blog from someone who posted a comment on Nos ancêtres, the French version of Our Ancestors.

Bonjour! J’aurais mille et une questions, mais disons que je vais m’en tenir à une. Avez-vous des infos sur les Aumais de Pointe-Claire. Des bouchers de père en fils. Plus précisément Jean-Baptiste Aumais et Julienne Lebuis Lavergne. Je cherche des informations sur leur vie à cette endroit. Je cherche aussi des images, photos…etc! J’ai en gros tout le monde, mais j’aimerais un peu d’histoire si cela existe. Merci à vous! Réal.

I told Réal he could write on my blog about his ancestors if he wanted to…

Réal told me he had his own…



This is Réal Lavergne’s blog.


Click on the image to be redirected to his blog…

Réal has some beautiful old pictures and he is also on Ancestry…

Speaking of old pictures… Do you remember this one I posted in 2011?

Myra Alexandre's and William Archambault's wedding picture

Click on the picture!

It’s been awhile…


It’s been awhile since my last post

Sometimes I wait for distant cousins to connect once more. More often than not I scare them away with all that I have been writing about dead people.

I understand everyone isn’t addicted to genealogy as I am. What people don’t know is that I am in full control of that addiction which started in July 2007 with this old picture.


In full control except when people write me comments and share old pictures of people I am not even related to.


Then I lose control…