Just use the search button…

You’ve got to be curious to read this blog, and use the search button like Joe did last week… This is just an example of what I have been doing on my blog since 2009.

It’s all about old pictures.

These twelve pictures were shared by Frank Archambault in 2012 when he got all excited with his ancestors.

Twelve tintype pictures.

More if you count this one.

All the pictures were related to his great-grandfather Jean-Baptiste Archambault who we see here in front of his house. This is not a tintype picture of course.

Jean-Baptiste’s wife Emélie Mercier is on the left. On the right is probably one of his daughters and a grandchild. I just can’t get enough of old pictures especially when I can’t identify who is on them.

This is Jean-Baptiste again.

Proud and keeping still. He went by the name John Shambo.

Jean-Baptiste Archambeault

Jean-Baptiste Archambault aka John Shambo

Emilie Mercier

Émilie Mercier aka Emily Mercer

There is always a story behind each picture even if it is reversed for unknown reasons.

This next woman I am sure is Mary Archambault, daughter of Émilie Mercier and Jean-Baptiste Archambault.

Mary Archambault

Everyone related to her can enjoy this beautiful picture of a beautiful young lady. Mary Archambault would marry her daughter Ida Ashley later in life…

Mary Archambeault at wedding of her daughter Ida Ashey

Her brother William married Myra Alexandre in 1902.

Myra Alexandre and William Archambeault

I think he is the little boy on the left on the top row and also on the left in the middle row.

So when all this search is going to stop?

Probably not in the nearest future.

Hold still Frank!




I know this is the third post…

unidentified couple

Hold still Frank!

In 2012 this was an unknown  couple.

Then I  got  lucky when I  met Frank who had found Marie-Anne’s brother without knowing it.

I didn’t realise the importance of that picture until I got this one last week.


Now I have a collection of four pictures of four brothers.


Pretty impressive. Some people would kill to have his or her ancestors’ pictures.

Pun intended of course.

They don’t have to… They just have to write a blog about them.


Frank’s Kitchen Notes

Second cup…

Our Ancestors

I know I might be hard to follow sometimes.


Frank Archambeault once had wrote me in an e-mail that he was living not far away from Plainville. So when I planned my visit to Joe’s place three weeks ago, I wrote Frank about it. 

I figured Frank would be excited by the fact of meeting his two virtual 3rd cousins addicted to genealogy.

So here we are last Saturday morning sitting down at Liberty Diner for breakfast with our wives when Frank shows up by the door.

From that moment on, Frank could not keep from talking and talking, and excusing himself for talking too much.

Being this crazy Canuck who has been writing like crazy since 2009 about genealogy and who tries to find other people’s ancestors down in Connecticut, I could well understand all this excitement and I showed Frank a lot of empathy.

Try to imagine…

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Reflecting this morning…

About how much I have written since September 2009 before going ahead with my search for Joseph’s sister Marie-Anne and her descendants.


Courtesy Gail Denomme


January 2016 (25)
December 2015 (4)
November 2015 (11)
October 2015 (9)
September 2015 (2)
August 2015 (3)
July 2015 (36)
June 2015 (22)
May 2015 (9)
April 2015 (37)
March 2015 (9)
February 2015 (11)
January 2015 (4)
December 2014 (2)
November 2014 (14)
October 2014 (6)
September 2014 (19)
August 2014 (37)
July 2014 (29)
June 2014 (11)
May 2014 (31)
April 2014 (24)
March 2014 (8)
February 2014 (12)
January 2014 (23)
December 2013 (9)
November 2013 (19)
October 2013 (20)
September 2013 (14)
August 2013 (28)
July 2013 (27)
June 2013 (15)
May 2013 (27)
April 2013 (10)
March 2013 (20)
February 2013 (28)
January 2013 (19)
December 2012 (15)
November 2012 (3)
October 2012 (25)
September 2012 (21)
August 2012 (19)
July 2012 (18)
June 2012 (8)
May 2012 (5)
April 2012 (15)
March 2012 (15)
February 2012 (9)
January 2012 (4)
December 2011 (25)
November 2011 (5)
October 2011 (18)
September 2011 (2)
August 2011 (12)
July 2011 (10)
June 2011 (4)
May 2011 (3)
March 2011 (7)
February 2011 (5)
January 2011 (8)
December 2010 (16)
November 2010 (5)
October 2010 (5)
September 2010 (14)
August 2010 (15)
July 2010 (2)
June 2010 (4)
May 2010 (11)
April 2010 (6)
January 2010 (3)
December 2009 (18)
November 2009 (12)
October 2009 (17)
September 2009 (5)

Reflecting  about  visiting  cemeteries, looking  for my ancestors  and people’s ancestors. Looking for and sharing old pictures with everyone on this blog. Answering  all requests on Ancestry, even  strange ones… Replying  to all comments  except  those  about Cialis, Viagra, and lonely  widows with a fortune  to give away.

Just  reflecting  on this cold Thursday  morning  in Quebec.

In search of Marie-Anne Lagasse’s descendants

Marie-Anne Lagasse could be on this picture, but I doubt it. I think it’s more the Newcity sisters.


Why go on a search for Marie-Anne’s descendants?

Why not.

I have no picture of Marie-Anne nor of her father Stanislas Lagacé I. This is all I have of Stanislas… his certificate of death and some census pages.

Stanislas Lagacé 1816-1900

If I have been writing so much about my ancestors and also yours since 2009, it’s because there are probably some pictures of Stanislas hidden somewhere in an old dusty wooden chest behind a pile of old objects in a dark attic somewhere in the U.S. that some of Marie-Anne’s descendants might have and can’t figure out who is who on those old pictures…

Like these…

Dorothy Spina and unknown copy-1


But then Stanislas might have been the spitting image of his son Joseph.

In Search Of Marie-Anne…

My next search…

Reuniting siblings.

In Search Of Marie-Anne was written in 2013.

The time is right.


Our Ancestors

Why not go on a search for Marie-Anne’s descendants?

Sandy sent me a message yesterday about Marie-Anne Lagasse. She had entered some information on my Ancestry tree.

I have no picture of Marie-Anne nor of her father, my great-great-grandfather Stanislas Lagacé (1816) who bears the same given name as my great-grandfather Stanislas Lagacé who I call Stanislas 1842 since he also named one of his sons Stanislas who I call Stanislas 1864.

This is all I have of Stanislas 1816… his certificate of death and some census pages.

Stanislas Lagacé 1816-1900

If I write that much about my ancestors and also ours, it’s because there are probably some pictures of Stanislas 1816 hidden somewhere in an old dusty wooden chest behind a pile of old objects in a dark attic somewhere in the U.S. that some of Marie-Anne’s descendants have and can’t figure out who is who on those old…

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Stanis Lagassey’s Log Cabin

Written in 2013 when Joseph was just a name on a headstone.

Our Ancestors

No picture of the one-story log cabin, but the 1861 Census is showing that Stanislas Lagacé (1816-1900) was living in a log cabin with his little family.

I will make you believe that this is his log cabin even though this is a two-story log cabin…


Why can’t I make you believe that my great-great-grandfather lived in this log cabin?

I can rewrite history like the Port Huron Museum did with Mitchell Lagassa’s log cabin.

This is a page taken from the 1861 Canadian Census in Missiquoi County before Canada was even born (1867).

1861 Stanis Lagassey

This is a real document taken on this Website. It’s the first time it is available on the Internet.

Pure gold!

Stanislas Lagacé, who was a farmer in Stanbridge, has his name entered as Stanis Lagassey. But I know this is my great-great-grandfather. He is 46 years old and he is living with his wife Onésime…

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