Sam and Tilda

I just love old pictures even if I am not closely related to people who are pictured.

This picture is called a cabinet card. I don’t collect them per se, I just share them on Our Ancestors since 2009.


Salomon Ringquist  and Matilda  Larsson

Collection the Tillman  family

Salomon Ringquist  and Matilda  Larsson emigrated to the United States from Sweden. At least this is what I could find about them thanks to Jen who shared several old pictures and got me curious

This is another picture…

Salomon Ringquist and Matilda  Larsson are posing for posterity with their three daughters: Hannah, Marie, and Corine….


Collection the Tillman  family

Stay tuned…

How I met Little Ethel?

How I met Little Ethel and your ancestors?  

With a family  picture shared in 2014.

The Gosselins

Collection the  Tillman family

Henri Gosselin and Emma Leblanc with their children

How I met your ancestors?

The urge to find  about  my roots at first and then the pleasure  in discovering distant cousins, uncles, aunts along the  way.

How  I  found  out about  Little  Ethel is first  thanks  to Chris who shared this picture.

Rose and Alphonse

Rose Maynard and Alphonse Gosselin

Then Jen found out about Our Ancestors and she shared these but said in 2014 to wait  before  posting them.

The wait  is over.

Henri and Emma

Collection the  Tillman family

Henri Gosselin and Emma Leblanc

family picture

 Rose Ménard and Alphonse Gosselin’s wedding
17 September 1907

Collection the  Tillman family

Alphonse and Rose's wedding identification


The Gosselins

The Gosselins

Collection the  Tillman family

Sitting from left to right

Corad (Jen’s great-grandfather), Henry Alphonse Gosselin (Jen’s great-great-grandfather), Ethel, Emma Leblanc Gosselin (Jen’s great-great-grandmother).

Standing from left to right are Arthur, Ernest, Alphonse, Rose, and Harold.