Still More Old Negatives – People

Dennis sent me more old negatives. Most photos seem to be related to the Lagasse and the Dubé family. I will try to identify some by comparing old photos already shared by Dennis…

Bertha Lagasse, Irene Margaret Dube, unknown

Levi Napoleon Lagasse on the right?

Odna Lagasse

Claire Lamothe, unknown, and Ida Lagasse

Levi Napoleon Lagasse?

Bertha Lagasse

Amanda Ménard

Dennis Lagassey III with most probably his grandchild

Amanda Ménard


Levi Napoleon Lagasse?

Levi Napoleon Lagasse

Odna Lagasse ?

Anna Campbell with with her mother-in-law Amanda Ménard

Anna Dubé, daughter of Malvina Lagasse?

Levi Napoleon Lagasse

Levi Napoleon Lagasse in the back on the right

Dennis Lagassey III

Harry Bleau

Levi Napoleon Lagasse

Young Odna Lagasse on the left?

Levi Napoleon Lagasse?


Jeremiah Provost – Take Three

I have not heard back from the reader who had asked me about Jeremiah Provost.

I had found everything about Jeremiah and his parents, and I wanted to share more of what I had found.

Jeremiah Provost, son of William Provost and Sophronie Messier, was most probably baptized Jérémie. He was born December 9, 1872. He was the nephew of Flavie Provost seen here.

Flavie Provost was the wife of Napoleon Alexandre who was my great-granduncle. This great-granduncle was the brother of my great-grandmother Henriette Alexandre who could be the woman on the left.


At first I thought Flavie Provost was on the right which had led me to dig a little deeper in that family.

To be continued?


There were some positive results yesterday with some of Dennis’ negatives.

His father…

His grandfather Napoleon Levi…

His grand-aunt Ida Lagasse (second on the right) with probably Odna one of her sisters…

Ida is most probably in her late teens which would date this photo around 1910.

More old negatives

Dennis wrote me and sent me more old negatives.

Hi Pierre,
It’s been a while but I want to try to get these all scanned and sent to you. Let me know what adjustments I can make, and was it shiny side up or down?

Thank you so much, I’ve enjoyed reading a lot of your posts and stories on your history blogs. Reading about the battle of Seicheprey and WWI, even though 100 years ago, while seeing the smiling faces in most of these old photos just before the war and Dennis III’s death makes me want to go back in time and save them all from what was coming. Your writing and research will ensure they will never be forgotten.

The positive side of Our Ancestors

Some of the photos were taken in 1919.

Sunday Night – Looking for Jeremiah Provost?

A comment just in…

We are trying to locate family from Quebec, we found a picture of Jeremiah Provost taken at the shop of Madame Gagne but there is no date on the picture , my husband has no direct family left, his grandfather was Ernest Provost and most of the family moved to Massachusetts. It would be nice to find our more information on his family and if and still survive….

There is one clue here on Wikipedia…

Madame Gagné was a photographer who worked between 1886 and 1891 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. She and her husband, Édouard C. Gagné (also a photographer) had a total of three studios over time.[1][2][3] At least one of her prints can be found at Montreal’s McCord Museum.[4]

Madame Gagné reportedly had a rapport with the new Chinese immigrants to Montreal, and often made portraits of them and their families.[4] Since most photographers of the time catered to more well-to-do clients, this was an unusual custom.[1]

Her photography studio was located at 211 Saint Laurent Boulevard, which is in the heart of today’s Old Montreal.

What we need to see is the photo and then move from there.

Why I Want to Remember Rossie?

This is post 1499 on Our Ancestors created in September 2009.

Why I want to remember Rossie on Our Ancestors?

Rossie never married and only had his sister Claire’s descendants to remember him.

Maybe I want to write about Flying Officer Ross Eveleigh Johnson because the person who took this picture wants to know more about that young man…?

I contacted that person to get permission to use it on Our Ancestors. I told that person a little about what I was doing on Our Ancestors, and I sent a few photos shared by Nicolas Paquin.

This is one of them.

I colorised it two days ago in my spare time.

Then I got curious about the other pilots… The pilot of the right died on July 18 1944, four days after Rossie. The pilot beside him is H.G. Dawber DFC. He told his story on Memory Project. You can Google his name and find more about him.

Searching on Google is something I do a lot to find information I have been using on Our Ancestors. People searching information about their ancestors on Google usually end up here.

This is post 1499.

Next time more about this young man who like more than 19,000 Canadian airmen never grew old.

Why Are We Having a D-Day for Rossie?

About the headstone I posted yesterday on Our Ancestors

Lest We Forget

Message from Nicolas Paquin

Rest assured that I am not fighting this fight for nothing. There are three reasons for this.

Injustice first. You have to listen to the video to understand that there is an injustice to Ross. Those who made the monument to the Typhoon pilots in Noyers-Bocage deliberately omitted it because he did not die with his hands at the controls of his plane. They decided that he did not deserve to be with his brothers in arms. On the official list in the church next door, he was not counted either.

I took steps to correct the situation on this monument and was refused. Someone even had the affront of claiming that his file is a fake and that Ross was a mechanic who dressed up to appear in the squadron’s photos. Absurd and unfair.

Second reason, the meaning of sacrifice. As long as we take…

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Sunday Morning – Frank Lemire, Adeline Larose, and Florinda Blanche Lemire

How I came to be interested with Scholastique Maher will have to wait a little or maybe I will never tell you how I came to get interested in ancestors who once lived in Ste-Anne-des-Plaines…

What about Frank Lemire, Adeline Larose and their daughter Florinda?

My brother came to visit me last September. We had talked about many things, and a little about our ancestors. Then my brother talked about his friend Mark who had lost his father last August. I wanted to show my brother how I can find people’s ancestors. I entered Mark’s father, then his grandfather…

Lo and behold, the man on this old picture was Mark’s great-grandfather’s brother Frank Lemire!

This photo was part of Jason West’s collection!

Frank, François or Francis, was Edward Lemire’s brother. Looking more on Family Search I found out that his wife was Adeline Larose, daughter of Joseph Larose and Adéline Chartier.

Lo and behold again…

1amodification (Copier)

Adeline was on the right in the first row. This photo was also part of Jason West’s collection!

Here’s another photo of the family this time with the in-laws.


Frank Lemire was behind his wife Adeline on the far right, and I strongly believe Florinda is in front of her mother which would make sense.

Now what about the man on the extreme left?

He is Arthur Julian Myers who is Jason West’s grandfather.

Arthur Julian’s father was Exurie Myers seen here with the old woman from St-Norbert, Quebec.


Collection Jason West

My brother and I talked about the joy sharing and leaving something behind when we will be not around anymore.

To be continued…

Florinda Lemiere

Sunday Morning – Post published in 2014… The Little Old Lady from… St-Norbert

Getting back to our normal scheduling for now…

Who was this little old lady on an old photo?

The answer was posted in 2014. So this is a reprint of what I had written. It was about who had shared old photos, and I feel it’s important to share it once more.


Louise Beaugrand dit Champagne with her son Adélard Turcotte (Wilcox)
from the collection of Jason West

It was Jason West who sent me lots of old photos. Senior’s moment, but since I have about 10 000 old pictures…

Jason West knew everything about her.

Louise Beaugrand dit Champagne with Exeurie Myers
Collection Jason West

The old lady could not have been a next door neighbor, or Exeurie’s second wife, because he never remarried. The old lady sitting beside Exeurie Myers had then to be related to the Turcottes (Wilcoxes).

But how?

I knew all about Louise Beaugrand dit Champagne and I even knew where she was born… even before I met Jason on the Internet.

Louise Beaugrand dit Champagne was from St-Norbert, Quebec, a little village west of Berthierville where the famous Formula 1 racer Gilles Villeneuve grew up…

Collection Pierre Lagacé

End of reprint

The Little Old Lady from St-Norbert was Exeurie Myers’ sister-in-law. Exeurie or Xavier Myers was married to Sophranie Beaugrand dit Champagne.

Exeurie Myers and Sophronie Champagne

Collection Jason West


There is an anecdote related to this.

Last month I met a man who was hauling bales of hay. As he was passing by I looked at him and smiled. He smiled back, and stopped his truck and said.

Are we going to have such a nice weather for long?

I did not know what to reply since I was a bit under the weather.

He said…

We live according to the weather.

Taking about the weather is always a good way to start a conversation. Along the way we started talking about our grandfathers who were both farmers. His grandfather was Philippe Houle who died when he was 46, leaving a widow with 10 children. His wife Cornélie Bonin never remarried…

When I got back home I searched for this family. What I found is that one of this man’s ancestors was Catherine Beaugrand dit Champagne.

The Little Old Lady from St-Norbert was Catherine Beaugrand dit Champagne’s niece!