I started this English version of my blog Les Ancêtres because I wanted to find relatives who now live in the United States.

I work as a freelance translator mainly from English to French, but I can get my message across in English, at least I hope so.

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  1. Hello!
    I am looking for information about Scholastique Lauzon. I know that she married Maxime Neveu and had a daughter in 1851 in Sainte-Anne-des-Plaines named Leocadie Neveu. I gave some more information if you think you can help me out.
    Michigan, USA

  2. I live in Sainte-Anne-des-Plaines. I have no ancestors here but I have been searching for families that have roots here.

    • Not sure if I can help.
      Jules Moquin was my great-grandfather.
      He was born in Canada, married Marie Dube.
      I believe there are Lagaces somewhere in the family line, but I’m not sure where.
      Can you, or anyone else offer any insights on Jules and Marie?

      • Hi, I’m Judy Giguere. I appreciate all your help! I know so little of my family. Now I have another mystery. My grandmother: Eugenie Moquin Giguere’s sister, Leah married George St. Lawrence. I’ve been researching this part of the family as the St. Lawrences and the Castle family live near me. I don’t understand if “St. Laurent” and “St. Lawrence” are the same name in French/Canada? Also I found Isidore St. Lawrence/St. Laurent-Huot. I don’t understand why “Huot” is part of the name. I believe Isidore was a twin.
        Isidore St Lawrence-Huot
        BIRTH 13 MARCH 1827 • Ste.Anne de la Perade, Champlain, Trois Rivieres, Quebec, Canada
        DEATH 11 JUNE 1899 • Bellows Falls, Windham, Vermont, USA
        I think my confusion may lie with my lack of understanding of French and Canadian traditions possibly.


      • I did a quick check…

        1940 US Census

        Name Age
        George St Lawrence 45
        Leah St Lawrence 45
        Muriel St Lawrence 21
        Alice St Lawrence 19
        Marjorie St Lawrence 16
        Odile St Lawrence 83
        Rita Strupp 9
        Dennis L Reardon 50
        Jeanette Campbell 25
        Elsie Shipton 59

  3. Dear Mr. Lagacé,

    My name in Paul Dauphin and I live in North Carolina. I very much enjoy receiving and reading your blogs every day.

    My mother (Florence Charbonneau) was from Ste-Anne des Plaines. Her father was Arthur Charbonneau and her mother was Alice Leclerc. Arthur’s father was Ovide Charbonneau (I enjoyed the hockey connection in one of your blogs). She had two brothers: Remi and Flavien. Flavien was a priest. She also had a sister – Anita. All are interred in Ste-Anne des Plaines, except my mother. She is interred in St. Johnsbury, Vermont where I was born.

    Ovide was married to Onezime VeZeau and their children were: Arthur (my grandfather),Joseph, Anna, Henri, and Rev. P. Albert.

    All this is to introduce myself and put into context why I am so interested in your blogs. I will be visiting Ste-Anne this July around the 12th to the 14th. My wife and brother and I will be going to the cemetery to pay our respects to my aunts and uncles as well as the ancestors that haven’t met. I am also trying to get in touch with some of my relatives who I haven’t seen in over 30 years.

    I would very much like to meet you if that is possible. I have many photographs in which you might be interested in for your research. I have two photographs of old houses in Ste-Anne – one is the house of Ovide Charbonneau and the other is of the house of Francois Charbonneau.

    I have many other old photos of people in Ste-Anne that I would gladly share.

    I have pictures of Laure Estelle and Sylvio Leveille, who are related and may be be related to you? Also of Gerard & Rita Alari. Rita and Laure Estell are Charbonneaus.

    In any case I would love to sit and chat with you and buy you the beverage of your choice.

    At this time I have booked rooms at the Hotel Best Western Plus St. Jerome. If you have a better suggestion closer to Ste-Anne it would be greatly appreciated.

    I hope that you don’t mind that I wrote to you in English (much easier for me) but I can try to write you in French if you prefer. I read and speak French moderately well.

    Hoping to hear from you,


    J. Paul Dauphin

  4. As I am sure others find the same problem, as you get older, all of the people that you went to school with, went to war with or worked with disappear one by one. I am the only one left of our Lancaster crew, and the contacts I kept up with friends and relations are all being answered by sons or daughters who write to tell me that their fathers have passed away. However, for those still living, I do keep my Web Page up to date. This is the 2nd of two web pages that I started in the early days of the computer and, already I have over 6000 hits on it and new friends who have read the articles. As you say, it does take a real effort to write these articles, but the results I get are well worth the effort. As an example, the present effort centers around our ongoing battle to force the Parliamentary Body in Great Britain, to produce a medal for all those who flew and died while serving their countries in Bomber Command during WW2. Once again, I get the impression that the “powers that be” hope that we’ll all fade away and the problem will disappear. I’m certainly impressed that you’ve made the effort to write about some of these airmen.



  5. Sorry Karin if I am late in answering back…
    Thanks for this heartfelt comment.

    Darn senior’s moments!

  6. Hello. Was wondering if you could help me out here. Have read a lot on your site and am greatly impressed on what you’ve done. On a further note I couldn’t agree more when you had mentioned in a past comment about being careful on using some of the research found on the internet for the Lagace family tree. I myself have found some pretty big mistakes and claims. Was wondering if you could please contact me by email if you have the time because I have some questions that I’m hoping you might be able to help me with.

  7. Bonjour and greetings from south Louisiana (Pointe Coupee/Baton Rouge/New Orleans) ! I am family researcher and happened upon your blog in late 2017 while trying to improve my blog listing in the search engines. Your surnames are very familiar to me and your photos are intriguing and beautiful! Thank you for sharing them and your family history!

    • I took a quick look at your blog. I will go take another look, this time a good one. The Gauthier name struck me.

  8. Hello,
    My name is Danica Lagassé. My family is in Canada. I was wondering if you know if your bloodline ended up here by chance. I’ve been searching for information on my family but haven’t found anything.

    Thanks in advance,

    • I have done extensive research on descendants on André Mignier dit L’Agacé who is the first ancestor of all the Lagacés and variations of this surname except for one family which emigrated to Louisiana in the 1850s.
      If you give me your grandparents’ names (with maiden names for the wives) I can help you. Should you have more information, then I can help you even more if you can go back early 1900s.

      Do you want me to contact you by email?

  9. My name is Laura (Reed) Parnell, from Arkansas, USA. While doing some family research on, I found that you have several photographs of my relatives, namely my grandmother Virginia Ruth Brown, her My Great Grandmother Elisabeth Rose (Smith) Brown, and my great, great grandmother Elva Lagasa. I would love to know more about how you are connected to my family.

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